April 13th, 2016

buyee shipping cost for plush?

hey all! i hope im allowed to ask this (if not, i will delete this!)
does anybody know what shipping fees are like for plush via buyee? a grail of mine has appeared on y!j and im DESPERATE to buy it, but the shipping is sort of scaring me! if anyone knows what its like for plush (banpresto ufo, to be a little more specific) please let me know!! thank you so much for reading!
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Late SSS Post

Firstly, I'd like to apologize to my SSS partner. I got my SSS gift a couple of weeks back, though life has been a bit crazy lately so I am only now able to make this post. Check under the cut to see who my partner was and what I got.
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This was my first time participating in the SSS and it was an absolute blast! It was so much fun and I will definitely be taking part in them in the future
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Its Demo Claims Reminder and Sales

I managed to get some of the It's Demo plush on the online store. I have an unclaimed Mascot plush strap and slippers available that will come to me in April. $22 for the straps and $20 for the slippers.

I also can still order the large cushions ($110 each) and the medium cushions ($32 each).
I would like to order them in a group order since I already have several boxes from Its Demo coming.

Since I already paid for them I will ask to be sent the payment for them. When they arrive at the end of April I will ship them to you. :)

I have one Flareon Kororin plush for sale too. :) $20+shipping...
Also I am selling a ton of other things!! Please help me clear out these from my closet...! My sales is here http://gaarasyami.livejournal.com/37398.html or you can click on the photo! :)

Birthday/custom plush gets !!! ⭐️

Hello pkmncollectors! ❤️
Yesterday was my 20th birthday! I just wanted to show y'all some of my most recent gets (2 custom plushies!) and a FLAAFFILICIOUS cake....

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I hope you enjoyed it! ❤️

P.S. I am looking for a Houndour Pokedoll & a Japanese minky Ho-Oh Pokedoll. Let me know if you have one for sale.
Annnd here are my updated trades!

Sales! I Need That Sleepy Bulbasaur! And Some Gets!!!

Hello everybody!
In lieu of the US release of the Sleepy Bulbasaur, I am opening some commissions slots, and I have some TCG for sale. I'm hoping to raise about $50 or so to get one of those guys XD

Info under the cut~

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That's all for now! :D

I'll probably be posting some SUPER EXCITING gets in 3-4 weeks, if all goes well *fingers crossed*. I have some unique customs on the way, a pokédoll I've wanted for over a year, and my first package from FromJapan (Middlemanned by a good friend on here because my account crashed eleven hours before the auction ended)! I'm SO excited to share these with you when they all arrive!
Let's hope it isn't too long!
Until next time!

~ Ebon
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Gets and sales update!

Hello! I recently made some cool gets and exciting trades! Also updated my sales with some more things since I had time to take more pictures. There's a lot of cool merch out right now that I'd love to get. Not to mention so many video games. I'll put some preview pictures under the cut :)

Was excited to find a lot that included the Walky Cyndaquil towel! <3 among a bunch of other random Cyndaquil things. I ended up with tons of extra items so those are in my sales post now too.

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Mod Post - The Differences Between Group Buys, Claims, and Group Auctions

Hi everyone! Your friendly neighborhood mod SK here to clear up some confusion that’s been going around lately. I’m here to talk about the difference between the rules regarding Group Buys, and the rules regarding what is frequently known as Claims. I'll also touch on Group Auctions.

** As a note, in order to do ANY of these, you need sales permission. Only exception is as a co-host (threads/spreadsheets ONLY) in Group Auctions, in which you only need trade permission. **

A Group Buy goes as follows:

1.)    Everyone pays the EXACT PRICE of the item they are buying. If there’s a lot with a BIN (buy it now), the organizer divides the total cost EVENLY amongst the items. (In certain cases where the items are of varying values, the organizer can weight the items with AT MOST two different prices. The total must still equal the EXACT LOT TOTAL.)
2.)    Everyone splits the shipping cost to the host. This may be weighted based on who bought more items or who bought heavier items, but always adds up to the total shipping cost.
3.)    Everyone pays for shipping from the host to them.

That is a Group Buy. There is no profit in Group Buys. The goal is to pitch in together to get items for a reasonable price.

A Claims post (which includes most pickups, as well) goes as follows:

1.)    The organizer/seller will put up a post announcing the items they are offering claims on and what the prices are.
2.)    The organizer/seller acquires the items themselves. NO CUSTOMER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HELPING WITH THESE COSTS. Those costs MUST be factored into the seller’s item cost when they put up the post.
3.)    The customer pays for the item and shipping from the organizer/seller to them. A claims post payment will only ever be: ITEM COST (as stated on the post) + SHIPPING TO THE CUSTOMER + PP FEES

The organizer/seller may NOT:

1.)    Take payment for international shipping/transit costs/anything else that was needed in order to acquire the items.
2.)    Charge more for shipping to the customer because the international shipping was more expensive than they expected.
3.)    Add any other non-disclosed fees.


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Lastly, we have Group Auctions.

