April 18th, 2016

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Pokemon Movie Scripts

Does anyone collect Pokemon movie scripts?

If so, could you share some photos of one and describe its history, format, etc? I'm curious to learn what kinds of Pokemon scripts have been produced over the years and how they've become a part of your collection. Thanks :)
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First wants .. 1st Gen !

Hi , how are you all :)
As i started the collecting .. i contacted some memebers and am learning many things about this community and pokemon figures too..

As i mintioned in older post i am taking the long way as i will start with Kanto and johto 1st Gen and 2nd gen .. and i started first with the starters then the mega  charizards .. and i was so happy first then i purchased the 2nd evo for some grass starters and i was surprised from the sizes ..
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so I decided to make it more organized and .. concentrated ! yes i need to concentrate and think because i have family, i have to think about them and not spend my money carelssley .. :)

so now i am focusing on 1st Gen ..

and am already contacting some of nice memebers (and they are really helping me) and some sugested to make this post in order for me to know more about the figures even if i did not find or purchase .. so this is my first want list

Note that i do not collect all pokeom .. only the pokemon i used in my game (personal issues lol ) and relevant to my decoration

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now i tried checking how some of memebers writing there wants post .. but i wanted to keep it simple ..
I cant give offers coz i am not familier with prices .. so i trust that you will give me fair price and i will check ...
- Amazon or ebay searching... some i found but the prices are so high and high shipping cost and i found in the community many were selling them in less and logic price (but because my luck is so bad i was late and all sold)

so if you have something related to above feel free to show me (please take clear photos for them in one picture to check sizes )

Add me as friend . send me a message .. comment .. do anything  :) even if you do not have i will appreceate your chitchat and advices

Note : It was hard to use paypal in Oman but i did something with the bank i think i can use it soon .. and i already purchased from some memebers by westren union

Thank you ! , have a nice day

Looking to buy!

Hi! Posting from my phone so I hope this turns out okay...these are not my photos by the way, they're just to show the product I'm looking to buy!

So I collect Hydreigon line items and at the top of my list are these two figures which are the last "figures" I need!

Hydreigon Clipping figure

Hydreigon Keshipoke figure

Also looking for any of the keychains/charms like the dot Sprite set and the charm set.

Let me know if you have any of these for sale!! Interested in anything Hydreigon line that I don't have, which here is my website that has my wants list/ collection! Be sure to visit!
(I usually have a banner but I'm not around my computer so yeah...lol)


Lots of Gets!

I've gotten some pretty cool things over the last month or two that I wanted to share! My cameria is MIA at the moment so excuse the kinda bad phone pics, lol.

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I've updated my sales with a few new items, including some kuji stuff I don't need. Check it out here:

For anyone involved in the Clefairy Party GA: Just wanted to say thank you all for getting your payments in on time!! We really appreciate it and your participation. Just to reiterate, the lot will probably take a few weeks to get in, and I will be making a new post with payment 2 details when everything is ready.

Groudon Pokedoll Help

Hi guys (o^―^o)ノ

I was wondering if anyone could help me with some info on this Groudon pokedoll?
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The photo is so blurry its so hard to see the tags ; n ;
I'm not sure of the correct year of the official tag just in case hes a bootie, i know to look at the pokeball icon and the front 'Pokedoll' letters.
So i was wondering if someone who ownes a legit Groudon pokedoll help me pretty please? :3

thanks guys ( ´ ▽ ` )

Looking to buy Pokemon TCG code cards

Hi! I hope this post isn't breaking any rules, I looked at the rules to be sure, but if I'm doing anything wrong, feel free to tell me and I'll take this post down.

I just recently started playing the Pokemon trading card game online again for the first time since 2013 or so, and I'm trying to build some decks in the game. I am looking to buy unused physical code cards. I'm not looking for booster packs in game or codes typed up and scanned, as from what I've gathered that's against the game's TOS.

So, if anybody has unused Pokemon TCG code cards that they're not going to use, I'm willing to pay around $0.25 USD per code plus shipping to California. I may pay more or a little bit less depending on the types of codes (for some BW era codes I can pay more).

So if you have unused code cards you're willing to sell and you have sales permission, I'm interested.

Thank you for taking your time to read this post, and happy collecting!

Edit: I'm still waiting for Paypal to stop being slow and transfer the darn money put in it already over two days later, but I promise that I'll get back to everybody once that happens. Assuming Paypal completes the transfer within the next 10 years.

