April 14th, 2016


A little box in the mail!

So today I got a little cute box in the mail, one I thought had been lost as it had been long overdue and I also lost another big package last month so I figured the bad luck had struck on this one 2 as it just didn't show up untill now.

The other one has been confrimed as lost though so I'm already happy this one did not suffer the same fate!

So who wants to find out what is in it? I know My Tyrunt did anyway ;)

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Also I still have some sales up here :)

I got a Mirage Blastoise

Well here goes my first post to the community! Wish me luck!

I recently through someone, was able to get my hands on my first mirage pokemon plush, and it happens to be a Blastoise!

I absolutely adore him already, and he was bigger than I expected him to be!

The fascinations with mirages is amazing. I have seen various post of some great gets of Mirage pokemon.
I actually was recently outbid for a Lapras the other day, bummed me out a lot, but made me realize how hard they are to get and find, it's amazing!

I am not sure how many of the Mirage Blastoise there are, but I'm glad I got mine.

I'm very proud of him at the moment, and hope to only add to the collection of Mirage's.

happy kotone

Back From Japan Sales

I got back from Japan not too long ago from a business trip and brought a few extra things home!


Ditto plush $20 each (squirtle and bulbasaur sold)
Ditto Mascots $15 each
Kimono Pikachu $35 each
Kyoto Exclusive Pikachu SOLD

I have multiples of the keychains and Kimono pikachus so no worries if someone snags one before you!

shipping starts at $2.50 for the dittos and about $3.10 for the Kimono pikachus (without tag protection) in a mailer.

-I ship worldwide and go to the post office on most weekdays!
-All items are brand new with hang tag directly from the Pokemon Center in Kyoto
-I am not responsible for any lost packages if you don't buy tracking/insurance.
-I do have a hypoallergenic dog, but he doesn't go around any of my items
-Haggling is okay within reason.
-These items have been crossposted.
-First to commit gets the item. No exceptions! (Except when I have multiples! Then everyone is happy :D)
-I was granted sales permission on pkmncollectors from denkimouse on November 23, 2013 [feedback]

Thanks for looking! :)

Reminder for my photo contest! :3 Get FREE art!

Hello! Just a short reminder that my photo contest ends in 3 days! Last day for posting your photo is this sunday! There aren't many participants as yet so take your chance! :3

***     ***      ***      ***      ***      ***      ***     ***
Everyone who participate will get a surprisebag of a bunch of free art from me! If you are under the first 3 winners, you will get also an aceo card, canvas painting OR bigger colored drawing/painting!
- There will be no costs for you, it's 100% free! -
What you have to do is taking a photo of your favourite pokemon(s) plushies/figures in a nice spring theme!
***     ***       ***     ***    ***     ***     ***      ***

Here is the link to the original post and the contest with all infos:

I hope this contest will get many participants and will be a lot of fun! :3 Thx for reading all! :D

50 French Booster Pack Opening Livestream!

Today my incredibly awesome package from squeakaree arrived!

The main thing is 50 French booster packs! :D Which I will be opening on Livestream in a few minutes. There's one Unleashed pack, a few from Triumphant, Undaunted, and Breakpoint, and 25 from Breakthrough. From Breakpoint I'm really hoping for Espeon and Gyarados cards and from Breakthrough, I'm hoping to get as many of the Hound cards as I can. XD!

I also got this binder which I never saw in the US but she was able to find in Canada. YAY MEGA HOUNDOOM! :D

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Livestream Link As usual, my dogs will probably make an appearance at some point. My livestreams are silent, so don't worry about your sound. I will be typing in the chatroom as "maitaidelight" or "risha." ***If it isn't silent...please let me know. I'm using a different computer than I usually do and I think I fixed the settings. oO"***

I will edit this text once the Livestream starts. Which should be around 4:25pm Eastern Time. (about 10 minutes after original post)Livestream is over!

Update: You can see pics of some of my notable pulls on Twitter - Link The stream started off fun with some great pulls and then ended badly with disappointing Breakthrough packs with no EX Hounds. I did pull the non-RH Spirit Link. I didn't get any Mewtwo cards either. I got 4 Glalie...which I don't collect. *sigh* Oh well! I'm going to be working on sorting cards and I might post some lists later /update

All duplicates will be available for trade/sale after the livestream so if you see something you're interested in or know of something from these sets that you might like, leave a comment here and I'll let you know if I get anything you're looking for. ^^ The TCGO codes from Breakpoint and Breakthrough will also be available.


English TCG cards I have for trade/sale - Link I still need to add promos and deck cards. And I'm still working on sorting and listing non-English cards. If you're interested in any of the cards on the list, please let me know. ^^ My wants lists can be found by browsing my LJ user page. I'm mostly interested in any Houndoom/Houndour (I have all the English ones so it'd have to be in another language), Eeveelution, Mew, Growlithe/Arcanine, Vulpix/Ninetales, Meowth/Persian, Gastly/Haunter/Gengar, or any other canine, feline, rodent (especially squirrel), ghost, or bird Pokemon cards I'm missing.

I've been kind of holding off on trading for Generations cards, but I'm kinda of thinking I'd like to get the Eeveelutions I'm missing - Vaporeon, Leafeon, and Jolteon.


Other Wants -

I'm looking for anything with Zygarde 10%. I just recently started this collection and it's quickly becoming one of my faves. Right now, I only have one figure and the card from XY10 and another figure claimed in a GB.

I'm also looking for any Houndoom or Houndour items I don't already have. ^^

Still need Rayquaza from here.

Still need Rayquaza, Altaria, and Slowbro from here.

Still need Sableye and Slowbro from here.

