March 31st, 2016

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20th Anniversary Tribute + New Collection Setup!

Hey guys :)

Who else is left to still receive their sss gifts? I am super excited :D

Anyways, amidst all the sss waiting, I still wanted to post something different.
I know I may be a little late to the party, I still wanted to post my own contribution to the 20th anniversary! LOL
Also, I FINALLY have a new display for my collection in my room, yay! :D

Here you can see a little glimpse of it with a 20th anniversary setup I secifically made for this photo!

Happy 20th anniversary <3

And here is my overall new display!

I made a few more photos for the 20th anniversary which you can see under the cut, it really was a lot of fun!

This picture has a special meaning to it related to my time with Pokemon in my childhood which I'll explain under the cut :)
If you have time, I'd love to see similar photos from you related to your experiences with Pokemon when you first got to know it! :)

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And now on to my new collection setup and some more detailed photos :)

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Thanks everyone for looking and reading :)

I'll leave you with a link to my collection site here:

*~ ~*

Tshirt Designs! +commissions?

My Teepublic store has recently been opened, and with that I have some limited time designs to show off! Before I get into it, I was granted sales permission on March 23rd, 2016 by areica96

My store:
my older designed retro eeveelution shirts will be retired soon! Get them while they're still available!

Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon shown under the cut! All eevees are available though in my store:
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I will also be happily accepting commissions to do pokemon tshirt designs at 10$ in my new style (check 3 most recent published designs on my store)
commission info-
tunaround time: 1-4 weeks
i accept payment through paypal only
you do not have permission to sell the design you commissioned
commissioning a design will make it a public tshirt for sale
if you want a tshirt design just for yourself to buy, it will be higher in price

Top Insight Plushes? Gets, Questions, Sales

So awhile back I won something from eBay I was sure I'd never own and for super cheap too! I've only ever seen this guy being sold on the comm once or twice (and that was long before I joined) or on Y!J (which I have had some complications with and am too unfamiliar with it to fully utilize still) but one popped up on eBay and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to win him due to my finances but I did! He has basically been my most main want for some time now, and was practically grail status! Presenting, the 13in Top Insight Totodile plush!

Ahhhhhhhh I love how big he is and he's so soft and minky!!! My only issue is that they used felt-like material for his teeth and spikes but I still love him all the same and am so extremely happy to have gotten him!

This leads me to a question that I don't think I've ever asked, what is the Top Insight brand? Where does it come from? Is it it's own brand or a branch of Banpresto or something? So many questions!

My little brother also got me a present for Easter, the new Mew Pokedoll! I just had to take a picture of her alongside my beloved Mewtwo Pokedoll (who was also my very first Pokedoll!)

I also have one other question. I participated in 2 claims without thinking first because I really wanted the items, but after completing my FAFSA and after my internet bill went up I realized that I couldn't really afford these items so I was wondering if anyone would like to take my spot in these claims. The claims are for the small Pokken Lucario figure for $17 and the Jolteon mascot plush for $18 from the Twinkle Dream Kuji. Please comment here or send me a PM if you are interested! If I can't find anyone, then I will just have to accept the consequences for my impulsive actions ^^

Lastly, I have a few things listed on eBay and am hoping to list some more things soon. I am willing to sell them to comm members at the starting bid with PP fees included so comment here or PM me if you are interested. So far I have the All-star Lucario plush listed, the Zoroark Break Champion play mat, and a lot of ALL of my extra Zoroark things. I also have a Zoroark dice I can thrown in with the lot for an extra $5 and the Rumble U figure that I can throw in for free (as well as a freebie card.)
Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015
My Feedback

It's here! SSS gets :3

Hey there, everyone :D

My morning was made today! Why? Because my SSS gift came<3 This is the first Swap i've been apart of on the comm and I was just so excited to finally catch the sign-ups ^w^

I have to say, it was really suspenseful checking the mail each day waiting for my gift xD so I won't keep you guys all waiting~ I didn't have the time to make an awesome photostory like some of you have, because I had to run off to class ^^; so without further adieu, click the cut to view le gets~

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A Huge thank you to pepperzark again! This has been such a fun swap and I'm way happy with all the gifts i got<3

To my SSS partner: Your gift has been shipped and should be arriving soon ;D

Have a wonderful day, everyone<3

Pokken tournament kuji has arrived

For those of you who made claims, you will be receiving a message from me shortly.

