March 17th, 2016


Gets and Sales :)

Got my Maiko Pikachu and some other goodies today when I did pick ups. :) She is really cute. The fan is made of fabric but it's really stiff. I like the little jewels in the headband.

There was a promotion for buying goods that I didn't know about. You could chose 1 of 3 clearfiles. The Red/Green/Blue/Yellow one was gone already which I was sad about since that was the part of the manga I actually read as a kid! You also would think that you could get at least 2 files for spending $400 but atlas..!

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Also I am selling all the repeat Pokekyun cards I got and some Pikachu things. Please check it out here:
Plush, Latios, custom, pokemon

1:1 Kanto Life Size Starters - Bulbasaur Squirtle Charmander

I had a feeling we'd be seeing the Kanto starters in 1:1 form sometime this year and when I first saw the announcement I was ecstatic! So naturally I had to get them... all of them...
So I did... and they are GLORIOUS

I love 1:1s so naturally these aren't the first life sized guys in my collection, but boy are they the biggest. The Kalos trio is fairly large but not compaired to these guys. These also dwarf the Johto trio.
I took pictures of each individual plush for those who want to get an idea of what they look like so check out the cut for more pics! Very picture heavy

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Thanks for reading :)

New merchandise, small sales, and a massive want

So I haven't seen anyone post about this but now has the Arcanine plush, the Dragonair plush, and the Mew that was released alongside them!

About a month ago I received my All Star Lucario plush and I'm not a fan of the design personally. So I would like to try to sell him here before listing him on eBay. Looking for $25 plus shipping and fees (I can take pictures if inquired to, but for now...stock photo!)

I also ended up getting an extra Zoroark Break Champion playmat so I'm looking to try to sell that here as well before listing it on eBay. Looking to get $25 plus shipping and fees for it as well.

Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015
My Feedback

Now onto my massive want. I have checked 5 Gamestops, 2 Targets, and the only ToysRUs around here as well as every Walmart within my 2 hour radius and have not seen a single Tomy Noibat plush. I need my darling Norberta in my life T.T Is there anyone who can pick one up for me for a decent price or has an extra one? Please help me out!

I might also be willing to trade my 20th anniversary Mew plush for one. I'm only hesitant because I have to ship her in a box which is a bit of a hassle when it comes to trading ^^'
Sylveon Poncho Pikachu

~Tons and Tons of XYZ Coins Up for Claims~

 Hello, everyone!

I've just ordered a few boxes of these new XYZ coins which means claims! Each coin will be $5. They come out in mid-April. I'll be putting you down on a list below and around that time you will have to pay the amount and shipping upon release. Backing out of a claim can cause negative feedback. I will make sure to contact you about the coins as soon as they get to me. I'm sure I'll have more than enough duplicates so don't be afraid to comment. Expect shipping at the end of April.

Sales permission info, coin list and larger photo under the cut:

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That's all for now, I'll have a huge update sometime over the weekend!

C&H Autumn
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A Small Get + Sales + Bulbasaur PlushPlush Auction

This was something I didn't think I was ever going to get. I mostly just wanted it for Psyduck and Corsola, but am just as happy to have the complete set :D

Click the image for enlarged picture :)

Also, on top of reducing the price on most items that I've put up for sale so far, I have FINALLY put up the Bulbasaur PlushPlush for auction!

IMG_2187 (Custom).JPG
You can click the image to be transported to the auction thread that is part of my sales post.
Note: Sales post is image heavy. I have put the images behind spoiler tags and under cuts to help make things easier.

Pokemon of the Week - Smeargle

The rules are simple, you can post pictures, discuss how awesome this pokemon is, look for merchandise or even tell us stories! Please remember to keep it on topic.

(These posts are meant to be all about these pokemon, so your post doesn't have to include merchandise! Have one in game? Saw a cute picture online? Post it!)

Pokemon Tomys & Ichiban Kuji keychains

I am selling a bunch of pokemon tomys, some plushes, japanese pokemon cards and some english... Also have a bunch of PSA cards. And Lastly I am selling my pikachu Full Art trophy if anyone is ever looking to buy one im just leaving it here :3

Sales Preview:
pikabeds.pngkeychains.pngno title
no titleno title

more photos (click to make bigger)Collapse )

For Prices please check my Sales Post:

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Peppermint Butler, Adventure Time

Missed my shot

Recently ive become really obsessed with Fairy Tail and i can totally see Natsu as a Fennekin. Anyways, im really interested in the sleeping version. Id rather come to the comm first before ebay....