For a Group Auction:

Group Auctions are where the community, lead by one or two organizers, go in on an auction lot together. GA's are NOT FOR PROFIT, and you must have a level of sales/trade permission before acting as an organizer for one. (Sales permission, as well as prior experience working on a GA, is necessary to bid/ship, and trade permission is necessary to act as a co-host organizing the threads/spreadsheets. Work as a co-host doing threads for a GA if you've never had experience.)

PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS BEFORE RUNNING A GA. If you are considering running a GA anytime in the future, please be sure that you A.) meet all the requirements, B.) are familiar with all of the rules, and if there is anything you don’t understand, ASK A MOD. While we are happy to assist during the GA, it is much easier for everyone if mistakes can be avoided up front!

Please remember that all community rules apply, including the no-sniping rule. Plan your end times accordingly! (If you are not familiar with this rule, please read up here.)

If you have any questions regarding Group Buys, Claims/Pickups, or Group Auctions, please feel free to ask me in the comments or as a private message. You can also message me on Twitter @littlescarfgirl.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day everyone! <3

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April 2016 Customs Post: Patch commissions and more!

Hi all! I've been super busy (and sick D:) this year, which subsequently broke my monthly commission routine. Now I'm hoping to ease back into the groove with some embroidered Shuffle patch commissions (and possibly other types of patches!)

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Sales permission was grandfathered in at the beginning of the community.
Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/flag/

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Also, I'm selling the prototypes for my Umbreon & Espeon hand towel & washcloth sets at a discounted price than what I normally sell them for:

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And as always, I have a variety of handmade goodies in the Pokemon section of my Etsy shop, including my regular run of Umbreon & Espeon towels, MissingNo. plushies, OOAK Umbreon tote bags, embroidered plushie eyes, and embroidered ornaments!

Current Patch Orders (to be processed in order of payment received)
linameerun - Zigzagoon
asgalang - Pikachu & Bulbasaur
glitterzookas - Froslass, Gardevoir, Jirachi, Mareep, Drifloon w/ feet
holycrapitskyle - Shiny Mega Gengar
chronidu - Aerodactyl skeleton sprite + custom colored Greninja, Swoobat, Sylveon, Hawlucha, Noivern

starrypurrloin - 27 patch order

Small sales update!

Hey guys!
I hope all is going well with everyone here. :)
This is just a sales plug as recent events have lead me to having to need to get sales going actively again! <3

Sneak peeks of updates!
(Click anything to get transported!)


Also to make this "not just a boring sales post, here's a video I uploaded a little while back!
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gets from fj and the comm!

Today, I woke up to a big box in front of my bedroom.

I was doozy so I couldn't remember what exactly in in that big box. But it did woke my brain up so I gleefully open the box...
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Before I close, I have some questions :
Are setteis (reference pictures for anime, I think? CMIIW) one of a kind? I found a pic of Oshawott's settei and I'm kinda jelly right now.
Can you shop at rakuten jp with a foreign credit card?
I recall there was someone doing commision of custom pokedoll tag here at the comm? I can't find the post.

Sales again. Prices lowered and items added

Hey again everyone! Have some extras to get rid of. Please help me out.


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UPDATED 3/13/16
Click the images for bigger photos

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If the mini dice are next to each other, then they are the same pose. Color may vary, but that is more obvious. I have a ton of dice so if you see three together then a gap and one off by itself, then I have 2 different poses of that dice. Make sense? I will even try to help in the price listings as well! So please read the descriptions!
PLEASE specify the color you want and the pose that I have in the description! If you just say the third one on the left, I may mess up your order. So please use my descriptions so I can best serve you! Also, links to the images are very helpful. I am not requiring it, but you will get your items faster if you do so for me!
Also, please do the same in your payment description that you do in the comments. Don't just put 4 pikachu dice. Please specify! This only helps me package more efficiently. If yours is unclear, I will skip you and come back to you last!

These items are all USED. I tried to be as honest as possible. I may have missed something on accident. Please be aware of this. If I noticed damage I will state it!
Colors may vary slightly as they are hard to photograph!

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Amazing Custom Get and Candy Flute Review!

So I'm sure a few of you have seen lureche's post about all the Ekans and Nido stuff I've been sending her. Now it's my turn to show off the amazing custom I got in return for everything. (Warning: photo heavy!)
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And also I haven't seen much posted about the candy flutes, so I thought I'd share some pictures of the one I bought! :) Luckily Pokevault was selling the flutes individually so I didn't have to buy a whole box to get the one I wanted! XD And my guessing for which flute Zygarde 10% would be on was right! :D So here it is! :)

There is, however, one thing I didn't quite realise about the flute when I bought it...
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So overall I would definitely recommend getting one of these flutes! :) Considering there aren't many people selling them, I reckon they'll be hard to come by further down the line. Also they have an awesome selection of Pokemon on them, like Snorlax and Munchlax (which I didn't realise before!). Hopefully the next piece of Zygarde 10% merch they make will be a bit more practical! Come on more kids figures/zukans/pokedolls! XD