April 6th, 2016


Sales and anniversary question

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Hi guys, I was wondering: Has Pokemon Center announced anything special, consdering the anniversary lately? I know that they've released that Gameboy retro promotion and lifesize Kanto starters, but was there anything else? 20th year seems like such a big deal so yeah, thought they would celebrate the occasion with something really nice. If there is anything else please let me know.^^

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It's demo Claims + Massive Sales Update

I managed to get some of the It's Demo plush on the online store. I have a few unclaimed Mascot plush straps and slippers available that will come to me in April. I am selling them for $22+shipping. Since I already paid for them I will ask to be sent the payment for them (since they are so little I know how much they will cost to ship). When they arrive at the end of April I will ship them to you. :)

Also I am selling a ton of things!! Please help me clear out these from my closet...! My sales is here http://gaarasyami.livejournal.com/37398.html or you can click on the photo! :)
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Sales before I put stuff into lots~

Hi there! Long time no post.
Unfortunately, I don't have much time at the moment, so this one will be quick. But I'm hoping to do a collection update soon since my one-year-collecting anniversary just passed! <3

I've been thinking about putting a lot of the items from my sales into lots on Ebay- so if there is anything you'd like feel free to come grab it before I do!


Big and rare sale!

That's it! I have decided! I am offering for sale 2 of my most expensive plushies of my collection. (PS I know it feels like I am selling a LOT lattely, but do not worry, I am not quitting Pokemon collecting ^^ )

Shiny Entei Pokedoll with tag

Giant Shiny Magikarp plush with tag

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Regular sale is here: http://miniterasu.livejournal.com/3212.html

Thanks for looking :)

ISO post

Hello! This is my first community post. I read through the rules so hopefully I did not miss anything. I am searching to buy this banpresto bayleef plush that I missed in an auction recently. If anyone has one available, please comment with picture and price. This picture is not my picture.

Looking for a fuzzy tomy kecleon plush!

Hello, today im helping my friend look for a plush, she is in search of the fuzzy kecleon tomy plush!

There is one on ebay she considering buying, but the seller is asking $168, Im not entirely sure its worth that much so I was hoping someone had it here for cheaper?

MWT Preferred but not required, pretty sure she is open to all conditions :)

I know there is a non fuzzy kecleon tomy as well, but she wants the FUZZY ish one.

I hate to see someone dish money for those high ebay prices, so I figured I ask around here to see if anyone had it cheaper :)

It may very well be the case thats its actually worth that much but considering the high number of other overpriced stuff on ebay you just never know lol
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Toy Factory Shinx for Sale

I've decided to weed out some of my larger plush in order to make more space,one being this Toy Factory Shinx. This is the 16 inch size which could only be found at Amusement Parks. It is no longer made as far as I know and is fairly rare at this point.

It has its original stuffing so its a little on the floppy side. It has no hangtag anymore but still has its seamtags and hanging string/loop.

Asking $25 plus shipping OBO. It will have to be shipped in a box so shipping will be a little bit on the higher side. You can view my sale info here:

SSS gets!

Hi everyone! I got my SSS gift from pokemontrader the other day!

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That's all for today! Thank you so much once again, Pokemontrader! I love everything that you included!

I hope you all have a wonderful day! Also before I go, here's a cute Hoopa doodle that was included in my gift!

Hi all!

I'm mostly a lurker, although I've recently acquired quite a few new additions so I should make a collection post sometime soon, but today I'm here on a search!

I'm looking for the 2001 1:1 Chikorita plush. There haven't been any on eBay (well, there was one recently but she had a sort of wonky face) and I'd prefer my money to go to somebody else who shares my hobby anyway. It's a shot in the dark, I know, but if anybody's selling, I'm interested! I'm only looking for Chikorita--I'm not interested in completing the set. :) I don't care about hang tag or leaf condition--flat to the head is fine!

Play by play Charizard mini refurbish!