Link to claims:

I do have extras but I haven't done a good count yet, but you can go ahead and go to the claims link up above and ask, it is easier for me to check for specific items instead of just saying what extras I have right now.

There is one slight problem though... it looks like the small figures and the key chains are blind packed. :O So those of you who claimed the H or G prizes, I think I might have to open the boxes. I have compared them all side by side, and unless i missed it, I can't tell which figure or keychain is in which box.

Lf 20th aniversary celebi plush

Man i have not been active on here at all latley. > > The comming months will probably fix that though.
I'm looking for the 20th aniversary celebi plush for a close friend of mine. She's had some trouble finding it and i figured that the best chance i had at this point would be here. Is anyone still attempting pickups for these, or have a spare to sell?
Thankyou in advance! ^^

Plush Identification?

Hey guys! I have a quick question about my 'TOMY' Mew plush! I bought her in 2014 on eBay for around $15 I believe, and don't remember if the seller was from Japan or China, but it was definitely one of the two (I remember because shipping took forever (maybe a month and half) and I didn't recieve any updates on her whereabouts after she was marked as shipped). The seller did have a few in stock at the time, but is no longer on eBay as far as I can tell. Since I'm fairly new to collecting and bootleg identification, I'm kind of uncertain about her, especially because I keep seeing posts with other 'TOMY' mews that are very similar in shape, but appear to have altogether different material/eye shape/color. Of course, these things could be due to age/wear, lighting and etc. so I just can't be sure! If anyone has any info on this plushie please let me know! I'd be extremely grateful. :) (Also, if this post is in any way breaking any rules, let me know and I will change/delete it! I checked the guidelines and am pretty sure I'm ok, but one can never be too sure!)
I bought this #mew on eBay in 2014 & I'm not sure if she's legit or not. Her tag just says 'TOMY', & I didn't pay a lot for her. Either way she's a cutie (& honestly one of my favorites from my collection). 😅🎀 #pokemon #pokemon20 #pokemonmew #original151 #cute #kawaii #love #pokemonplush #pkmncollectors #mewplush #bootlegpokemon?
I've also included a small collage with the other similar mews under the cut!
If any of the pictures included are yours and you would like me to remove them, I'll be more than happy to!
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♡ Self made Serena's Pokemon Charms for Sale ♡

Hey guys !! I'm SUPER excited to show off something that I've been working on for the past few weeks !!

That's right ~ I made charms out of Serena's Pokemon in their performance attire !! I really couldn't help myself, they're all so cute. This was only going to be of Sylveon but then decided I should make them all. So anyway info on how to get some is behind the cut !!

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Permanent Sales Post + SSS and other gets! ♡♡♡

I am super tired and was gonna push this post just a bit further, but I really wanna thank my SSS gifter since they were just so amazing! ; u ; I decided to combine this post with my other recent gets as well~☆

Before I get started, I have finally managed to put up a permanent sales post! Now it will be easy as I can just link it whenever needed. :3


I HAVE REDUCED THE PRICES A LOT!!! Like, crazy much. Most plushis are 50%-60% off and everything else has reduced prices as well. :3 Please check it out! ♡


Okay, now to the gets!

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20th Anniversary Darkrai Plush - EB Games Canada Pre-Sale

I haven't posted anything here in a good long while but considering I'm completely caught up on the crushed velvet plush craze, now's a good time!

The fact that TRU and GameStop have been releasing their exclusive plush weeks ahead of streetdate is super anxiety-inducing, so I've been checking Reddit and the tags here for Manaphy and Darkrai fairly regularly since I neglected to do so before and I missed out on checking my local stores. @_@
Google helped out a ton this morning though, because I found this

Looks like Darkrai is already up for pre-order for EB Games Canada! Not sure how legit this is as I'm in the US and can't take advantage, but I hope this helps anyone trying to stay on top of scalpers!

