March 18th, 2016

GETS + Collection

Hey everyone! I couldn't resist sharing my newest gets- Including an amazing nidoking vs zapdos diorama I've been eyeing for quite some time!

Plus showing off some of my pokemon collection flats, figures, tins and plush! They are not in their displays yet and not all of my collection is unpacked- but these are some of my favs!

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Kyoto Center Opening Part 2 Goods & Monthly Pikachu Pics~ May Pair Photo Revealed!

I apologize to those who saw this post twice but the Daisuki Club updated with pics of the new Monthly Pair Pikachu so I had to add it. I deleted the first post.

Part 2 Kyoto Center featuring Ho-Oh and Lugia Chu comes out April 23rd! It will be available at all Centers. The Kyoto Center and the goods look so pretty. Look at Lugia during the Grand Opening! I'm not the biggest fan of Kotaku but here's a recap with nice photos of the grand opening to read in English.

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Also, the Pokemom Easter promo comes out later today. The Daisuki Club posted some better pictures of the goods such as the clearfiles, tins, cushions!

The Daisuki Club also posted pics of the May Monthly Pair Pikachu. It's just like the one from last May celebrating Children's Day~ It will be released April 16th.

You can see the rest of pics of Monthly Pikachu pics here since the restock on the Online Center is later today 3/19 Japan time and April Monthly Pair Pikachu comes out as well!

Awww so cute <3

Also, if you're curious to see other random misc goods you can check here

U.S. Reshiram and Zekrom Poke Dolls Up For Offer!

Hi everyone! I've decided to take offers for my Reshiram and Zekrom Poke Dolls. These are the U.S. releases and are MWT. Offers start at $50 each. Offers end March 20.

At this time, I am only shipping to the U.S. but I am happy to wait for international buyers to find a middleman! I also accept payment plans, please just ask. I was granted sales permission on 10/20/15 by areica96 and my feedback is located here. All community rules apply. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions :)

Several new gets :)

Happy Friday everyone! Greetings from Finland! The weather is clear, spring is coming and almost all the snow is gone :) It's been a long while since my previous post but now I'm back to present you with some new gets. In case you didn't know/remember, I'm a huge fan of Sceptile. Let's get to it!

[Click to see them!]

Some new kid figures, a set of charms and a Groudon as a bonus. Groudon is one my favorite Pokémon as well!

"I put in a substitute!" I actually won this in a giveaway. A friend of mine instantly fell in love with it when he saw it :D I have to admit, it is pretty cute!

These two are my precious! I was surprised how well they are made despite all the little details (back seeds, claws, leaves etc.).

That's it for now. My current collection wouldn't be as it is now if there weren't you guys so thank you all who have supported me! I'm still more than happy to buy more Sceptile stuff, so if you have any, please let me know! NOTE: Since international shipping is so expensive, I prefer shopping inside Europe. Please understand :C
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Quick Wants - Pansage Stamp+ Pokken Poster

Looking for a Pansage retsuden to complete my monkey trio stamp set. There's two different ones, either is fine.
I'm willing to buy it or I can trade any of these stamps except Panpour and Pansear.

Edit: My Gamestop didn't have them so if anyone wants to sell their Pokken preorder poster I'm interested in buying. Got one.
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Spring Secret Swap Arrival!

Happy Friday Everyone!

I received my SSS gift! It arrived last week, but Mill's politcal theory had a tight grip on my schedule >.<
I should also have my SSS gift out soon! If you haven't received one yet, yours may be on its way soon ;)

Now let's see what arrived in this absolutely adorable box <3

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✿ ❀Happy Spring ❀ ❁
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EDIT- both have been sold!

hello dearlings!

I have two games I'd like to part with~ prices include shipping from california for those in the USA- I don't ship internationally because customs forms are not my favorite. items go to the first ones committed. I would rather not do holds or partial payments on these, just so you're all aware. pictures can be provided if you'd like, but won't be available until after 6PM Pacific Standard Time today. I will have these in the mail by monday, depending on when payments are sent!

Omega Ruby - with case - 25 shipped in the us sold~

Super Mystery Dungeon - with case - 25 shipped in the us sold~

I was granted sales permish by entirelycliched under the username 'soulsalight' on 1/18/14,

and my current feedback link is here:

TCG Sale update and wants!

Hello! now that spring break has officiallly begun, i have updated the TCG store of my section and I am currently having a buy 3 get the 4th free sale for the TCG section of my store! I pulled alot of doubles from the newer sets like Generations and Breakpoint so if you are looking for those cards you might be able to find what you are looking for! Also There are cards that am willing to make trades for under the cut later in this post

Heres a short preview of my updates:

2016-03-13 15.57.36.jpg
2016-03-13 16.00.18.jpg
2016-03-13 15.36.26.jpg

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Click the picture to be transported to my sales or click Here


Thank you all for looking! happy friday!
Pokemon - Jigglypuff&#39;s balloon

ISO iPhone 5S case

Hey guys! It's been so long since I posted here, I am itching to do a re-intro and get back involved with the community, so will try do a collection post in the next week or so.

Today I'm here to ask about iPhone cases. I'm always 2 or so years behind on the current model because I can never afford the newer contracts haha, and today I've upgraded my 4S to 5S, and I really want a Pokemon case! I've seen some on eBay but the official ones are super pricey! I remember back in the slowpoke tail promo there was an adorable iPhone cover too, but I wasn't sure I'd ever get 5 so I didn't buy it :( really regret that right now. Super long shot, but if anyone has one in good condition for sale I'm very interested (I'm in the UK)!

