April 25th, 2016

Vulpix PD

Good Morning Grab Bags!

I revamped my Grab Bags! Check them out if you're interested in a fun little package of Poké goodies! Grabs bags include kids, keychains, pogs, mega bloks, and a chance for various misc items and small figures like minicots/choco figures. Also, I added more add-on items like plushes, music boxes, and a few other things. No fees on items or shipping, shipping prices are a flat fee laid out in my rules to make it super easy!

_DSC4154 copy.jpg

I hope everyone is having a good start to the summer!

Quick get! (long time no post)

Hey guys!

I haven't posted for a while, but just thought I'd share this little cutie with you:

She came from the UK, and is so fuzzy!

I may have also acquired some of the more elusive applause plush, waiting to post until they all arrive...stay tuned!

Hope you all have a good day ^-^

Does anyone own the 2011 Banpresto Pikachu Best Wishes backpack?

I think the one I just got in the mail is my first bootleg... It's the first time I've been disappointed in the quality of a Banpresto plush. 😢

Pics under the cut

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If anyone has one they can take a good few pictures of, I would appreciate it! Even the fabric is gross and cheap feeling. 😢 I didn't think I would have to worry about a not-expensive item from a good feedback seller in the US.

End of May-June Custom Sculpture Commission Slots x3 Up For Grabs!

Again, I come today with a bit of news concerning my sculpture commissions! I have decided to open up two slots for late April-May and you are all free to take advantage of these two slots as you wish! As always, I come offering the chance for your favourite Pokémon to be sculpted by me whether it's Heracross, Moltres or even my own little favourite Ekans! If you've always wanted a custom sculpture of absolutely -any- Pokémon that you collect, please consider taking up a commission with me and I'm sure we'll have an absolute ball together creating something awesome! All the information you need to know is under the cut and anything I have missed out, I will happily answer for you! Take a look!

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Good luck to all you prospective commissioners in getting your slot and best wishes to you all! =D
Thank you!
Charizard pokemon

Wants: 1:1 Kanto Starters

Hi everyone, I know I haven't been on here in months, things have gotten kinda crazy...I still actively collect though! I plan on uploading my collection soon since I've been on here for over a year. :3 but my main question right now is anyone selling/picking up the kanto starters? If not direct me/help me find the kanto 1:1 starters? :) also if a payment plan is an option (like split in two or so) that'd be amazing for me right now.
**Also on the hunt for any other 1:1 plushies as well.
Thank you guys!

Couple gets +grail get and collection update

Over the last couple weeks I did make a couple purchases from the community. Thank you poke_zula for the Jolteon and Espeon canvas plushies!

Now for the collection update and my grail get...this will be somewhat image heavy so they will be under this cut.
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I hope everyone is having a good spring. I'll be busy pretty much majority of the summer and can't wait for the traveling to begin. XD

✿ Huge Website Update & Spring Secret Swap! ✿

grail.jpg Hello Everyone!! IMG_9103.JPG

I'm so so excited because it is finally SPRING!! I've had a plethora of items between November and now that have been waiting to be photographed for my website, so it has finally been done! :D
Almost EVERY page on my website has been updated so please take some time to check it out!! New plushies, toys, art, flats, etc!!
Click the banner to go!

Next up, my SSS came in today!!!
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~ Thank you all for looking! <3

The Ultimate Plush Collector's Challenge: The Extreme Weed-Out

My question to all the plush collectors out there is:
If you could only keep a dozen (12) of your Pokemon plush, which ones would you keep?

I know that this is probably something that would never happen in real life, so this is pretty hypothetical!  I originally came up with this idea as a way to identify which plush were most important to me, which plush were semi-important, and which plush I could easily drop when I felt the need for speed to weed out my collection a little. It helped me create a gradient of importantness, so to speak.

Here's a preview of what I picked:

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One last note:
Please don't be afraid to post your reply at a later date, even if you feel this post is too old! So if you see this post soon after it's been published but don't come up with an answer until later, or if you stumble upon this post weeks, months, or years from now, don't be shy! This is a really extreme scenario, and it can take time to think about.
I'm very interested in people's choices in this matter, so finding a reply to this post two years from now would be a really cool surprise. :D

Group buy?

Hey guys! I came across probably the cheapest ichiban kuji set and thought I would try a group buy? My feedback and sales permission here:
I was granted sales permission by Allinia 6-11-14

I can buy the set np, but is there anyone that can take care of the shipping? :0 I believe usps offers free shipping materials for priority mail? I promise the prices are good, for a little preview, all the plush are just $50! (The most expensive price I have for items) shipping is included in the first set of prices as well~ I'll be claiming the female pikachu but the rest is up for grabs for the comm, assuming I can find someone in the US to ship! ^_^ edit: I also have a claim on the jolteon and flareon plush!