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Hi guys! I have been scouring up soldiers from every corner of the world to join my Snubbull army and I wanted to share. :)

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Quick question, while you're here. ;D I have a lot of book pages with my bullies on them, but I don't know how to display them! Any ideas? How do you display your flats?

FINALLY, I decided on some side collections I'd like to start, and I'd love to see the merch y'all have available! As always, the bulls are my priority. ESPECIALLY THE SNUBBULL CUDDLE PLUSH, since once I get him, I believe I'll have every Snubbull plush! Soooo...

1. Snubbull/Granbull = Snubbull Cuddle Plush, zukan (cheaper than the one on eBay if possible!), the little lock Snubbull figure with the key, TCG, and any other figures or flats you have! I would also be interested in plush/sculpture/art customs. :)

(Not interested in flats for these yet, but my side-collections to be! Please let me know if you have any non-flat merch for them, especially plushies and figures!)
2. Zorua/Zoroark
3. Deerling/Sawsbuck
4. Larvesta/Volcarona
5. Furfrou

Thanks so much for looking! <3
24 April 2016 @ 12:54 pm

Hi folks,

It has been an ongoing issue that our posting rules are being violated. So we have decided that a quick mod post is appropriate for these issues.

Please refresh yourselves with The Official PKMNCollectors Rules & Guidelines if you have been away for a while, just forget something or are newer to our community.

The biggest rule being broken that we've noticed is:

All un-cut images must be under 500 pixels wide and 500 pixels tall
Otherwise they must be under an LJ cut. Please refer to our LJ cut guide (scroll down a bit) for instructions on how to properly use a cut. If your un-cut images are over 1000 pixels large, please resize the image's canvas size down to 500 pixels or less. That way its file size will also be reduced. Using HTML to shrink an image does not change its file size, so please do not use that unless your picture is under 1000 pixels. This is to reduce computer slowdowns for people with slower Internet speed.
                    Please keep the number of image outside a cut to 4 larger images, use your best judgement. If your post is scrolling for a while there's too many images.

Just keep in mind that some of our community members have slower internet connections, connect via mobile etc. The more images outside of cuts, the larger they are, etc. makes it extremely difficult for some members to enjoy this site.

Thanks for being awesome and have an amazing day!

24 April 2016 @ 01:07 pm
Hello, community!

First of all, how are you all doing? Is the weather nice where you are? Where I live, we're just now getting higher temperatures and sunshine... xD I'm so sorry that this post has been so late, I've just been drowning in schoolwork lately, but it's now spring break and I've taken a few days to relax. Anyways, I want to thank gustygarchomp for the amazing SSS package that she sent me! She was so unapologetically generous an thoughtful and I absolutely love everything she got me.
Lastly, here is a picture of all my goodies in my special Easter basket. I have truly enjoyed the SSS experience and really appreciate the collective effort and consideration that goes into running this event so smoothly. Keep up the great work, everyone! :)
24 April 2016 @ 03:24 pm
There's a cute eevee I'm eyeing, so I've decided to sacrifice some other eeveelus to get her, haha. Everything is OBO! Click the banner to go!

Or click here!

And here's a preview of what I've added!

Rachel ♥
24 April 2016 @ 03:29 pm
Boy it has been quite some time (one year in fact) that I've made a collection update! Truth be told, I got busy with conventions and then we moved...and then I got busy again with school and more conventions. Due to that I've kind of slowed down what I collect but I'm still here!

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Hi everybody. I have updated my sales page. Do pay a visit. I'll be updating soon with more merch. Thank you!

Sales Page

Click the link or click the image below...

24 April 2016 @ 04:18 pm
Good evening, community!! I recently got a ton of gets that I am excited to share :D Many are god ponies, but others are also of Giratina. I have a new set up that I'm testing out for my Giratina collection, too.
Gets under hereCollapse )
As for the wants, I'm looking for the remaining Arceus zukan I need as well as a 'new' Giratina item I discovered.
wants under hereCollapse )
Now for the shelving set up!
Shelves hereCollapse )
At last, a shameless sales plug. I put a ton of things in there.

