March 30th, 2016

Seeking/Selling/Trading/SUPER AWESOME GET

Dear expert collectors,

I need your help! Heehee ^^

First, here is my SUPER AWESOME GET:

AH! This is the coolest little Bulbasaur figure I have ever seen! I love the clear bulb <333 SO CUTE *3*

But, now I want the whole set! Here is the insert it came with:

I have never seen ANY of these figures. The Vileplume on this pamphlet is a new grail of mine. I must have it!!

So my question is, what is the best way for me to search these?? And do any of you have any of these for sale?? Will buy right away! Looking to spend no more than $30-40 for each one. Vileplume I would consider more >.>

I am also seeking applause plushes again!! If you have any for sale let me know. I love duplicates of these <33

I also still have a Walky Treecko for sale, $25 shipped & fees. Will also trade for art, figures, or plushes. Not seeking anything in particular, just cute ^^

And one last item, the Oddish & Caterpie friends plush that are super tiny!

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Any help is appreciated <3

us pokecen website update! EDITS AHOY!

hello dearlings~

I was browsing about, when I saw something that the vulpix lovers in the community may like!

its called the 'kanto blossoms' promo, and it has two shirts (women's and childrens), a cute mug with vulpix on it, and there's some new spinner keychains with jolteon/eevee, flareon/eevee, and vulpix/ninetails! some other pika and vee plushes are included in the link, since they're also on the shirts.

EDIT 1- thanks goes to jarshaarashi for mentioning to me that the recent kanto veelution plushes were also added! I hadn't been sure if those were the new ones or restocks of other ones~ <3

they also say that the special anniversary 3ds will be back in stock on the 7th of april, for those still wanting one! EDIT 2: the item listing has come down from the pokecen website, probably due to people preordering! 

Moving Sales!

Hey all!
As I'm moving in a month and trying to buy a house, I have some extra things and abandoned collections to weed out to save some space until I get the house and to save up a little extra for house things (and some PokeNeco Dolce items next month :D). Below the cut you'll find a US TOMY Noibat, a Wailord Pokedoll, some old school stickers and so much more!

Sales permission granted in April...several years ago by lineaalba who may have changed their name since. .__.;
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I am also looking for a couple of elusive things!
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Mew 20th Anniversary Pickups

Ok so I did pick ups for mew the other day but I just thought id check while the mew is back in stock online and see if anyone else is looking for one!
I am making no profit I am simply doing this because I hate to see people miss out and end up being over priced.
I can order offline/pick up the 20th Anniversary Mew
They are $37 shipped to USA.
Oh and if your in the UK heres the link to The Game store

I can also pickup the 20th Anniversary Pikachu Tomy figure 4 packs
$10.10 without shipping (for a pack of 4)

Granted sales permission on Monday, September 3 byrachelled


Id be willing to trade for the 20th Anniversary Jirachi stuff. Ill buy if someone has one available but can't trade!!

also looking for Petit Campaign Jirachi Mascot Plush Keychain
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This is my first time participating in the SSS, so I was very VERY excited when my package came!! I almost forgot to take pictures because I was so excited!

Inaide the first box was.....another box!!


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THANK YOU SO MUCH flag!!!!! Everything is super cute and I am so happy!!!

Final Giveaway Post! All Gifts Have Been Finished! ♡

It has been such a long time since I made a post. *__* I have been so undescribeably busy! I had to finish a huge Etsy order of 17 mini's and a big crochet Raticate. I have literally had 0% of me time for almost a month with work and school, and if I can't have a rest soon I will explode! * A *

I am completely aware that I have 3 unanswered messages in my inbox. They have all been read, and I am working on replying to them. Since they were all nice messages from my friends (yay! ☆) not concerning anything urgent, I just HAD to prioritize my Etsy orders and the giveaway. I'm sorry. I will try to get back to you all asap. It has just been really crazy for me.

Now I am working on my gets post + SSS thank you post! My gifter went so above and beyond I couldn't believe it. ♡3♡ And I need to make a permanent sales post with lowered prices as well. Busy busy busy. *__*

Enough of that! :D Even with all this going on, I can honestly say with a pure heart that I did enjoy making these gifts for you. :) Orders put pressure on me and I get nervous making them because I want to please the customer 100%! But when I make gifts, I'm more relaxed and happy and the results are often betten than with purchases. :3 A funny thing! So I did have fun. ♡

So, without furder ado, here you go! ^_^ I hope you like them! ♡

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And again, I am so happy you all wanted to join! I feel super honored that all of you liked my work. :3
And mostly, I wish to bow to you all for volunteering to pay shipping. ♡ It helps quite a bit! ^_^ Makes it possible for me yo do more giveaways in the future. :) ☆ YAY!

