April 21st, 2016


My Major Want List!

Hello! This will be a post of items I am currently looking for with reasonable prices. As of right now I am pretty broke, so this is mostly so I can at least have all of my Wants in one place to link people back to later on down the line. If you have any of these items or know a way to get them please let me know!

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(As far as the coins go, I already have the bottom two as well as the main trio)
Misty Ash

Poke center Pickup Reminder April 23rd

Hey, guys.
Reminder that I'll be doing a pick up for the April 23rd Lugia and Ho-Oh goods. I can also pick up any other good you want. If you don't see it on my list, please send me a picture and I'll give you a price.

Click here for a list with prices and photos.

Also I have a lot of items in my personal sales currently. Click on the photo below to see all the goods!

Sales permission granted by: areica96

-I ship from Japan.
-Please express clear commitment to secure a slot.
-I can also combine items with items from my own personal sales http://gaarasyami.livejournal.com/37398.html

-Please pay for items quickly after I send you the final quote!
Feedback :http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/gaarasyami/
Prices are in USD. I accept paypal.
Please pay in 24 hours.
Please let me know if you want tracking added. Insurance cannot be added to airmail. You have to pay for EMS express shipping to get tracking and insurance.
I will ship within 3-5 days of payment. I will have to ship on the weekend because of my work hours.
Prices stated do not include shipping. Please ask for a shipping quote.
Shipping is from Japan. I will ship international!
  • emolga

New gets! (Pokken Tourney Gengar)

Hello, everyone! A large box came for me the other day, and it was none other than splash's pokken tourney items! I snatched up all the Gengar items, and I was so excited for this to come in!

Choco figure Gengar, sitting on top of the boxes. More pictures under the cut!

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Also, I'm looking for the pikachu oops! goomy plush. I'd like it with the tag, but TTO is okay with me. If you're selling one, please let me know! I'll complete my oops! collection eventually!

Thanks for taking a peek! Happy collecting!

newest Christmas gets.

Big thanks to jasonivich for trading me my latest pin. The 2010 Pokemon Center Christmas pin. With this newest get I have over half of all the Christmas pins. Still looking for the others, I haven't found a new one in a while so getting this one is a big help.

I also recently picked up this adorable Wobbuffet Christmas keychain. He's gonna make a great little ornament.
Brooke and Jed

Spring Cleaning Auction! Everything Starts at 1$ Keshimon, Metal Figures, and Battrio Coins!

I'm running out of room to store all these extra items that I have won from lots that I don't need. I have tons of Battrio Coins that I need gone. I also have some Metal Figures and some rare Keshimon. Tons of variety and all bids start out at 1$.

Here is a preview of some of the items being auctioned:
Battrio Coins

Metal Figures


Here is the link to the auction: http://iamconfused1.livejournal.com/5199.html

The auction will run from April 21st, 2016 to April 28th, 2016 at 9PM. Come check it out and feel free to buy from my straight sales as well.

My sales can be found here: http://iamconfused1.livejournal.com/5037.html
I have Battrio Memory Keys, a Speed Loader, Topps Cards, Mighty Beans, and Pracoro Dice.
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iso buizel

hey everyone! (this may be my first time posting ..? I remember i posted a film cel of raichu once but i got too nervous) i am looking to possibly take your buizel items away if youre selling! i pay immediately over paypal. zip code is 21217. please list if you have any you're looking to clear out, a price, and if you're willing to haggle! thank you

edit: I have this one already, I dont know what its called but i dont need to buy this one since I have it!also i am on and offline here because i'm working but i'll answer everyone

New to the community!

Hi everyone! I've been lurking for a little while but I've never actually posted so...here it goes!

I've loved Pokemon my entire life and no surprise, Pikachu has been my favourite Pokemon since childhood T v T I actually had a dream as a kid to own all of the Pikachu plushies in the world but alas.....that silly dream won't be coming true anytime soon XD I loved Pikachu so much that I would make a huge fuss at the store to get my mom to buy his plush for me

I've played the Pokemon games while growing up and it wasn't until the XY games came out that I've become a competitive trainer ( which I regret o m g ) It took me so long to finish ORAS because I kept soft resetting OTL

The first shiny I ever hatched is an Espurr ahhhh ;WWW;

I also have a bunch of old Pokemon cards laying around and I have quite a few plushies as well ; v ; ( I have like a stack of Pikachus on top of my piano x'DD ) Since I got a job now, I decided to start this expensive hobby of collecting T v T My mom isn't too happy about it tho xD

I don't really have anything arranged nicely collection wise but I'll leave my Jirachi here ; v ; He's one of the plushes I've had the longest T v T

Thanks so much for reading and I hope to interact with all of you! >w

GETS! Need more info on it

Recently i got the piplup walky...:)
And a really tiny lapras plush..but what is it exactly?? Could anyone tell me more about him? The tag is cut and i guess it could be a bootie but i dont know. I was told it was from PC in JP a long time ago.:/

thank you:)

LF Poli VS card + quick Art Commissions

Hi guys, today I lost a lot with a bunch of Vs. card on Yahoo!Auctions; there were like 50 cards with Vulpix or Umbreon on them. I would like to know if someone won it; I only need the Politoed one so if you won the lot and you'd like to sell it, I'd love it! Thanks

Also, yesterday I was working on watercolours and since I have done most of the art commissions of this month, I'd be open to do a new batch! This Sylveon one is only an example (the original and prints are for sale here or on my Etsy shop HERE ) but if you want a watercolour the start price is 15$ for A5 size or 20$ for A4 (depends of complexity). I'm also open for other art commissions including bookmarks!! If you want any let me know, you can check the art commissions post to know all the info or ask me here. Thanks guys :D

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Wants list!

These are just some of my wants, figured i'd post here just in case someone had one or more of these in their sales :>
I hope it's not a problem that i'm super active in posting here ;v;

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flats for sale!

I have book pages featuring quite a few popular Pokemon that I figured I would showcase.

I was granted sales permission to my previous account, jodie_kathleen, on 19 September 2014 by entirelycliched.
Feedback for my previous account can be found here, and is also linked to on my feedback for my current account.

The HG/SS comic book pages look something like this:

The HG/SS quiz book pages look something like this:

And the XY quiz book pages look something like this:

Pages are $2.00 USD each + fees. I have more than what is listed and shown below. Tell me what Pokemon you're looking for, and I will look through the books and take photos of any pages that I find!

However! If you want me to look through the books for a particular Pokemon, I do expect you to buy something from them! Searching can take some time, and I would prefer my efforts not be wasted.

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Thanks for looking!

help me get a grail + looking for a card!

hey all! im looking for the luxray BREAK card! im willing to trade my full art primal clash sharpedo EX for it! please offer this card to me if youre interested! :3c

NOW i lost a grail recently on y!j and im pretty bummed about it.... ;; BUT luckily, theres another on ebay thats mwt!! im about 70 dollars short though, and so! i have digital art commissions open! sadly i dont draw pokemon all that much, but im certainly up to it!! help me out if you can! <3
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thats all at the moment, i'll be back when my newest gets arrive! :3