Edit 2: Transfer went through! I can start replying now!
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XY&Z 3D Puzzle figures pre-order! :o

Hello everyone,

Finally image for upcoming puzzle figures has been released so I'm ready to take some pre-orders on them!
Check the info below and click the cut for big-res pic and line-up ^-^

There's 8 types in total but as you can see there's 10 Pokemon shown on the pic... so my guess is that small Pokes as Eevee, Puni-Chan, Pikachu and Dedenne will be together in one blind package, for example Puni-Chan with Dedenne, or Pikachu and Eevee (I don't know the real combination at this moment).
Because of that I'll take pre-orders on them separately and then if you wanted Puni-Chan for example you'll get Puni-Chan + any other Pokemon there's with him (Pikachu, Eevee or Dedenne), hope that make sense, of course you'll pay $5 as for the single figure but you'll get two!

Each figure is $5 except for Zygarde 10% which is $6.
I'll be ordering at least two boxes of these (depending on claims)
Release date is May 31th, I'll get them shipped by airmail so I should have them in hand within about 2 weeks from that date - MID JUNE!

I don't know yet how big these are, my guess is at least 5cm, or even bigger (except for small Pokemon of course).

As always shipping worldwide starts from $1.7


I'm tagging few people who might be interested in these:
stalkingsuicune - Puni-Chan
manectric - Ash's Greninja
diamondphantom - Puni-Chan
clicky797 - Zygarde 10%
absol - Zygarde 10%
satoshierika - Ash's Greninja
ssjvap - Zygarde 10%


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Claims and lineup:

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And I have info for everyone who participated in my previous pre-orders:

Choco-eggs - boxes with these has been shipped to me over 20 days ago so I'm expecting them to arrive THIS WEEK. Or on the next Monday in the worst case. As soon as I'll get them in hands I'll make a post with totals. Sorry for the wait everyone! >.<

Keychain figures - These has been shipped to me a week ago by airmail so they should arrive this week as well, possibly even tomorrow!

Special edition blue Puni-Chan - these has been shipped to me today, so they should arrive within about 3-4 weeks ^-^

Thanks for looking guys! If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Looking for anything Totodile!

Hi there! ^.^
I hope you've all been well!

My Totodile collection is growing and growing, but I'm still missing a lot!!

Please feel free to comment below if you have anything Totodile.
I will definitely get back to you!

Whether it's figures, coins, a Feraligatr metal tin, any flats, keychains, TCG... PLEASE OFFER ANYTHING! ^___^

Have a wonderful day/evening!!!

Hello Pokemon Lovers! My First Post To The PKMNcollectors group ^-^

Hi there!

New to Livejournal, and this group, so I thought I should introduce myself!

I've loved pokemon ever since I was little, grew up along side it as I am sure most of you did as well. I was heavily into the TCG portion of the franchise. My first card was pikachu 1st Edition Red Cheek Shadowless, which I still have to this day. I stopped collecting around the EX series and picked back up after Black and White (which I regret to this day because there were some pretty cool cards in the sets I missed). I love anything pikachu, and have a goal of collecting every pikachu card out there. I have a master list of over 600 variations so far, and counting. Needless to say I own maybe an eighth of that XD

I am a moderator on reddit's pokemon trading subreddit (rawrenross there as well), I play the online card game, I use to admin a couple groups on facebook but cut back because it was too much at once. I used to sell on ebay tons but the fees kill me so I stopped selling there for the most part. Mainly came on here to sell when I have permission to do so, as well as buy/trade towards my Want list (which I plan on making a post of soon!)

I draw and paint in my spare time, and I am currently trying my hand at custom painted figures so we will see how that goes! I plan on posting updates as I do them and see if I need to improve as I go along with your feedback.

I am a manager for Starbucks, so I tend to stay up all night and day because I have coffee seeping into the pores of my skin daily. I have the permanent odor of coffee beans I swear. Sadly none of my employees share my love for pokemon. None of them even knew what it was when I tried to talk to them about it. In fact, no one in my town knows what pokemon is. The only card store within 100 miles of me won't carry pokemon because "It's a kid's game" -_-

Ummmm, I'm bad at this XD

Random interests of mine: Anime (Sword Art Online, Erased, Love Live, Ouran High School Host Club, Pokemon) Manga (currently reading one called Akuma No Riddle), Video Games (Playing Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment on PS4 currently) and listening to Musical Soundtracks and OSTs.

I have a wonderful fiance, 2 dogs, and 2 cats. I love them all with all my heart! My fiance doesn't understand nor likes my addiction to pokemon, but she tolerates it which is all I can ask for XD

I live in Ohio but my dream place to end up is Japan. I study Japanese culture and I am currently learning to read Japanese, specifically Kanji. I live by a japanese market district and I am a regular customer there so much that they make sure to have what I want in stock on Thursdays XD

I would love to make friends and get to know people on here!

Sorry for the long text, if you took the time to read it yayyyyy! I look forward to seeing people around this site :)
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