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11 April 2016 @ 01:51 am
I received my SSS gift a few days ago but didn't have a time to post until now.

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For those who don't follow my blog, the last batch of Eeveelution Kororin Friends plushies came out in claw machines last Thursday. If you're interested in seeing non-stock photos, (along with photos of the pokemonlife@picnic Pikachu plush), check out my blog entry on them here!

Last but not least, a quick reminder that my auction for the three Pokemon Center On-line opening mugs is still on-going!.
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11 April 2016 @ 02:11 am
I recently got a little unexpected raise at my job and decided to actively seek out some elusive pokedolls. I've checked Y!J and unfortunately the ones that I've found are lacking their hangtags, so here I am because this comm hasn't failed me yet. I'm currently seeking:

- a MWT Japanese minky Poliwhirl pokedoll
- a MWT Japanese minky Magikarp pokedoll
- a MWT Jigglypuff pokedoll
- a MWT Japanese minky Shinx pokedoll

I'm a fan of the star tags so I'm defaulting to those hangtags. If you're willing to part with any of these cuties please let me know. Thanks in advance!
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Hello hello! grail.jpg

Last Friday I came back from holidays in Rome, Italy, and I made a photostory of it! Would love to show you!
Hope you like it, I did one before from Curacao 2015 as well, and it turned out it was a success! That's why I started a page 'Holidays with Zigzagoon' on my weebly account for it, and from now on I'll take my little friend on every holiday to make a photostory of it.

Please let me know what you think of it, or maybe any hints for next time, what you like to see more (next holiday isnt scheduled yet, but might be Lisbon to family, Turkey for work, Budapest or Prague for holidays, don't know yet which one will come first.)

There we go! >>>

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Me: ***deep breath*** Finally, we are here at the top!
Zig: Were we just down there?
​Me: Yes, we did it, congrats little friend! I'll miss you Rome!

That's about it, hope you liked it! Please let me know ;3

Also, I have lots of new sales soon, if you're looking for a specific Pokémon, please comment here: http://linameerun.livejournal.com/3609.html

Comment which pokemon you want to be tagged for, and I will tag you!
Also, hereby my sales plug:

I am willing to do trades for anything in my want list:

Thanks for looking, have a nice day!

Top Pom
11 April 2016 @ 04:35 pm
Is there anyone doing pick ups for the Kororin friends sylveon, umbreon and espeon editions ?

I haven't seen any posts around here about them and I can't find any posts on them on eBay or other shopping sites besides poke vault

Hopefully I haven't missed out
11 April 2016 @ 05:03 pm

I've been making my way around pkmncollectors and I really love the community!
Pictures under the cut!

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11 April 2016 @ 05:16 pm
pokebruin and I got an awesome package today filled with pokedolls! Some went into our private collection and some will be up for sale (not here cuz I don't gots sales permissions ;-;)

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Took them out and put them with the rest of our pokedolls...

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Thank you for reading! Hope everyone had a wonderful spring break!
Hey everyone :D ~ Hope you are all fine! I love seeing all the SSS gets here - sooooo exciting! ^__^ I´m still waiting to get mine, I´m so excited to get it, I just can´t wait anymore! xD Aside from this, I got some other little gets and one really awesome! It´s my first get from RedBubble! I just had to try this site out and I´m super happy with what I got!

Also I´m open for more commissions for aceo cards since I have a lot of freetime and just love making them! I also wanna thank everyone who ever took commissions from me! <3 For that, I´m doing a contest and the winners get a nice package with various artworks of their favourite pokemon!

Click the cuts to see more :)

(Mods: If this isn´t allowed please let me know and I will delete or change it! Thanks! ^^)
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BIG art post with contest!Collapse )

This was a big post! >_< Thank you for reading everyone + have a great week!
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11 April 2016 @ 06:10 pm
I have several items that I need for my Eevee collection, if you happen to have one of theese for sale, please let me know! Big thanks to all of you!

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I am super excited to finally post my gifts from bearprince! As soon as I saw that cute little Haunter drawing on the package, I knew I was going to love whatever was inside. It was so sweet of them to want to make this gift special for their SSS partner, and they were indeed successful!

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11 April 2016 @ 08:05 pm
A quick reminder that my auction for custom Feraligatr and Suicune sculptures ends in just over 24 hours.
Here's a link in case you missed it :) http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/21050800.html?view=657263536#t657263536

And as a quick want I'm looking for Kecleon things, I can't find any! I'm not interested in cards or pages but I'd be interested in figures or charms and plush if the price is right :)
11 April 2016 @ 08:26 pm
hey all! my most recent lion buys are both here now, so here they are!
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thats all for now, folks!
and of course, sales and wants! (ALSO made myself a new sales banner!!)

,ufghk.png | WANTS
Nina Needless
11 April 2016 @ 08:43 pm

At first: I come back to all people tomorrow/Wednesday (for the flat sales). I'm sorry, I was very busy the last days (my birthday etc.).
Today I have a clearance sale. I don't wanna keep this stuff anymore ^^ I've set an OBO on some things because I don't know the excact price for the items xD You can negotiate a bit with me about the prices, but don't be mad if I don't wanna accept your price :p


Rules and sales under the cut.
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Thanks for reading!
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Justice for all
11 April 2016 @ 08:56 pm
Hey everyone, a while ago I came to you all to help me complete a full pokedex of TCG cards, and I got some crazy great help. <3

Now I only need three more cards! :O Again, it doesn't matter which card it is, it simply has to be in a good condition.

- Archeops (Main priority!)
- Gastrodon, blue version. (I have the pink one but I want a blue one to complete alternate forms too)
- Umbreon (Lower priority, I technically already have one, but it's part of a set of all eeveelutions and I don't want to split that up)

The cheapest I can find on ebay for an archeops card is 3.41$ shipped, so I'm looking for people who can beat that price. :3 Shipping is to Belgium.

11 April 2016 @ 10:06 pm
It's finally time! My first ever Secret Spring Swap arrived on Thursday night, straight through the letterbox, smooth as you like! I was in a good mood that day as I saw that my own Spring Swap parcel had just been delivered to my partner too :) so the excitement was running high!

So I called Jude over to help me open it. I actually bought Jude from the SSS partner who I gifted to! JUDE STOP CHILLING AND COME OVER HERE.

SSS - pic heavy!Collapse )

And if you read through all of that, thank you! I guess everyone must be getting a little tired of seeing SSS posts on here, but I am still really excited haha xD and thanks again to my wonderful gifter, noctowl :) I really appreciate all the things you gave me! <33