Speaking of shipping... A few things I would appreciate! ♡

Could all of you please leave a comment to this post so I know you are aware of the gifts being finished? :3

Could you please send me a PM with your full mailing address!
If you live outside of the US, I will use your location to calculate the shipping cost!

To the US:
A Tsum to the US will be $1.93 in a regular paper envelope and $3.11 in a padded one. (Up to you! ^^)
A keychain will be $4.78

My PayPal email is (no g, just mail) Please memtion your LJ username in the notes. :)

I ship on Thursdays! ^^ I can't wait to get all of these babies to you guys!

Thank you so much everyone! I will try to make the SSS post and gets post within a week!



Some wants and a question

Hey everyone! I have some recent wants- any info would be great!Right now I'm hunting for the cutest nidoran male plush I've seen!

More under the cut!
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I've also been going through my collection which brings me to a question I've had for awhile.

How to tell a pokemon plush is legit vs a bootleg?
any tips or info would be great- I'm trying to indentify the following under the cut!

Here is the line up of suspects!

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Happy spring everyone! (SSS gets)

Heya fellow collectors! I hope everyone enjoys spring so far <3 It's finally getting warmer over here xD

As the title said I got my SSS package today!! :'3 I had a rough journey yesterday and have to learn so much for my finals atm, so I really could use some light in the darkness and what agui_chan sent to me really brightened up my day! <3

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So agui_chan... I don't really have words for how much joy you brought to me with your thoughtful gifts ;w; You really got me with your wonderful art and choice of merch, and I can't thank you enough for this awesome first SSS experience! <3 You went way beyond my expectations and really made my day! Thank you so so so much :')
I hope everyone enjoys their gifts as well and had a great swap so far! I shipped my package last Saturday and it should arrive soon :3

Thanks for reading! Bye guys :)

Question About Lots

Hello everyone! How have your days been so far?

I come with a question today! I recently found a super awesome looking lot on Y!JP today that houses nearly half of my wants! I have a few questions, though;

For one, people who have purchased lots, what did the shipping come out to be? Of course, this would be a tricky question to answer, lots differ in size and weight. If this helps to simplify the question, Was the shipping cost a lot more than you expected, or less than you expected? Lots I look at are usually plushies, so I wouldn't expect weight to be a problem. I would however expect the packaging to be pretty big, plushies are pretty cushy!

Second, is it better to bid on the items, or just outright use the buy-now option when given the chance to do so? At the particular lot I'm looking at, it's a 2000 yen difference. The plush in it look kind of rare so I'm not sure if I want to take a chance or not.

Maybe I'm giving a bit too much information and someone will find the lot and buy it right away, but any help is appreciated. Thanks for your time!

A few new things ! Sylveons and Zygardes !

Hello everybody !

I was looking for the picture of a Kuji Lottery item, and I ended up on a japanese blog, on which I spotted two new Sylveons. Thankfully, Pokéshopper had all the information about them !

The plush is from the Korotto Manmaru series. The japanese blog I found the pictures on indicates that its release is planned for May 7. And the figure... Apparently is already available, but only in KFC restaurants in Japan ! They are being sold from March 17 to May 11. They are ¥ 190 each at random or ¥ 2,500 as a set with the pictured display.

What do you think of those new items ? So many Sylveons this year, my wallet is crying ! But everything is so awesome !

( Also, I don't know if it's allowed but, if someone has the KFC Sylveon for sale, could you please tell me ? Because I'm looking for it ! Thank you very much ! )

Unova Wants List update! -- March 30th 2016

Hi everyone! I am looking for these certain figures if anyone is selling them.

Here is my list;

Kid Figures: Karrablast and Herdier
Chupa Chup figures: Stoutland
Get Collection figures: Gigalith and Swanna
Pose figure: Bisharp
Zukan: Female Unfeazant line (or lone figure itself)

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Anyways, thanks for your time to read this! And have a good night everyone!

Squeaky squishy clean cuties

My sister, pikasang, and I have lost all self control. We opened all the bath bombs we got :3

They are so fricken cute and they are worth every bit *.*

My bath figures :DDDDDD

The whole crew getting clean in one shot >.<

They're made of a squishy rubbery material which is absolutely perfect ^^