April 22nd, 2016

by chickadee115

Gets + Pokémon Symphonic Evolutions arrives in France

Hi everyone!
I got some nice items this month, and I'm happy to share them with you :)

Little preview...

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And let's end with a good news (for my French friends ^^)

After the USA, the "Pokémon Symphonic Evolutions" event is finally coming to France. Indeed, two concerts are planned for early October. Of course, I bought a VIP place in order to get the extra freebies ^^ Really excited!

Thank you for reading :3

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Been here for a year wow!

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Hello this is fallengone. I am a Cosplayer and a collector. I can't believe who I met at worlds EEEEE!!!

I am the goomy and Kecleon nut. I love goomy's and Kecleons. I am still looking for things for my Brithday because I am turning 22 Q_Q I am old now XD
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Still looking for the ufo Baby Q_Q keeps escaping me!!!!!
And the HUGE TOMY I have the small one.

I also would love my own playmate, deck and sleeves on day of Grinjia and Kecleon fighting XD

Any ways wow a year went fast sorry for a late post X( Collapse )
Now it is a mess but I still have everyone :)

My Goomy stuff my goomy scarf too :)Collapse )
Meowth and Natu

Looking for a deer and a frog, update on shop

Just a couple of quick wants! I recently attempted to buy an Autumn Deerling PokeCen plush from a user on eBay but they sent me the MPC plush and seem to be giving me radio silence now... does anyone have one for sale? ): The orange one.

Secondly, I came across this magnetic Ash-Greninja plush the other day and now need it! XD I'm not the biggest fan of the whole Pokemon-looking-like-trainers thing but... he's magnetic, how could I not? I believe he comes out tomorrow, does anyone know where they would be sold? I can't seem to find any other info.

Shop stuff:

Orders are now open for Europe as well! If I've missed your country please let me know, as I had to add them all manually. XD; Also for a limited time, I'm offering 10% off of orders from my shop with the coupon code COLLECT10. You can use it as much as you like until 6th May. :) Help me clear some stock so I can add new stuff!

Please note I am on vacation from Monday 25th - Friday 29th but feel free to make your orders and I will get back to them on the following Monday. ^^

By the way, is there a particular method for adding shops to the Member Shops list on the sidebar? O:

As always:
- All pkmncollectors rules apply. No banned members are allowed to purchase from my site.
- Sales permission was given to me by dakajojo on 03/02/11
- My pkmncollectors feedback can be found here:

Thanks! :D

Introduction post!

Hey! I've been a member for a few weeks now but I finally got around posting an introduction. My name is Helen, I'm from the Netherlands and I've loved pokemon ever since I was, like, 7 or 8 years old. Most of my collection consists of childhood relics that are in very loved condition, but I've recently made a few additions (/sound of wallet crying). My absolutely favorite pokemon is Magikarp, but I also like Feebas, Stunfisk, Whiscash, Hoothoot, Swablu... the list goes on. My (very modest) collection is pretty varied but unfortunatly I don't have the room nor money at this time to expand my collection with huge or expensive items, so I'll mostly be interested in figures, small plushies and cards. I'll post a want list soon!

Oh, I also like to draw and I've recently started to make plushies, mostly pokemons! I hope to someday be able to sell some customs on here or trade customs for items on my want list, once I've acquired sale/trade permission of course.

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Welp that's it, I'm looking forward to being a part of the community! ^^

Clearing out stock super sale!

Hi all!  I've only got a coupld weeks of school left, so that means it's time for a sale!  I'd like to get as many things sold to save up on summer storage space, so for purchases totalling $25 or more, I'll be offering free shipping + no PP fees for US buyers! In addition, I have reduced prices on nearly all of my items.

Please check everything out below!

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Drifloon collection, gets, and wants~

What a great day!
My mailbox was FULL of floon-babies.

Absolutely the best mail day, ever~
I got a lovely customer perler bead of my Pink Drifloon, Rosemary, (by latias_latios_7)
I got 20 Drifloon kids! (trying to get 100 kids)

My collection is really growing,
....but I want more!

