April 23rd, 2016

Guys, oh my goodness, I got him.

First, I need to say who I am. I haven't posted here in, according to my most recent post, 2 years. I'm Toastypk, and I like collecting Pokemon plushes. Not of one particular Pokemon, but as many of my favorites that I can find. I have a really diverse group in my room. I'll give a proper re-introduction post later with many good photos of how much I have, cause it takes shelves now. Between the time I last posted and now, I got my room redone, and now I've moved most of my plushes to my shelves and it looks awesome. But that's not why I'm posting now.

People use the word "grail" here a lot to describe something they've been looking for so much. I never used that word because if I wanted to use it, I really wanted to mean it. Well today, I'm using it. I got one of those "grail" items, that keep in mind I've wanted for years, and even once had the opportunity to get, but it disappeared once I was ready to get it. But I found it a couple of weeks ago. And I dove right in. And I'm glad I did.

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Electric lions!

Hello again :) I see lots of beautiful collection photos from everyone so I just wanted to take a short time and show off my pride of electric lions :3
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Wanted: Graduation 'chu

Hey, comm! So my best friend is graduating at the end of the semester, and I wanted to get her a very special Pikachu: the PC Graduation Pikachu!

If you have this guy for sale, can you let me know? I'm not entirely sure on pricing for this guy, so if you could comment with what you're asking, that would be great! 
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*ALL CLAIMED* New Pokemon ditto plush GROUP BUY

Heya guys,

So I found good deal for these plushies so you can get them with me for about $20 shipped. I'd like to take Gengar and Poliwhirl, all Eeveelus are up for takes! Price of each plush is $16.7, shipping is going to be no more than $3.5 worldwide! As you see total will be no more than $20.2 + pp fees :) Oh and shipping would be $3.5 no matter if you want 1 plush, or even all 4 :D

And just to be clear - these are NOT key-chain mascots, these are regular plush :)

Release date of these cuties is 7th May and I'll get them shipped by airmail so they should be here within about 10 days from this date.

There'll be 2 payments:
1 - cost of the plushie - $16.7 + pp fees
2 - shipping cost from me to you - no more than $3.5 + pp fees

Eevee - coiffwaff - PAID - SHIPPED (6TH JUNE)
Flareon - hollyasevenx- PAID - SHIPPED (9TH JUNE)
Vaporeon - gustygarchomp- PAID - SHIPPED (31TH MAY)
Jolteon - absol - PAID - SHIPPED (9TH JUNE)

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Once we get all claims I'll collect payments!
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New sales! (+ tags)

Hey hey!

Short message this time, because I got some new sales!
Please take a look at the banner below.


And I also updated my wants:

Im open for trades for anything in my want list of course! :D

Also I bought lots of new stuff on Y!J, but in lots, so in 1 month there will be an overload of new sales again.
If you want me to tag you for any Pokemon, please sign up here:

Thanks for looking, and have a good weekend!! =)


Here are the winners of my "get free art" photo contest! (o*_*o) <3

Hello everyone! I finally post the winners of my "get free art" photo contest! Yay! :D It was soooo much fun doing this :D
All photos are sooo beautiful, creative and cute - it was so hard to decide which ones are under the first 3 winners! ;_; I looked SO often through all the photos and thought I can never decide! xD I loooove spring and flower-themed pictures in generell so it was double-hard to decide the best of.......;_; Anyways, I hope that no one feel bad - I swear that I was totally fair with my decisions which photos I like best.

If anyone want to see the original post, here is the link: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/21077754.html#comments

There were 16 participants! :o Thank you all for your effort! You did so great photos and it was fun <3 Now I have a lot to draw xD

I show you ALL photos which has been posted (not only the first 3 winners) so everyone can see and enjoy them! :D Also the description if the participant made one and comments by me :) Click the cut to see them! Warning: It´s image-heavy!

<--- Raichu helped me choosing the best photo!
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I hope I haven´t forgotten anything. This was so much xD Thanks for looking everyone and have a great weekend! :3
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WTB or Trade

Hey guys! I'm still on the look out for a Poliwhirl and Natu pokedoll. Tags don't matter to me, as long as the fabric is in near mint condition.

I'm willing to trade or partial trade these guys or anything in my sales. Thanks.
Brooke and Jed

Metal Pokemon Figure Gets!

All my metal figures I bought recently finally arrived. After sorting everything for sale or auction I have my gets picture all ready.

Here they are:

I got an amazing haul with a ton of hard to find figures. The cubone, vulpix, and flareon are my favorites out of this haul.

I also posted awhile back looking for some information about a Pikachu plush I had and I took some updated pics of it since others had expressed interest.

Pics below.


I've been looking for some coins for my collection for a while and I was really excited when someone posted one of the coins I needed on one of the Facebook groups yesterday. They wanted to sell them as a lot at first, and then decided not to sell at all, so I am kind of devastated.

So, fellow collectors, I come to you with a few very serious wants.

- European/Dutch Furret Coin

- Round Meiji Juice Furret Battle Coin

I'm tossing a line out here, and I really hope someone bites. I'm willing to throw some money around. Please please please let me know if you have one or know where I can find one!!!

As always, I am still on the lookout for a Furret settei and a Furret swing keychain --

-- and I will sell my soul for these two items.

Please help me out if you can!!


Hello all! I completely overlooked the fact that I dont have a fairly common Charizard kid.. I know someone that has some for sale but they have a $15 minimum buy out when Im just wanting one kid figure..

SO! Does anyone have this kid figure for sale?? If so PLEASE contact me! I cant find any on Ebay atm.. Thanks!