March 23rd, 2016


late night SSS~! :3

Whew! Finished my homework and studying for now, so I can make a late night post xD I went to the post office to mail a package last weekend and lo and behold, a box for me! I literally squee'd. My SSS package has arrived!
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TCG Offer!

Hi guys! So I don't know if this will get any interest, but I felt like it was worth asking.

I would love to sell some TCG in bulk, because I'm at the end of my rope with photographing individual cards xD Would anyone be interested in buying 100 cards for maybe 30 shipped, OBO? They would include cards from recent packs going all the way back to the original ones. I can guarantee no repeats, a good chunk of uncommons, some holo/reverse holo's, and a few rares. All cards would range from good to mint condition. And I can throw in a free tin!

Let me know if you're interested!

I'm also still selling merch here:

And I don't have current pics (I can post some if you'd like to see), but I do have a Aqua/Magma size S tee for sale- 15 shipped each within the US

On a side note, I watercolored an Azurill earlier c: I'm working on a Marill right now too, and will make Azumarill eventually.

Lastly, a link to my store!
If someone commissions a Latias or Latios I'll give a discounted price- I really want to add them to my inventory.

Thanks c:
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Anyone know if these have any value?

I'm new to this, so I apologize if this is not the right place to ask but I have no idea where to start.

I got these two items when I was in Japan and now looking to sell them but I have no idea if they have value.

First is a Pokemon Time Umbreon cell hangy thing :)

Second is this coin thingy:)

Any help or knowledge would be greatly appreciated.
by pikabulbachu

The Biggest Pokémon card in the world + Goomy and Shopper bags

Hi everyone o/
So let's start with a World Record: the Biggest Pokémon mosaic Card.
Indeed, this Monday took place a secret Pokémon event in Paris. Few people were invited, half were journalists and communities representatives while the other half were fans who had won their place. And guess what ? I am one of them :)
I was so happy to participate to this event (because none had been organised in France for a while) but nothing was told about the content. So that's what I discovered when I arrived...

Pikachu taking the pose...
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And now the gets
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Thank you for reading :3

Sticky Situation - Doing some plush cleaning!

Hello everyone, how have your days been? Personally, mine has been great, for reasons why below!

Recently, I bought a plush off of Ebay for dirt cheap! It's an Azelf Banpresto! He was in near perfect condition, he even had the tag (I think he might be bootleg though, I've never seen an Azelf Banpresto with Uxie on the tag, haha)! So what was the problem? Well, this...

Yeah, uh, ew, the tags all stickered-up (Don't worry, I bought the plush with full knowledge of this, haha). I was going to go ahead and try to remove it, so I thought, "why not share my experience with everyone?". Most people probably won't care, haha, but I think it might help people if they ever find themselves in a sticky situation like this!

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The grand reveal! The tag is super clean now, no sign of residue or sticker anywhere! I'm surprised how well this worked, I'm definitely impressed with the final product!

Thanks for reading!

[Group shot!]

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Showing off some of my collection!

I've loved pokemon since I was a kid, I recently decided to start collecting. I put it off for a while until now.

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I didn't get pictures of everything.
I have a ton of other stuff such as bedsheets, games, many cards, books, etc.
Including a custom crochet noivern plush -w-

I'm a huge fan of larger figures (5"-6"+) and I'm in search of a soft vinyl white kyurem figure. As well as the soft vinyl lugia. :>

lots of gets!!

Hello all!

I've only been a member of the community for a few weeks now, but I think in this short time I've come down with a bad case of newbie syndrome... Between being SUPER excited about getting accepted into the community *YAY* and Pokemon's 20th Anniversary, I've gone a little (maybe more than a little) crazy and made a lot of purchases over the past few weeks. I think it's out of my system now (for the most part) and I would like to share my exciting gets with everyone :D

Please be aware that my post will be fairly picture heavy. 'Pastel' Pikachu will help guide you!

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Edit: I have been taking the hang tags off all my Plush, so I don't damage them, and so I can cuddle them as much as I want :) I actually found some of the plastic loops that attach the hang tag to the tush tag on Amazon. I think I got like 1,000 of them for $5 with Prime shipping. I have tested them out, and they do in fact work (without needing any tools, I should mention!) I figured I would share this with everyone, because attaching the hang tag to the tush tag could increase the value of the Plush if you are selling it :D

I will be visiting my friend in Washington starting next Saturday, and I'm making a point to visit at least one of the PokeCen kiosks there. I'm stoked, and will make sure to take lots of pictures to share with you guys <3

Well, that's all folks! Thanks for reading :D