March 22nd, 2016

Super want!

Sorry for posting often, but I'm killing myself looking for this because I thought I found one finally, but it was sketchy and turned out to be a reportedly "scam" site, (luckily I didn't purchase because I do my research). So does anyone have one for sale??? Please? (Not my picture so if it's yours I'll happily take it down)

SSS and Grail Get!

I got my SSS yesterday!

Awww look at all the cute (and yummy) gifts! <33 I already started on the gummies, and they're sooo good. I took a pack to school and had to fight off all my friends for them XD The Umbreon plush is the floppiest and most adorable thing, and the Furret strap will probably go on my cellphone :D My sister is painting him shiny for me first though ^_^
Thanks so much 0fabliau <3

I also received a long awaited grail last week...

There's a bit of a story to this plush here! My sister had a friend in 5th grade, who had this plush. Both of us fell in love with it and it became our shared grail! Since she's older she was able to get Mew a few years ago from ebay, but being 12 with no job I don't really have 150 to drop like she does XD I gave up for a while since the only time I have so much money is my birthday. Then a few months ago, someone was selling this exact plush for around 30 dollars on facebook! My sister commented, but there was one person ahead of us who got it :( I was super upset of course, until my sister pointed out that the person who bought it was reselling Mew a few weeks ago! And I just got my birthday money, so I was able to pay for him myself! This time she commented first, and we got Mew for 50 :D Now after waiting half my life (literally xD) I have my Mew! I'm never letting him go haha <3

My spring swap comic style

My springswap came and Oh my goodness is it amazing!!
Plus i had so much fun making photo story with the help of N and Red!!
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OK i might regret this but im gonna ask. Im on the look out for pika figers or any type (KID,Tomy,bootie...) ive been putting them on the slight edge above my door and want to try and do it along other doors aswell! the edge is only about inch deep so nothing too big. also im not wanting to spend mega bucks, oh and id be more intrested if you have more then one to save on shipping as im in UK ^^ thanks
Brandon - Poker Face

[SSS 2016] A wild SSS box appeared!!!

So, this is really late [and I haven't been posting at all lately], but... it's been a couple of weeks since I received my Spring Secret Swap gift [I got it on March 3rd, but I'd been SWAMPED with RL things and mostly work] and now I finally have time to show off what I found inside!

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Thanks for reading! I hope to make a big ol' gets post of the past few months, so look for that real soon! I also plan on making a sales post for some TCG cards and other goodies!

[Also, to my SSS giftee: It's almost ready to send out! Hopefully you'll get a gift as early as the next week! I know you'll love it! <3]

- Dana/Juuchan

I hit the jackpot yesterday/ trade?

Hey guys! I posted this originally on mobile but it wasn't showing up on my computer so I deleted the post and am re-posting on my laptop because I'm not sure if it was showing or not. Hope that isn't a problem! Anyway I got lucky the other day and found these three! I'm keeping one for myself and am willing to trade the other for either mew or jirachi! I might want to wait and see if I can snag a jirachi of my own first before comitting to trade, but mew would be highly considered. The other I will be selling eventually but not quite yet. Anyways I hope to get a sales post up later tonight and I'll edit this post with a link to it once I get that done (if I finish tonight). That's all from me for now! Thanks!

Secret Spring Swap!! :D

Prof. Potato-OMG! I'm there

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About it, I sent my spring swap today, I hope it arrives soon too :D
And finally, I just added some items on our eBay so please, take a look! I'm going to be out of city until sunday but I can reply any question you have. Some items are OBO so don't hesitate on them! Thanks guys ^^


Pokemon backpack?


Came across with this item that I would like to buy.
please can anyone help with giving me some information on an item?

Where is it released and where I can possibly buy one? If anyone has it on their sales please let me know as well.

If the picture is yours and you want me to take it down I am sorry, please let me know.

Thanks in advance :)
  • ku_bek

Candy get figures are here!

Hello everyone!

Today I got two boxes of candy figures for you.
Below you'll find totals and payment info :)

If you have any questions let me know!

please while sending the payment don't forget to ADD YOUR USERNAME IN THE NOTE!
my PayPal:

If you ordered only 1 FIGURE then your total includes cost of shipping for figure+pokeball+insert
If you ordered MORE than 1 figure then your total includes cost of shipping for FIGURES + INSERTS ONLY, if you'd like to add pokeball/s let me know and I'll give you new total!

If anyone would like to get a box it can be yours for $4: both sold :D

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Soon I'll be back with huuuuge flats sales, probably within about 7-10 days!
Some of you are already on my list, if you'd like me to tag you in my sales let me know what Pokemon you collect :)

Thanks for looking everyone! Best wishes ^o^

book pages for sale!

I have a bunch of book pages that I would ideally like to get out of my room and rid of.

I was granted sales permission to my previous account, jodie_kathleen, on 19 September 2014 by entirelycliched.
Feedback for my previous account can be found here, and is also linked to on my feedback for my current account.


The book pages are $1.00 each. PayPal fees not included. Shipping is free to the US.

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Thanks for looking!

Taobao middleman (budybuy) question and pkmn playdate/collection/wants

Hey guys!! It really has been forever since I posted! After joining twitter and getting to know such wonderful collectors (as well as one special friend irl♡), my aim was to start posting more frequently and taking more part in the community as well! However my courses in Uni this semester has been kicking my butt ever since I started my masters (which btw made me realize I'm probably not the research type and have decided to finally start my Japanese studies at Uni yay~ ^^)

Back to the subject! I'm looking to order with bubybuy from Taobao and realized they don't do paypal transactions? Have any of you tried Budybuy to purchase from Taobao? I know they offer moneygram but it's a little complicated for me right now. Or do you know of a TaoBao middle man that do offer paypal as payment option? :3 Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I'm sorry about the long post but the few times I do post I want/need to include so much :3

Thank you so much for looking! I hope you're all having a wonderful day/evening/night! ^__^ ♡♡♡