April 9th, 2016

Silverclaw the Weavile Custom Figure Auction FREE SHIPPING

Hi everybody. I'm back and I'm auctioning Silverclaw the Weavile. Silverclaw is about 5 inch in height. I wanted to make something inspired by Pokken and Kaiyodo and this was what came out. It features sculpted fur just like the Weavile in Pokken but at the same time it keeps the physical appearance of Kaiyodo Weavile.

I was granted sales permission on July 8, 2015 by skdarkdragon.
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If any rule below conflicts with any of my General Sales Rules, this will take priority.
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Happy Bidding!

New shop! And anyone looking for electric mouse TOMY plush?

Hey guys! :D So I've been busy setting up a little shop for selling mostly Pokemon merchandise, but also a few other 'monster collecting' series too. Everything on there is from my own personal collection or leftover sales, but as I get through the current stock, I hope to get in some brand new stuff too. :3 Click below to visit!

There are a few important things to note however:
- The shop is open to UK + Ireland members only at this time. Due to the horrible rise in international shipping prices, and the reluctance of many to sell internationally now, I wanted to provide another outlet for UK collectors to buy within their country. I may expand to Europe later.
- The shop accepts Paypal only as a payment method at this time.
- I do not accept haggling or trading for items listed here. That being said, if something is grossly mispriced, please do let me know!
- The shop will be open to everyone in the UK, but I wanted to allow you guys access first. :) Besides that, it will help me iron out any kinks by starting small. If you have any problems with the site, please don't hesitate to contact me!

As always:
- All pkmncollectors rules apply. No banned members are allowed to purchase from my site.
- Sales permission was given to me by dakajojo on 03/02/11
- My pkmncollectors feedback can be found here:

(And is also listed in the 'About' page of my shop.)

Secondly, I have a local toy shop in town and while they don't usually have anything Pokemon other than cards, I did notice that they had the TOMY plush set of Pikachu, Pichu, Plusle and Minun. Nothing exciting like Noibat unfortunately. XD But I just wondered if anyone would be interested in them?

They only have one box and it looked like one plush of each last time I looked but if anyone was looking for them especially, I can see if they have them! They would be £10 shipped each in the UK. :)

Thanks guys! :D

Big Sales Update and Revamp!

Hey, guys! I've updated and just about completely revamped my sales! It looks much cleaner now.
For this post, I do accept MILD haggling (no more than a 10% difference) if the price of an item seems a bit high.
No low-balling, please. It's one of my absolute biggest pet peeves of all time.

Here is a small preview. There are three different FULL sets of Eeveelution plush (excluding Sylveon)!

2016-04-08 19.08.37-1.jpg

Click the pictures or use the following link to be transported:

Mega Evolution Pokemon Plushies →→→→→→→→ Pokedolls

I'm sure it has been said before but isn't about time we get the Mega Evolution plushies into Pokedoll form? Can't you just imagine how adorable they would be like my buddy Mega Swampert? :D <3 <3

I think some do know but I'm a huge Swampert fan and his Mega form of course. Always looks like he wants a lot of hugs. :D <3

But anyway, we really should be getting some Mega Evolution plushies as Pokedolls. I mean sure they had a few Mega Evolution plushies in those "Petit" keychains but I think Pokedolls would be even better.

Feel free to leave some comments if you have any thoughts on this. :)
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Pre-orders info + more Candy Get Sylveon up for claims

Hello everyone,

This post is just an update about my pre-orders!
There're still some figures up for claims, please check it out below!

I'm also able to get few more Candy Get Sylveon and Zygarde 10% figures so if you're looking for those check the info below ^-^


First off - Choco-egg figures
8 boxes of these has been shipped to me exactly two weeks ago so I'm expecting them to arrive anytime soon (up to 10 days I guess)
I closed pre-orders for Sylveon, Espeon, Latios and Zygarde 10% , but all others are still up for claims - "only" 56 figures has been claimed, I'll be getting 80 of them so there're still some left.

Check the claims thread here: CLICK


Next off - Keychain figures
I had some problems with these but luckily I managed to get the exact amount that's needed. That means that everyone who claimed figures from me and who's on my list will get the figure/s they wanted!
Claims thread: CLICK


And the last thing - extra figures available for claims - only one Pikachu keychain left!
I'm able to get 3 more Sylveon and 3 more Zygarde 10% candy get figures. I know a lot of people were interested in those so here's your chance ^-^ (please take a note - I can't guarantee that these will come with pokeballs but they're brand new in plastic bags).
I will have them within about 10 days.
Also I have 1 more Pikachu and 1 Squirtle keychains.
Click the cut for prices and claims!

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That's all for today, thanks for looking!
If you have any questions feel free to ask them below ^-^

New card collector here looking for those nifty Toys R Us promos!

Hi everyone!

I'm really new at collecting but I decided to complete the Generations card sets that are coming out every month this year. Unfortunately I live in Australia and this means I miss out on the Toys R Us exclusive cards that all the lucky Americans get :( I was wondering if anyone had any of these cards for sale or trade? The scalpers on eBay are charging an arm and a leg! Anyway here's my collection under the cut ^.^

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Auction Reminder!

Hey everyone! Just a heads up that my auction for a large gengar reversible is ending tomorrow! Along with a caterpie friends plush and an umbreon canvas plush in just a few hours!

Photo 2016-04-05, 9 47 05 PM.jpgPhoto 2016-04-05, 9 43 37 PM.jpg

Photo 2016-04-05, 9 41 59 PM.jpg

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( Umbreon and Caterpie have been moved over to my flat sales ! )

Also a sales plugs http://manlysharpedo.livejournal.com/911.html#comments Prices reduced! ^o^

Thanks for looking! Cheers and have an awesome day! ^u^

Collection Weeding Sales!

Hi everyone! I hope you're all doing well today!

I've decided to get rid of a few things from my collections! It's mainly Aggron/Mega Aggron things, with a lil bit of Absol, and Reshiram! I also have a Goodra DX plush, and Chesnaught PC plush for sale! Check it out here or on the banner below!

That's it for now! Thank you for your time!

BANDAI Kanto Gym Badge Pin Claims - Reminder! :) ++ gets today

Helloo!! Just a reminder for all those that claimed in my group buy back in January (since it was a long time ago). My middleman has informed me that the shipment should be arriving around May! I'll make sure to send them out within a week or so of receiving them. :)

Just to double confirm, to all those who claimed: please leave a comment below that you're still committed to them! If the original claimers do not respond within 1 week, I'll have to look for others to claim that particular pin again. ^^;

This post concerns: skdarkdragon ceruleanblues15 diamondphantom leafyoddish98 mixie94 kriscarmi

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I also received a couple of gets today!!
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I have a few tiny sales items here, mostly from small lots I bought but I only needed the pin from it. Click here or the picture below to head to my sales!