April 16th, 2016

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Pokemon Center Pick Ups for April 23rd and April 29th Goods

Hey, guys.
I'll be doing a pick up for the April 23rd Lugia and Ho-Oh goods, as well as the super cute PokeNeco Dolce goods that are hitting stores on the 29th. I can also pick up any other good you want. If you don't see it on my list, please send me a picture and I'll give you a price.

Click here for a list with prices and photos.

Also I have a lot of items in my personal sales currently. Click on the photo below to see all the goods!

Sales permission granted by: areica96

-I ship from Japan.
-Please express clear commitment to secure a slot.
-I can also combine items with items from my own personal sales http://gaarasyami.livejournal.com/37398.html

-Please pay for items quickly after I send you the final quote!
Feedback :http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/gaarasyami/
Prices are in USD. I accept paypal.
Please pay in 24 hours.
Please let me know if you want tracking added. Insurance cannot be added to airmail. You have to pay for EMS express shipping to get tracking and insurance.
I will ship within 3-5 days of payment. I will have to ship on the weekend because of my work hours.
Prices stated do not include shipping. Please ask for a shipping quote.
Shipping is from Japan. I will ship international!
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*FULL*Clear Blue Special Edition Puni-Chan pre-orders

Hello everyone,

EDIT:  Alright, now it's full for sure :D

I will be able to pick few of these for you ^o^

Price for each is $20 + $1.7 shipping worldwide!
You can also pick it with the magazine and it'll be $22 + $3.5 shipping worldwide!
I will have them in hand within about a month or so!

also tagging stalkingsuicune and diamondphantom - you may be interested  : D

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Thanks for looking, if you have any questions - feel free to ask!
Have a great weekend ^-^

Which service is the best to order from Y!J?

Hi again,

I feel like I'm posting way more often than I should, but I need to get this one answered quickly. Basically, I found a nice auction on Y!J while researching and want to buy it now.

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The problem is that I never bought this way before (I am always afraid of high shipping costs as I live in Germany, but this auction is really cheap at the moment). There are so many services out there where I could order from Y!J, like SMJ, FromJapan, Buyee etc. I don't know which one has the lowest price when it comes to shipping, service fees or which one ships quickest, so I ask you for help!
Could anyone recommend a specific service to bid on this auction?

EDIT: Does anyone know how much those plushies weigh? I want to calculate the shipping costs more exact ^^

Thank you all for your help
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New Gets, Question, and Website update!

Hi all! First of all, how do you all display your flats and more specifically stickers and one page cut outs? Please comment photos or any ideas you have!
Next, I have had quite a few gets lately and expecting more so I went ahead and updated my collection site, so please feel free to check it out! It's mainly hydreigon line gets and copper metal figures since that's what I collect, but my wants list is there too so feel free to hit me up if you have sales permission and need to get rid of these items. I also don't mind people using my pictures for their wants list or searches so go ahead! Well, thats all for this short post, so I'll be going now lol. Just click the banner to transport to my collection site! :)


Wanting a Mew!

I know my last post said that the mini laying Mew was going to be my last plush... but that was before a member told me of this little guy. I originally thought I was buying it when I purchased my other one, but the size was a little different when it arrived lol. I searched the DX plush online and couldn't find any pics on the internet so I decided that I must have completely lost it, but I guess not! Anyway, 20-30 shipped range would be ideal but please comment if you're selling one <3

Keychain Plush Cleaning Questions!

 Hey guys! I have a few old plush Pokemon keychains that have seen better days, and some new ones I would love to use but am afraid of them getting dirty like the ones I had as a kid. They are all made of the same material (I don't know the name for it though..? Sorry if it's super obvious or something I should know aha.) I've tried soap and water and it doesn't seem to make enough of a difference. :/ Anywho, pics and questions/specifics under the cut!! (text/image heavy!)

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Thanks for any/all help! 
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Stampy Stamp Auctions

Hello Everyone ^o^

I bought a lot of retsuden stamps, and since I know little to nothing about them, the extras are all up for auction. I also have a Deoxys Pokedoll charm for auction as well!

Here's a little preview ^^

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Thanks for looking! If you have any questions or would like to see more pictures, feel free to ask ^v^

Please wait until this sentence is crossed out before bidding or commenting. Have at it!
Suicune Jump

Gets Bomb Dropping, Prepare Yourselves

And here it is. It's going to be long, and a lot of pictures, so prepare yourself! It's your only warning.

Firstly we'll start off with with some
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Next package to arrive to me was
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Of course it wouldn't be a real update without any Suicune stuff now would it?
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One more adventure to go on.
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Of course that wasn't everything I got. Some things I forgot to take pictures of, so here's everything all nicely arranged on my shelf.
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And that is the end of the gets. I probably shouldn't have waited so long because this took waaaaay too long to type up and edit pictures to be manageable in size.

