March 26th, 2016

Please help me with a want

Hi everyone,

Sometime ago, they released a Little Tales Mini Backpack but it was quickly sold out. After three fail pick-up attempts, I spent the last months or so staring at the sold out page of the Pokemon Center Online only to find out this morning that it was re-sold again for 1 short hour while I was asleep last night. Naturally I'm devastated. I'm very prepare to pay up to about twice the retail price for it but not 3-4 times (which is what ebay and such has them as) because at that point I can't justify it.

If anyone can help me find one, I would definitely appreciate it and pay that kindness forward.


10% + bonus finder's fee. The better the price, the better the bonus
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Baraz, Meray, and Hoopa

Happy Saturday, everyone :) I'm looking for items that feature Meray, Baraz, and Hoopa together. I found a great pencil board yesterday but was wondering if there are any other items out there that I should know about. Thanks!


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Question -- is this artbook a real thing?

I was on CDJapan when I saw this :

Is... that for real? I tried googling for info and failed miserably. Please tell me its real. I used to read that manga alot. An artbook would be awesome even though I knew zip about japanese!

Side question : about Shiny Collection card promo in the past, do they have boxes such as the current Kyun promo? With extra stuffs such as stickers? Tried googling that and failed too.
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Suicune and Raikou "Moncolle Plus" figures for sale!

Heyho guys!
I have 2 beast figures for sale <3 I don't collect them so they are up for sale!

- all pkmncollectors community rules apply.
- sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 19 SEP 2014
- I ship from Germany
- shipping starts at $5 (up to 500g) in a bubble mailer to anywhere in the world
- tracking cost extra +$3
- for german buyers: shipping starts at $1.20
- Hey listen! The item/s take 1-4 weeks to receive, depends on your country
- Shipping costs are calculated from the packaging and transportation costs to the post office
- I have 2 cat's, so don't buy anything if you are allergic
- the prices are shipped with fees
- You can find my feedback here: new feedback (absol) / old feedback (umbreeon)

Tomy Moncolle Plus figures!
- each is $21 shipped or take both for $35 shipped
(no tracking!! Ask me if you want tracking)
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Female Pikachu collection gets

Hi everyone! I posted pictures of my main collection, female Pikachu, a couple of months ago here. Since then I have gotten a ton of awesome new items for my collection :) Thanks so much to everyone who helped make this collection grow! <3

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Thank you so much for checking out my collection update :) If you have any questions about any of the items, please feel free to let me know. I have also added new items to my side collections, but I will post about those another day ;) I hope you're all having a great weekend!


PS: If you happen to have any of the items on my female Pikachu wants list (or anything else you think I'd like) that you'd be willing to sell, please let me know :) Thanks!
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SSS gets~!

Goooooood evening, morning, afternoon, or night everybody~!!!! Just wanted to report that my SSS gift came in!!!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful SSS because I know I am!
If you wanna take a look then come right ahead. :3

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