Here is a list of my Drifloon wants:
- Drifloon/Drifblim Zukan
- more drifloon kid figures (any condition, I pay more for large lots)
- other Drifloon items i don't have
- maybe more customs of my Pink Floon-baby

Want : Smeargle Tomy Figure

Hi y'all!
I've been hoping to maybe get my hands on one of these guys;

I have about $10.65 in my PayPal right now, so, optimally, I'd be looking to pay about that much shipped for him.
I see a lot on ebay but I would rather get one from here and, possibly, not spend an arm and a leg for him (if this doesn't work out then I'll just wait and deal with it blah) :')

Thank you so much!! I hope you're all having a wonderful week! :D

Feel free to show me your other Smeargle stuff if you have some! I'm looking for actually anything that I don't have :)

Shipping would be to US 32714 :>

A massive collection update :)

Hello and happy Friday everyone! Today I received yet another package full of Pokémon stuff. I realized that now is time for an update. In fact, I have got so much different items, there is no more room on my table :D Now I need to get a shelf for those. First I want to thank all the people who have helped me! Without you this wouldn't be possible! So, thank you very much <3 Now then, let's begin.

[Check it out!]
I could just gaze this all day. It's just so adorable <3 With a Grovyle plush this would be even better. The problem is, it's very hard to find and even harder to find one for a reasonable price :(

I got several more figures recently. I also moved on to flats and found out how cool they are as well! On the far left is a charm set too in case you didn't recognize.

Some more flats.

A magnificent Sceptile poster. So ... cool ...

Let's not forget the complete set of Sceptile TCG cards!

The rest of my plushies. Who's that cutie on the below left?

The rest of my figures. Fun fact: That Hawlucha was my very first figure. A friend of mine brought it from Japan. Then I decided to become a collector.

A couple of Hawlucha drawings made by the friend of mine.

That's about that I suppose. I'm still more than happy to browse your extra stuff in case I might find something interesting =) Have a good weekend everybody!
Thumbs up zard

New goodies and Looking for Pokemon Pins :3

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NOW what I really posted for XD I am looking to buy pokemon pins
Mostly I'm looking for the ones that came in the pokeball case like this but I may buy others if they're a good price.
*I do not need any of the Generations pins ;P

I am also looking to buy the two pikachars I'm missing for a good price.
4 and 5

Also always looking to trade pokemon cards just point me to what you have and I'll see if you have a card I need.
(I need a lot :P)

Jewerly PC preorders will open tomorrow

I haven't seen anyone post this information, but tommorrow the online pokemon center will open for orders for custom made jewerly by Kay Uno. They are making an eevee necklace with a matching ring. Each are orderable seperately, and available in silver, gold, and rose gold. The ring features all the eevees going around the band. They will only make as many as are ordered.
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Ring EIEVUI SV (Silver) 27,000 yen (including tax) Ring EIEVUI YG (K10 Yellow Gold) ¥ 95,040 (tax included) Ring EIEVUI PG (K18 Pink Gold) 181,440 yen (including tax) ※ ring, either 7 to No. 18 you can choose the size (No. 1 increments).

Necklace EIEVUI2 SV (Silver) ¥ 19,440 (including tax) Necklace EIEVUI2 YG (K10 Yellow Gold) ¥ 54,000 (including tax) Necklace EIEVUI2 PG (K18 Pink Gold) 74,520 yen (tax included)

The period to order yours is April 23, 2016 (Saturday) 10 am to June 30 (Thursday) 23 hours 59 minutes. What do you think of these upcoming jewerly pieces? I myself am excited for them and might just have to get that ring!!!

Information for this post came from here.

Super quick plush quick sales!

Hello again everyone! If you ordered from me, your purchase is packed and will be going out in the mail tomorrow. Because I can only make weekend post office runs at the moment, I thought I would offer a quick sale on some more plush including a Glaceon canvas plush, some new kororin plush, Eeevee mascots, and several 20th anniversary plush. For rules and plush, please follow the cut!

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I am also offering a professionally refurbished Gameboy Advance SP with custom green casing for sale. It comes with the system, adapter, Venusaur carrying case, and a copy of Pokemon Sapphire with a new, professionally replaced batter. I'm asking $60 for everything.