Here are some bonus silly pictures I took. That's all for now.
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The new mouse in town!

Gets+Error Cards+updated Sales

I have been busy writing papers and doing end of the semster type stuff.  Fun...not really.  XD  But it hasn't stopped the gets!  Don't worry....I haven't stopped making figures either.  I have 3 ready to have their pictures taken.  XD

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Updated my sales with the new Generation cards and two cool keychains if you look inside that you will see a Bulbasaur or Chamander.  Of course, a new special!  Buy one figures/stampers, get one free!

Gets, small collection update and a heads up to UK members :)

My new years resolution to be much more active is working! I thought I would share what I've gotten since the new year (thanks to a few members!!) and what my collection of Bulbasaur plushies looks like now! Also a few things for UK members to look out for!!

Below is image heavy :)
(Apologies for the layout, I couldn't get anything to work :( )

First off is this little trinket box.
I got this in Wales in a small comic shop, inside it was the Sylveon hair bobble. I don't really know anything about it or if it's authentic but it was very cheap and cute so I picked it up. If anyone has any information surrounding it I'd be happy to hear!


My lovely boyfriend saw these on Ebay whilst looking for Bulbasaurs and bought them for Valentines day for me!! I sew in my spare time so they are very fitting to have in my collection. I have always wanted a Vulpix plush and she is one of the nicest plush I own. I really love the set!

I participated in gaarasyami 's it's demo pick ups (thank you so so so much!!) because I fell in love with the little glass jar! I shared out the cookies with my boyfriend and brother who are always up for eating!! I can't get over how cute the items are! They are some of my most favourite items!!


I went to a comic convention in Birmingham last month and picked up these lovely treats. The print me and my boyfriend agreed would be put in a frame in a toilet or bathroom when we have our own place. The little pokemon tin will sit in our future kitchen!

I preordered the All star starters from AmiAmi, I was buying bulbasaur anyways so I thought I would buy the others. I don't have a nice plush of Squirtle and my charmander from my childhood is some knock off plush I bought from skegness a long with other fake pokemon merch when I was 9. These plush are really cute and I must say that the squirtle is probably my favourite of the three!! (sorry bulbs ;A;)
I've been searching for this bulbasaur for a long time and I found him on ebay quite cheap so I swooped in a bought him. I love how sturdy he is! (I don't know his name, I want to call him the X and Y release but not sure)

I got these two bulbs from snowflaika (thank you so much for holding these for me!!) these were on my wishlist and I'm so happy to have them. The fuzzy tomy plush reminds me of an elderly man and I love it!

I have the 2004 release bulbasaur pokedoll already but when I saw this one I had to have it! Thank you to kendall4356 I truly love him!!

This little goofball makes my heart absolutely melt! Thank you kitzune for doing the pick ups! When I got him I melted and even my brother was quite taken by him. I'm tempted to get the bigger version as well so I can have more to my collection!

IMG_3667.JPGIMG_3662 (1).JPG

Pokemon cards!!! I love the Kyun designs and have little side collections of cards and felt a cute little mini folder was a good purchase. I missed out on the celebi generations box so remembered to preorder jirachi (i ended up preordering 2 but shh) I also bought the Charizard generations box just because I love the mix of cards within the packs!


Last but by no means least! The 1:1 20th anniversary Japanese Pokemon Centre Bulbasaur. I managed to find a UK middleman to collect this for me (pokemoncentreloot) and got it at a better deal then anywhere else. I tried to put myself off buying him however I received a slight bonus pay (late overtime payments) and impulse bought him. I didn't regret it at all and my boyfriend picked him up from the post office and when he picked me up from work, this is what greeted me! His name is dimples because of the cute dimples under his chin! He's super soft and I recommend that if you want him to get him as he is worth it!

That's the end of my little gets! :)


This is what my little bulbasaur family looks like (I am missing a bootlegged plush from this but he's okay about it)

Bulbasaur plushies are the main things that I do collect! I really love the colours of all the plushies.

[Uk Members!!]

Primark are selling packs of 3 pokemon socks for £2.50! I had to get mine off Ebay after failing to find any in the Leicester area! However I know that Sheffield and up North had some!

Also I went into GAME today and they are running a promo that if you buy a pokemon item you get this Pikachu card for free! I bought a Charizard generations box as it was the last one, I ideally wanted the Celebi set but it seems I live in an area where many people buy them for ebay purposes only.

Generation boxes - I stumbled across a mew box in a Waterstones so if you're struggling to find generation boxes afer preorders close then check Waterstones :)

Just thought it was worth giving a shout out for any UK members. I know how hard it is to find things here.

Thank you guys for reading! Hope you all have a lovely night!