Click the banner or the link to be transported! Rules and whatnot are over there :>
24 April 2016 @ 04:38 pm
Looking for this raichu code card from PAX 2016 :D Willing to spend $5 for it?
Keep in mind I want the physical code card~
And does anyone know if the deck box and separators pictured are available irl too? (I'm interested in them) ^w^

If anyone has one they're willing to part with please let me know <3

Here are links to my other wants as well as my sales, thanks :3

24 April 2016 @ 04:56 pm

Hello again everyone! As I work on weeding my collection, I decided that I will start a series of weekly auctions starting today and lasting through the month of May or so. As you can see from the banner, this week's auction is all about Eevee and her wonderful evolutions! There are more than ten Eevee items available and they all start at just $5! To see the 'Vees who are waiting to be adopted, as well as to review my auction rules, please click on the cut!
Here there be Eevees!Collapse )

Please don't bid until this line is crossed out :) Eevees away! Happy bidding!
Hi guys, trying to clear out some of my goods from my apartment ._. Have too much...

Added a Raichu Kuttari ($12). Items are all listed here.

And as always you can combine things from my sales with Pick Ups. I will be going on the 29th for the new items. For prices and photos please click here.

In addition, I still have one Its Demo Mascot Pikachu pair set for sale that are not claimed. They will be $22+shipping. And I have some unclaimed slippers for $20 unclaimed. They are super cute. I have my own pair and absolutely love them! If you want them please let me know!

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 12.17.11 AM.png
*Slippers were claimed.

Got some of the Twinkle Dream items as I was waiting for my boyfriend to get his hair cut.... hahaha... Giving the Eevee to my sis. And keeping the cup and Leafeon Mirror since I like that design best. Sold all the others already. These items are very cute :)

Hello everybody ! I hope everyone is doing well.

I'm currently looking for two things :

The Sylveon KFC figure, which I know is a long shot.

The very recently released Eievui Twinkle Dream Sylveon plush, because I wasn't fast enough to pre-order it !

Also, does anybody know where I could find the 2016 Sylveon GET Chupa Figure for not too much ? Mine was infortunately sold in the mail, it seems.

Shipping would be to France, please ! Also, I know the Sylveon plush is very expensive and limited, but I cannot spend large amounts of money because I am too young to have my own income. So, I might not be able to accept plushes that are too expensive. Around $70-75 shipped would be a good price. Thank you !

Also, I had pre-ordered the Sylveon Kororin Friends plush from Play-Asia, but they still haven't shipped it and seemingly don't even have it in stock. Does somebody have the same problem ?
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24 April 2016 @ 06:25 pm
Hi this is some of the wants i need

I live in Sultanat of Oman .. -_-

Note 1 : if you have something related to below but not the same please show me
Note 2 : IF i used your picture .. be happy your picture existed on google first line search and it is famous! am sorry and. thank you !
Note 3 : do what you prefer to contact me (messages, comments ) .. even for just chitchat you are welcome! i appreceate all comments and advices :)
Note 4 : most of these i found on ebay , i just thought i may share with community and save little money and shipping cost

the list is simple .. all figures
wantsCollapse )

once i collect most of these i will post the 2nd wants list

Thank you :) wiating your sales
Princess ♔
Hey guys ! Today is a special day, it's the second year anniversary of my Sylveon collection site ! And its drawing closer to my 3rd year anniversary of Sylveon collecting ! And what good timing too because I just got a recent haul of new gets to update with ♡

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24 April 2016 @ 09:57 pm
Hi everyone! I'm considering possibly getting a last one ichiban kuji female pikachu, and was wondering where I could find her? I'm willing to pay $60 at most before shipping:)

Hope everyone is doing well! ^^
Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to post my wants list as I feel like I haven't gotten any new lately.

Also I would like some help when it comes to translating words into Japanese from the words in the list below. This will help me look for some of my wants list if anyone can help me by providing me words or phrases in Japanese that i can copy and paste into yahoo japan.

-Metal figures
-Shiny tomy
24 April 2016 @ 11:19 pm
Hello everyone! Last week I got back from almost a month in Japan... it had been my dream to visit for most of my life, even looking at these photos now, it still feels slightly surreal! I went with riolulz, whom I met through PkmnCollectors, and I was lucky enough to meet some other collectors over there whom I've known for just as long!

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Of course we made our first beeline to a Pokémon Center less than 24 hours after arriving in Tokyo.

TokyoCollapse )

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Osaka & KyotoCollapse )

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HiroshimaCollapse )

And now, a gets post I may never top.

Behold, the reason behind the sorry state of my bank accountCollapse )

Wow, what a long post. Thank you for reading this far, if you did! I'll have some surplus sales up soon (including all of the Lugia Pikachu items from Kyoto), and also some more Ho-Oh Pikachus arriving soon from the second half of the Kyoto promotion!