I live in the usa and the faster it gets here the better. Thanks

Amazingly Unexpected Mini Grail :3

Hey guys!

I'm just way too excited right now because a couple of days ago I won a mini grail I have been searching for for months! I've seen a few eBay listings in my search, as well as some comm sales, but never had the money and of course eBay is way overpriced. But as of Tuesday, I found out that I won an auction for this little fella at some insanely cheap price!! He's just too special to not have his own little post, so here it is ^w^


Who does this snoot belong too!?

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Thanks everyone<3

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Is it just me, or is this not the most PERFECT Pikachu face?! Its soooo adorable. I need them all xD

Huge Pikachu basket plush (9.4 inches) - April 21st
Large Pikachu head cushions (9.8 inches) - April 7th
Small Pikachu plush trio (5.11 inches) - April 7th

Information taken from Pokepolitan.

Long time no see sales!

Whoa, it's been ages. I don't really have much time for collecting nowadays... Anyway, I have a few interesting items to sell, so here's a sales post for you!

- Sales permission granted on 03/02/11 by dakajojo
- I ship from Finland. Shipping flats is cheap ($2.60 in a bubble mailer), but shipping for a single plush starts at $8 to Europe and $10 to outside Europe.
- Haggling is totally fine - I'd love to get rid of these things.
- Paypal only

- Feedback

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New pre-orders - key chain figures and pokeball stampers

EDIT 29th May - CLOSED!

I'm tagging few people who might be interested in these:
chaos_21 - Sylveon stamper
stalkingsuicune - Puni-Chan stamper
clicky797 - Zygarde 10% stamper
ssjvap - Zygarde 10% stamper
absol - Zygarde 10% stamper
satoshierika - Ash's greninja stamper
diamondphantom - Puni-Chan stamper

Key-chain figures - FULL AT THIS MOMENT
release date - 31th March
price - $5/each figure, shipping starts from $1.7

Pokeball stampers
release date - mid May
price - $5 or $6 /each pokeball, shipping starts from $1.7

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Key-chain figures claims:
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Pokeball stampers claims:
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That's it for now, thanks for looking!
If you'll have any questions feel free to ask! ^-^
Pokemon - Mudkip Bubbles

bats bats bats!


I know you guys must be getting bored of these by now but I am fed up of missing them - PLEASE will someone sell me this adorable Noibat plushie? <3 For less than the extortionate $50 shipped off eBay? Shipped internationally to the UK? I will love you forever? <3 (I may even want 2 depending on price!)

Other bat questions:

I know this figure comes out soon, but I can't remember a lot about it. It's a Tomy figure, but I seem to think it's bigger than usual? What size is it?

Also does anyone have any Noibat or Noivern stickers to sell me? Again to the UK. I love pan stickers but I like stickers in general so show me what you've got :D

I don't think I've missed any bats in my collecting, but I'd love to see some Noibat and Noivern collections! Please show me yours <3 Alternatively if you have any sneaky bats I may have missed I'll probably be interested in buying those too :3

Very last thing - since I'm here I may as well ask - this is my LAST grail, the DX Mudkip Pokedoll keyring. If anyone is willing to part with theirs, or ever sees one for sale, please let me know and I will be eternally grateful!

Thank you lovely comm members <3 I've been a bit absent recently because I've just started my masters and I have a lot of work to do. I miss you all a lot :( BUT it's my Easter break soon so keep an eye out for a sales post from me!

New Collection Display, Recent Gets and Some Wants

I recently moved and had to figure out a new means of displaying my Tomy collection. Luckily, someone was selling a terrific china cabinet for just $45! It's perfect for displaying collections of any kind - glass doors and shelves, mirror backing, and it's even lit from inside. =D

(As a reminder, all pictures can be clicked for original size viewing.)

There are even some new arrivals to help fill it up! Who could they be?

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Thanks for looking! =)