Introduction :D!

Hey everyone! I am somewhat new to this website, as some of you may already know from buying all of your gengar merchandise lol. If not then hello! I am a HUGE gengar fan and I am buying almost anything gengar I dont already have in my collection. I am so envious of kidgengar who I've seen on this website and I can only hope that someday my collection will hold a light to his haha. Anyways, I am a 21 year old college student in florida and I recently got a full time job so i can finally afford some cool stuffs. Everyone on pkmncollectors so far has been extremely kind and accepting, so everyone keep being awesome! If any of you have any gengar merch that you might think I would be interested in PLEASE feel free to pm me because if I dont have it I WANT IT :). I know that is kinda vague but I will be doing a collection post soon so that should help clear things up. Like I said I am new so if this post doesnt follow any guidelines or needs to be edited in some way let me know lol. Oh one last thing is I have been using this com, ebay, and Y!J! to obtain what I have so far but if any of you know other good places to look for gengar merch let me know! 'Till my next post I'll be lurking around in peoples sales fo geng stoofs XD!

WANTS : I'm looking for two items !

Hello everybody !

I'm currently looking for both of those items :

First, the Pokemon wa modern art Sylveon and Swirlix notebook. I would like to use it to keep a journal during my trip to Japan !

And then, the KFC Sylveon straw figure. I know it was recently released, so it may be a long shot. I'm sorry if the picture is yours, I will take it down !

Shipping would be to France, please ! Thank you and have a good day !
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Absolutely Amazing Get!

Hooray my big box of stuff arrived from Japan today! :) Which means I can finally start updating my sales post with all the new stuff I've bought! ^-^ I also have a massive gets post that's overdue, but while I was going through my box today I found an unexpected item that deserves a post all to itself! :D So a while ago I won this lot of movie flyers

Among which I was hoping to find my mini grail the Absol movie poster from the Jirachi Wishmaker movie. Sadly no poster, but look what I found instead! :D
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So yeah needless to say finding that item in my lot made my day! :) Now I have to go through all the flyers and add them to my sales post haha! XD Expect some more non-flat auctions and a massive sales update coming soon! :D
hehe spring

it's still March for me. xD & San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival & San Jose Tourney meetup?

March went by fast and I wasn't productive with spring cleaning since I was on a serious job hunting at tech companies and got misrerably sick... but I love this time of the year.

This is probably one of my favorite pages from this page flip calendar. I love the colors and sakura in the background and Gulpin as daifuku with dango on the plate. I need some Gulpin plush. xD

I took this pic to celebrate for St.Patrick's Day cuz green. xD

Flowers have been blooming. In my area there's a lot of these pink flower bushes so I took a pic with the Little Tales plush with it!

We still need to go to a real spring outing.

Also, there are two cool events in the SF Bay Area in April coming up~ First, the annual San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival in Japantown is on the weekends of the 9th/10th and 16th/17th. I plan on going on the final day and definitely will bring some plush for photos! Is anyone else going/want to meet up?

I also found out recently that closer to me... the South Bay Button Mashers group is hosting a Game Bash where there's gonna be a Swap Meet + Smash & Pokken tournaments at the AFK Gamer Lounge in Downtown San Jose on Sunday, April 10th. I definitely plan on going to watch the tournaments and sell some of my stuff at the Swap Meet. I think splash also plans on going so it would be nice to meet and have fun with other members. Plus, buy and sell stuff locally. ^^

if you got any questions about these events/plan to go, let me know! Are there Bay Area members down for future meetups such as in SF Japantown and Mitsuwa/Kinokuniya bookstore & nearby Tokyo Lifestyle at the Valley Fair Mall in West San Jose area + AFK Gamer Lounge and Round 1 Entertainment Center (just like the arcade center in Japan) in San Jose? Plus there's other Japanese markets in the South Bay which I've noticed have more Pokemon snacks these days! Since Pokemon World Championships is coming in the area in August it would be nice to meet members beforehand!