March 25th, 2016

Fresh meat blastin' thru!

Hello there, newbie here, and here's my intro post! Hopefully I don't mess anything up. I rarely use LJ.

I’ve been doing an on-and-off lurking of this community for… two years, I think? It was to save my wallet, but that ship has long sailed after I learned the existence of the wondrous Y!J, so here I am!

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I actually have a lot of question about how things works around collecting but I’m afraid this introduction post has gotten a little… rambly. I’ll save it for another time. I look forward to meeting fellow collectors and to further add to my collection!

Some sales + future gets post!

Hi everyone,

I recently had a large package shipped to me in Japan and I realized I didn't really want or need some of them so I'm offering them up for sale. (I hope to do a gets post tomorrow after another package that I'm expecting arrives.)

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Can be combined with other items I have for sale here:

Thanks, everyone! Hooray for Friday!


Hello guys! It's been a while since I last posted here!

I am selling TONS of new and rare figures and I created a brand new Sales post for them <3

I was granted sales permission on 4/5/14 by allinia. and my feedback is

Without further ado, Here is a little preview of my Brand New sales post and the link to it~~

You can click on any of the pictures to be transported or this link
( )

Thank you for reading!~

A Question

Does anyone know about the size difference between Pokemon Center plushes from US and Japan?
I have a friend who bought both versions of the Vulpix plush which was released last year. She said the US version was smaller than the JP version. The reason I'm asking is that I saw the Arcanine plush has been released on the Pokemon Center US website. If it DOES have a size difference, I'll definately choose to buy a JP version. I mean, Arcanine IS and SHOULD BE a BIG cool dog! :)
What do you think?

Quick sales post shiping tomorrow

Hi all! OMG. I tried so hard to get to the Post Office in the last few days but no avail... I did drop off packages, but anyone with magikarp cards will have to be shipped tomorrow! So selling some quick things to take along with me to the PO.
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Piplup jingly bell giant head plush - $7
Sekiguchi REALLY SOFT big dedenne plush - $11.99

Suicune zukan - $10
Kabuto TFG with no base - $40
Pikachu Pen Holder sealed in packaging - $10

Looking to buy these 3 Plush! Mime and some giants!

I am currently looking to purchase:

USA Edition/North America etc whatever the official term for it is xD -- Special Edition Pokemon Themed 3ds 20th Anniversary (charizard/blastoise one)- I've seen them range from $200+ but let me know how much you are asking. I have a direct deposit being sent monday, but I should have the funds by the end of week(or next monday at the very latest) if you can hold this for me :)

Mime Jr DX Pokedoll MWT- will consider tto/no tags
Thundurus Pokemon Center Plush MWT
Tornadus Pokemon Center Plush MWT

Let me know how much you want for them if you have them for sale.

I might only have enough for 1 or 2 right now but let me know how much you want and we'll see.

⭐️ SSS Gets! ⭐️~

OMYGOSH! OK so, this post is wayyy overdue. I received my SSS goodies a few weeks ago. I just haven't had a chance to post because of a devastating flood. :(
But! My secret swapper came to the rescue and made me feel so much better! Perfect timing. Isn't it funny how that works out? <3

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Tomy Question + Looking for Pokedoll

Hey everyone! I had some quick questions and I'm hoping y'all will be able to help!

First question is regarding my 3rd generation/AG/old version Mawile Tomy ^^^
While cleaning my display case, I noticed the figure was covered in an oily feeling residue. Only this figure in particular felt like this. Now, this is also my only Tomy of this age so I was wondering if anyone else had ever experienced anything like this, what causes it, and how I can stop it from happening. I keep this figure in a smaller display box type thing and it's never exposed to any extreme heat/humidity/anything that I would immediately assume that would cause something like this to happen so I haven't the slightest idea what's going on here.
The figure itself is fine and it didn't hurt any of the other things displayed with it but it is definitely very strange, I think.

Second, while also cleaning said display case, I found that my Japanese Vanillite Pokedoll had somehow been damaged... - it's tag got creased somehow...
So with that being said, unfortunately being the person I am, I am looking to replace it. Does anyone have a Japanese Vanillite Pokedoll for sale/know where I could find one? I'm IDEALLY wanting to pay $30.00 shipped for this little guy and get him right from one of you here but I'm willing to be flexible, if need be.

Thank you!

Last Gets Before SSS+ Re-Intro!!!!

Hello, Everyone!

So, I've been seeing a lot of new members and re-intros on here, so I figured that since I've been around a year and a half or so, I should do a re-intro too!!!

Without further ado...

My name is Chris, but I will also respond to Ebon if you so choose!!! I'm eighteen years old, and a freshman studying Opera at a small university about twenty minutes from Detroit, MI. I started collecting pokémon in fourth grade with the jakks plush and figures, then falling out of pokémon shortly after Black and White came out. After about a three-year hiatus, I bought X the day it came out (Goodra looked too amazing to ignore), and I loved it. I went to an anime convention a few weeks later, and I bought a few Bandai kids, and I have been actively collecting for the past three years, and I don't really see an end in sight!!!

Mainly, I collect the Gogoat/Skiddo lines (there's a hot hunk of mutton), and recently, the Lillipup line (because they're based on yorkies and Scotties, and I'm Scottish). I also collect shiny pokémon as my main collection!

Now, On to the gets!!! :D

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And that is everything I have that's new from the last time I posted!!!
If you read this whole schpeel, you get major brownie points!
I will be posting as soon as my SSS is in (I literally pounce on my mailbox every day!)!!!

Thanks for reading, and happy collecting everybody!!!
Have a good night!

~ Chris/Ebon

P.S. If you are selling any Lillipup/Herdier/Stoutland figures or plush, EVEN THE BOOTLEG FIGURES AND PLUSH, and can point me to your sale, I'd really appreciate it!!! :D

Walky Plush Sales

Hey everyone ^^

Just a few walky plushes I no longer want.

I am going to sell them all for $25 a piece which includes shipping and paypal fees OR take them all for $100 which still includes shipping and paypal fees.

Willing to trade as well. I collect Bulbasaur, Pikachu and the Oddish line. I also collect applause plushes so any of those I dont have. Will trade multiples for single items dependig on what it is.

Anyways here are my rules and permission stuff.

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All in mint condition with charms! Chikorita is the only without tag.

SOLD: Charmander, Squirtle, Cyndaquil, Chikorita