I mean, how adorable is this? And I have that tale, it currently lives on my 3DSXL!

It's a long shot tho so if anyone is selling other Pokemon cases for 5s please comment, I'm interested to see what's available!


some wants and a zukan question

Hello everyone! I took a long break from collecting, but am back and am looking to complete some of my teams in Zukan form. I was wondering if anyone had the following for sale:

Feraligatr Line
Vileplume Line (don't need Bellosom)
Togekiss Line (also looking for the egg version of Togepi if anyone has a spare)

I'm also looking to get some other random Zukans for my teams to face off against in photos, so if you have any for sale in your threads, please let me know.

Feel free to let me know your prices, shipping would be to Canada. I have a feedback thread here:

My other question is if there was ever any official word on why they stopped producing the XY Zukans. I've tired looking for info on it and couldn't find anything. I'm sad that so many cool mons were left unmade!

Thanks everyone!

Umbreon, Espeon

Pokken Tournament day!

Hey everyone. =3 Earlier today I went on down to my local gamestop and picked up my copy of Pokken Tournament! I was excited to come home and maybe try it, but I found out I was beat to the controllers....

lets play.jpg
Blue: "Come on mom, pop it in! We wanna play!" Flareon: "We have the controllers all ready to go! We need to see if we show up in this game!"

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That is all for now guys! If you haven't picked your game up, don't forget to, particularly if you preordered at gamestop! I have had pre-order items run out before I picked up my copy (they gave me an extra because they got enough to satisfy all pre-orders at the store and any left overs will be passed out until gone to those who just come in and buy the game) and depending on your location, I can see it happening! Here is to the coming smash fest between myself and my two guys here.... and that is just for the controllers!

Teeny Want


I haven't made a post in a while but I have a teeny tiny want. I've been digging through shops for the Charizard charm from the 20th anniversery dot sprite campain, and haven't had any luck on my own. I wanted to check to see if anyone has one they'd be willing to sell before I start hunting though blind boxes!

I live in the US but I'm willing to pay for international shipping if it's not outrageous. 

What's happening to Play-Asia ?!

I pre-ordered this plush last month. When I checked the website yesterday, the website acted as if the pre-orders were never open, and it still does. The orders for the Espeons and Umbreons are secured and everything, but something happened with the Sylveons ! Does anybody else have that problem ?

SSS, other gets, and a major grail want

Hello community! I hope everyone is doing well :D
I received my SSS package the other day. I'm super excited to share! This post is super image heavy. I had planned to make this post after I got more items in, but I'm super impatient.

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I got a ton of gets over the past few weeks! I'm excited to share them.

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Finally, the grail. I lost the auction on this big guy (who was MIP) by 5 cents. I was really bummed about that. So I'm hoping someone on the comm has one they don't want anymore and would be willing to sell it. My budget is extremely flexible, so price really isn't an issue! You can PM me about it if you're too uncomfy commenting.

Doesn't need the box; really just looking for the figure. The box would just be a bonus fghkjfhd
Collection | Wants

Even though I joined three years ago...

...I never posted anything about my collection! So here goes:

The Pokemon obsession started a long time ago, back when RBY were still new games. I was about 12 when the first game was bought for my brother and I wanted to play it. So I took his gameboy and his Red version and began the first of many quests that I would take with every single generation that would release from that day on. So the video game collection is huge, but I have no pics of that yet.

Fast-forward to 2011 when my then-fiance bought me my first plush, the Takara Tomy Giratina plush. It was love at first sight and the most expensive hobby I can shamefully admit to.

Everyone in this pic has their Jap tag attached organized by generation :)

Everyone here has their English tag attached or was bought and had the tag removed (the Piplup gets cuddled a lot so the tag would get in the way of cuddles :3) And anyone that doesn't have a plush ball needs one!

This is the group of unknowns, who either have a tag that I question or had no tag when they were bought. The only one I am almost 100% certain is legit is the Arceus since it is WAY too well done to be a bootleg.

And of course what's a collection without a couple of bootlegs...

So that's just the plush! I'll someday have shots of the video games, books, and figures I've collected. We also play the TCG too but I won't do pics of that for a really long time. Til then, enjoy the plushies!
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Reminder Post! Sales Thread+Mid-Season Showdown+Kyoto Grand Opening Merch

Hi all, Just wanted to share a couple of things. First off just making a post regarding my sales incase there is any interest:

Granted sales permission by denkimouse 6/7/2011

Next I wanted to spread word about a video game tournament taking place called the Mid-season Showdown. The tournament will be held at the APA Hotel Woodbridge in Iselin New Jersey this Sunday!  Championship Points are on the line for an invite to the World Championships so this should be a pretty fierce event! In addition we will be running a Pokken event (just 2 days after it's released!!). You can follow the action over on

I'll be there commentating the Showdown so feel free to say hi! It would be cool to meet more members of this awesome community.

Lastly we will be having two vendors onsite (Whale Sales, Jinx Collectibles). The owner of Whale Sales just came back from from the grand opening of the Kyoto Pokemon Center so they will have quite a few exclusive merch from there! I have included links below for everything.

Midseason Showdown:
Whale Sales:
Jinx Collectibles:

Hope to see you all there!