And any singles of the Poncho Pika sleeves (or any TCG single sleeves really. lol).

I'm still looking for Houndoom EX, FA, and Spirit Link cards in Italian, Spanish, French and maybe German German is kind of on hold since I'm getting booster packs for those (I have the regular EX and the Spirit Link in German already already). I also have the non-RH Spirit Link in French. Also, I need Houndoom FA and Mega Houndoom EX and FA in Korean.

And, older wants, I'm still looking for a Japanese Reviving Legends L3 Reverse/Mirror Holo Houndoom card, Topps Foil Houndour and Houndour sticker cards, and any of the Eeveelution cards from the French McDonald's set that released with Dark Explorers cards.


~ Risha

Collection update!

Hello everyone! It's been some time since I've shared my vappies, and since I've gotten some really cute recent gets, I figured I'd show them off!

One of my favorite new gets is my custom vaporeon OC figure, in the bottom left hand corner :) She was given to me as a gift for my birthday back in January and I couldn't be more delighted with her. She has so much personality!

I may come back with a more detailed post soon regarding my plushes, but that may have to wait until a few more substantial gets.

Hope you like them! :3

Looking to buy TCG Trainer cards!

Hey everyone,

as some of you might know, I am a TCG fan, collector and player. That's why I'm looking to buy some TCG Trainer cards. Sorry if I don't talk that much in my posts, but I am not one who likes to talk that much in real life, too. Anyway, I'm looking for Trainer cards from the expansion Black & White onward, especially cards from XY-on. If you have any old prints of those cards (e.g. the card "VS Seeker", a high want on my side, was first printed in EX FireRed & LeafGreen and Supreme Victors, but it now got reprinted in XY Phantom Forces), feel free to offer them to me, too! I will not set a price for the cards here, as they are mostly influenced by the card itself, so please make me an offer for your cards!
If you also own either Shaymin EX from the XY Roaring Skies expansion, I also am on the watchout for that one!

EDIT: The Trainer cards I'm mainly looking for are:
Hard Charm
Muscle Band
Ultra Ball
Focus Sash
Super Scoop Up
Battle Compressor
Robo Substitute
VS Seeker
Acro Bike
Rare Candy
All Team Aqua/Magma cards
Mega Turbo
Trainers' Mail
Level Ball
Assault Vest
Float Stone
Bursting Balloon
Fighting Fury Belt
Max Elixir
Max Potion
Puzzle of Time
Floral Crown
Shadow Circle
Rough Seas
Parallel City
Reverse Valley
Professor Sycamore

Also, I didn't know that Shaymin EX went for that much and would prefer to buy it very cheap if someone is so kind to sell it for up to $20 shipped to Germany. I know it's not that much, but I can't afford to buy one otherwise.

Thank you for your time
pokemon ♚ yes!

SSS gets!!

Hello all! This is a little late in coming, I'M SO SORRY, but I got my SSS gifts in the mail last week and I am SO EXCITED to finally have the time to show everyone!! I got such great gifts!!!


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That's it for this guy's SSS gets! I'm SO happy with all my gifts, and I want to thank salamence646 again for giving me such lovely presents, they really made my day! Thanks again!!! ;v;

Umbreon, Espeon

Last Call for Chicagoland Pkmcollectors Pokemeet

Hello everyone! Time has passed rather quickly for me, and the Chicagoland pkmcollectors pokemeet is almost here! If you plan on attending please try and let me know no later then tomorrow, Friday the 15th. We will be meeting at Mitsuwa Japanese Marketplace on Sunday April 17th, at noon. I will be bringing items to sell to those who come, so bring your cash or have a way to use paypal ready! I will be bringing items I do not have yet up in my store, so you guys get first pick! Everyone is welcome to bring items to sell as well! Swap meet time! We currently have 8 people who are confirmed to come (includes myself and my SO) and I am excited to meet you all. It honestly has had a bigger turnout then I expected! I will be wearing the items below so those coming know what to look for:

what wearing sunday.jpg
Orange fox hat stand out yes? XD

PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING CASH FOR THE RESTAURANTS. THEY DO NOT TAKE CREDIT CARDS. They used to have an ATM, but last I remember, it was removed, and I do not know where you could go to get money. Depending on what you try, most meals are about 10-12. My favorite is the Udon Resturant, and it has been newly redone with a make your own udon bowl format and you can see them cook it as you go through the line. Rather neat. =) The grocery and bookstore do take credit cards. If you plan on coming and have not yet commented and/or need more information about the event, please see my original post for details.

Pkmcollectors pokemeet

And of course, how can I end a post without a sales plug? ^_-

Blues Adoption House

tons of TCG gets + a want!

hey guys! my collection is building up slowly, and I just got a package in from a good friend of mine from a tcg trade we did~

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now for the want! I don't usually go out of my way to hunt down trettas, but I saw that they released a Pokemon Green specific Venusaur tretta and I totally need it..

I'm hoping to spend around $10 shipped on it, if anyone has it.. I really don't want to use a middleman site for it right now since I know the fees and all will be too much on me and I really shouldn't be buying anything because of my move but I want this thing >_> thanks guys!

LF Turtwig Pokedoll!

Hey guys, kinda bummed right now because the Turtwig pokedoll I've been watching all week on eBay got sniped at the last second. ;3; I thought I might as well try the comm before I give up looking for one.

The pokedoll on eBay was pretty cheap, so I'm looking for one around that price range. I don't care about tags as long as the plush is in ok condition (no stains, rips, etc.) Also I prefer to buy from a seller in the U.S.

(picture from the PokePlushProject on DeviantART)