March 16th, 2016

A Dumb and Confusing Question - Looking for a List!

Hello everyone? How have your days been? Or rather, how have your nights or mornings been? It's super late here, haha, so I thought I should cover all bases at once!

Anyways, I've been super interested in Banpresto UFO plush lately. It would be great if I could see all the types of pokemon or plush in this brand(?), but I can't for the life of me seem to find some sort of list or collection of examples of the plush. My immediate thought was to check the PKMNCollectors wiki and PokePlush Project, but I can't seem to find any standout information.

I'm not even sure if I know or you know what I'm talking about haha, so here's an example of the brand/plush/whatever in question!


It's an Elektross! I've also seen a Porygon-Z, Bronzong, Staraptor, Audino, and Roserade that have the same appearances and tags.

The closest I've found to some sort of list or collection was a post in this community a long time ago; . The important image on the post is this;

I guess I just want to familiarize myself with the brand in general, so any information is really appreciated! I suppose I'm asking how rare they are, where they even come from (do the actually come from those claw machines?), or how much they usually go for. I would totally love to see the sales of anyone selling these plush, too!

Thanks for your time! I'm cringing at my own lack of information here, haha.
new eeveelutions

Sales reminder: almost everything still left! Eeveelution collection weeding! 2 for 1 kids!

Hey everyone! This is just a sales reminder for my sales post last week. I have almost everything still left in my sales. :)

I still have a few of 2 for $1 kids left! No minimum purchase! Also, no one has made an offers on the Vaporeon glow-in-the dark keychain yet, so that' still up for grabs!

Everything is up for haggling! I just want these to go to collectors who really want them :)

Sales permission was granted by Denkimouse on 11/28/2010.
Feedback link is HERE:

I will be taking offers on this rare glow-in-the-dark Vaporeon keychain. The offers will start at $10 and will end once offers start slowing down (no offers after a full 24 hours from the last offer).


Mini preview of the items:

950951 957 960 963 968

Original SALES post this this way!
Please only comment for order/offer on the original post in the appropriate thread. Thank you for looking!! ^^

Awesome Tins GA Reminder!

Just a quick reminder that the Awesome Tins GA is ending in less than 24 hours! The starting bid for the lot is pretty low so far, but I reckon it'll suddenly climb at the last minute, so please make sure you put in your max bids if you really want those tins! :D And don't forget if we raise more than the winning bid, then there'll be discounts all around, so really it's a win win situation! ;) There are still a few tins with no bids yet (mainly Pikachu ones) so head on over to the auction using the link below and place some bids! :)

CharizardEX Box- feeling like a kid again ^-^=

All of this Pokemon20 merchandise is reminding me of how I enjoyed Pokemon as a kid. Considering that I have not purchased any Pokemon cards in over 15 years, I'm more excited about this than I probably should be ^^"

Anyways, I stopped by Gamestop on my way to the library (where I'm "doing homework" when really I'm taking pictures and not caring what anyone else sees xD) image heavy~
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my first real grail get!

I'm pretty new to live journal and I've made it my mission to collect all of the Christmas Pins, Charms and Key Chains. The Christmas pins are my biggest want and they go all the way back to 1998 so finding old ones is proving quite the challenge. I've recently acquired the 2002 Christmas pin, my oldest one so far. The coolest part is it has a stained glass window background. When you hold it up to the light all the colors come to life. I absolutely love it!

Still hunting for the rest of the Christmas pins and Charms. If you have something from my want list let me know.

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I love Pokemon Christmas things so if you have anything on this list I would be interested in buying it.
For the record I only collect Christmas Pins, Charms, Key Chains and figures. I am not interested in plush or flats.

ACEO sales and Commissions open!

Hello hello havent posted in a while but i have been very busy with school. Well, finally spring break is coming up and im able to open my shop again and also make some art! When I get home finally I will be finally posting a collection update. :) so be ready for that too.

Here are the premade cards i have for sale:

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Thank you all for looking! have a nice day!

ISO Waza Figure

Hello everyone! Here's a short want post, I'll be doing a collection update later this week once the post office decides to stop messing with me haha. So I finally found a grail of mine but I was literally 2 dollars short....anyone have one for sale?
Not my picture, but if it's your's I'll be happy to remove it.

GRAIL GET: The chicken is here!!

Hello everyone! So I got a few things in the mail the past few days, including a fighting birdie I have been looking for for aaaages! Let's see what we've got:

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That is all for gets! Now let's change the subject - I updated my RedBubble account with lots of Pokémon designs you can get as stickers, shirts, mugs, prints, and many other things! You can check them if you click the image below:

I'm also still open for drawing commissions! They are 25USD each + 10USD per extra character, excluding shipping. They're done on A5-sized design paper with markers and liquid watercolours. Here's some of my latest examples I did for members of the comm!

And to end this post, here's my sales post too:

I think that is all, thank you all for reading this post and I hope you have great Easter holidays! 

A wild Grail appeared!!

Hiya haven't posted in a while but thought i just had to share. I was simming ebay this morning while my daughter was taking a nap and low and behold i find one of my grails i lost with everything for ( drumroll) $9.99! I was so excited i mashed that buy it now button! So excited for its arrival!

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Thank you for reading!