So a friend of mine managed to find an old play by play Charizard plush at a local secondhand shop! However, the poor fella looks like he's been to hell and back. He was fraying all over, his fabric was in bad shape, he had a huge hole in the back, and the fur fabric for his tail flame was severely damaged. (It looked like dryer damage.) My friend enlisted me to then go ahead and fix him up!

Pic heavy below the cut!

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Umbreon, Espeon

Pokebox Coin Hunt and Reminders

Hey everyone! I recently got an order from pokebox with the 2015 and 2016 eeveelution set key-chains. They are absolutely stunning and I had NO idea of the quality of the product! This post, however, is not so much on the charms themselves. They sent me 4 coins with my order, and I know I have seen others post about an umbreon and espeon coin. I am so enamered with the 4 coins they sent me, if anyone has the other eeveelution coins they are willing to sell, let me know! I have pictured the coins I was sent, so if you have any that are not pictured, let me know. Especially if it is Umbreon. =3

Eevee coins.jpg
eevee coins back.jpg

Also reminders! Chicago area pkmcollectors! if you wish to go to the meet up I am organizing, we will be meeting at Mitsuwa Japanese Marketplace on Sunday April 17th, at noon. Further information is found at the following link. Please let me know if you plan on attending so I know how many people I am looking for. =3

Pkmcollectors meet up!

And last, but not least, sales plug for Blues Adoption House. ^_-

Head on down to the pound!
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Hi all! Been a while. Wanted to post my awesome SSS gift i got from hantsukihaunter !

I was way too excited when I went to the Post Office to pick up my gift so I didn't get any un-wrapping photos XD sorry!

But my haul was prettttty good :) <3

I got a cute little fan with Lapras on it who's one of my favs, and an ANA bag with a flying Lapras! I actually work at Boeing so ANA is one of our customers so I thought that was pretty funny / neat.

My FAVORITE thing is the Love Demo little tote with Lady Pika and Eevee on it!! It's 10000% adorable and just the prefect size to keep some of my new craft tools in! Goes great with my Goomy bag that holds my sewing stuff :D I have kind of a weekness for little bags and this one is just adorbs.

I also got a Vaporeon clip and magnet! She's such a cutie. And a cool rubbery Leafeon head charm thing which goes great on my demo bag :P and some little fun stationary bits and bobs that I can use at work and futher convince my co-workes that I'm insane!

Thanksk so much hantsukihaunter for a great SSS gift :) 

Anime Boston gets and more!

Hello everyone! I have a few new things to share before a rare arrival decides to turn up!

I've been quiet on the collecting side, since I was pareparing for Anime Boston, and other things.

Also a collection update at my collection site, and a sneak peek of things to come in my "Coming Soon" section!

Collection Site: http://mypokedolls.weebly.com/index.html

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HUGE Meowstic and Sylveon gets

Hi, hope everyone's doing well! :) Today I decided to finally post my recent Meowstic/Sylveon gets, after procrastinating to do so forever haha. There are just so many things to take pictures of and it's too much to post single pictures, so I tried putting them into little collages to make it easier for everyone hopefully! (the cut is VERY picture heavy just as small warning)

Jigglypuff is excited!

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my first YJ gets. Christmas in April!

I'm pretty new to live journal and it wasn't too long ago that I first learned about Yahoo Japan. I've totally become addicted to stalking YJ pages to look for rare and elusive Pokemon goods. This is my first order and I got so much stuff off my want list and even a couple of my grails. I mostly collect Pokemon Christmas stuff; Pins, Charms, Figures, etc. Some of my stuff came in lots so some of the items I got I'm not interested in keeping, it'll be up for trade/sale, once I get sales permission. Here goes:

What's inside?! Like I don't already know.

Ahhh! All the things!

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Looking for US middleman! And card want!

Would anyone in US be happy to middleman some items for me please? There are a couple of items I would really like from Pokemoncenter.com but of course they don't ship internationally! :/ Also does anyone else in UK want anything from this site? We can order our items altogether and split the international shipping so it's not too painful! :D
I'm also looking for this card pictured below:

Preferably in English please. Shipping will be to UK. Thanks! ^-^