April 26th, 2016

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Choco-egg figures are here (finally!) - totals

Hello guys!

Today I finally received choco-eggs boxes! :O after 30 days since they've been shipped out XD

Almost all orders will be fulfilled except for 5 Espeon figures and 1 Mew figure - I'm really sorry guys, I got only 5 Espeon figs and 5 Mew figs out of 8 boxes >.<

It took me few hours to open all 80 eggs and sort everything XD

Main pre-order thread with rules and claims: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/20733702.html


It's really important
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If you have any questions please ask them in a comment below!
Extras that I got will be for sale at the end of the week when I'll post my huge figures (mostly kids) sales :)

Thank you all for your patience, have a great day/night/evening!
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1st small wants .. added Flareon and Jolteon

.. its morning in my area.. 9:28 AM :) i am at work but dreaming of Pokemon :) hope i will not be fired soon because of this ..

any way i obtained Gengar from my small figure list >> and i added Flareon and Jolteon figures as wants ..


i wanted to ask about the brands for pokemon figures ,, what is your faverote brand (other than Tomy) that you would recommend ? in general ..

while checking the posts i found some were selling Hasbro pokemon .. and i searched on the internet it mintioned that they stopped pokemon line .. are these good figures ? i saw the Aggron line and i thought to ask about it

thanks for reading . appreceate if you check my small list :)

Desperate Plea for a Grail Want - Rayquaza Chocoball Figure

Rayray Chocoball Want.jpg

Hi lovely people of the community,

I just miss out on this auction lot on Y!P that ended just now. I'm devastated because of the Rayquaza chocoball figure that I've been hunting for such a long time. So if anybody in the community that won the lot and don't need him, or happen to have one available, please please please let me know. That Rayquaza chocoball figure has been my grail forever and I couldn't seem to find him anywhere until now.
Thank you so much in advance and wishing everyone a beautiful day/night.

Some wants and twinkle dream Jolteon mascot claim?

Hello guys, long time no see! How has everyone been? School has been kicking my butt, but it's almost over!

Yesterday I found out about the existence of this

Is anyone able to pick one up for me? And, if so, how much would it be approximately after shipping to the US? It has a Zoroark Pokedoll on it so I must have it <3

Also, I've been selling some things and restraining myself from buying for the most part so I have a little extra money and would like to buy back something I should have never sold but I really needed the money at the time. A Buizel Pokedoll. I'm hoping to spend around $35 if possible, let me know if you guys can help me at all, I would greatly appreciate it as I miss mine so much!

Also, I seemed to have missed out on the Maiko Pikachu merch and my mom is really into Japanese culture so I was hoping to get the charm set or pin set for her for Mother's Day. Let me know if you guys have any extras please!

Lastly, I have a claim on a Jolteon mascot plush from the Twinkle Dream Kuji and I can't afford everything so I was wondering if anyone would like to take my claim? It is $18 before shipping, comment here or send me a PM if you're interested :)
Brooke and Jed

Metal Pokemon Figure, Keshimon, and Battrio Coin Auction 1$ Start Bids -A Little Over 48 Hours Left-

My auction currently has a little over 48 hours left before it ends. There are still plenty of items with no start bids yet so come scoop them up for 1$ while you can. The end time is set for Thursday April 28th, at 9PM Central Time.

There are tons of Battrio Coins and Metal Figures. Come check it out and see if I have something you need.

Here is the link to the auction: http://iamconfused1.livejournal.com/5199.html

Here are some of the items currently up for bid:

I also have a sales page in my journal with a few different items listed and I'm willing to combine shipping with anything from my auctions as well.
Here is the link to my sales page:http://iamconfused1.livejournal.com/5037.html

Please let me know if this is too image heavy and I will edit it.
linameerun, zigzagoon

Tons of new Zigzagoon wants! Who wants the money??

Hello guys!! :D

I have loooots of new Zigzagoon wants. I have been searching some of them already, but they are still so hard to find! Also I searched on Y!J, but still hard to search there... Who can help me? I would really appreciate it if you find something on internet for sale, or just have something yourself for sale, ill probably buy it!! =D

Here the full list:

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Thanks for the help <3 If I can keep an eye open for you, or add you on my tag list for pokemon you collect, let me know!!
I will have lots of new sales soon!!



Earlier this week I ran into an extremely rare plush on eBay that I've probably been wanting to get/trying to find for about 5-6 years. I was definitely skeptical and was not fully going to get it due to it being my most expensive plush that I have ever bought in my entire life. However, I think in the long run this will be worth it. Because I want to surprise you all with which plush it is, I'm going to instead give you some hints, some I may have the incorrect information, on what this plush is. Anyway here are some of the hints. Feel free to leave your guesses in the comments if you want to.

-Last time I checked, it was up for sale on eBay in 2013.
-The plush was made by Banpresto
-Very few of these exist in the world
-It has only had one official authentic plush ever made so far.
-If you noticed on eBay often, about 10 people were watching it before making the purchase.

Some of you probably already do know which plush this is considering one of those 10 "watchers" are in this group.

Anyway, I will let you know when I get it. :)

Also, I'll tag you in the official post so you can see if you were right.

Searching for the Grails

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone is doing well. Today I'm coming to ask for help in search of the holy Grails!

It's the Pokemon conquest statue figures! If anyone has any info on where to get them or has them and wants to sell, please let me know. I've wanted these for a long time!

Updated sales!!


Hi guys, I'm here with some updated sales, I have cleaned everything sold and added a few items.
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Also, does someone know what is this Scizor figure? It looks pretty cool and I don't know if sell it or not since I don't know anything about it :O Thank you guys!!

Updated Wants, 2016-04-26

Hey everyone, just posting an update to my wanted list. So anyways...

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Nincada Pokedex figure
Sealeo zukan piece
Burmy grass cloak Jakks figure
East Sea Shellos Jakks figure
(not pictured) East Sea Gastrodon chou get figure
Heat Rotom chou get figure
Herdier kid figure
Stoutland chupa figure
Gigalith chupa/get collection figure
Karrablast kid figure
Swanna chupa/get collection figure
Bisharp pose figure

And that should be it for my list! If anyone has any of these please PM me or comment, thank you. :)

Possible trades?

Hello all! I do not have sales permission yet, but I have a few plush that I would be willing to trade! More information under the cut!

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These are the only wants I could come up with at the moment. If you have anything similar you would like to offer, just let me know! Currently, I am just looking to trade in the USA. I will ship from Upstate NY.

Thanks for reading!

Modern art and Eevee Twinkle Ichiban Kuji auction!

This special auction includes some of the small prize items from the following two Ichiban Kuji: Eevee Twinkle Dream and Wa Modern Art!

All items are starting at around $4-6, with BIN prizes available! :3c

I ship from Hong Kong, and the estimated shipping+fees starts from ~$2.5 worldwide usually!
Ends at Monday (2nd May) 1PM, GMT+7. Countdown Timer below! (which is around Sunday midnight for the US peeps~)

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And as always, feel free to combine any order with the items from my sales post!

If you're already bidding in the auctions, you can pay the stuff you've got from the sales post later to save some Paypal and shipping fees!

Lots of prices are reduced from last time, and I added some of the auction leftovers from last year into it ^u^/


Some specific wants

Hey fellow collectors! The following items are things I'm in the market for at this very moment, my complete wants list is a lot more extensive but my budget is a little tight at the moment so I have to make choices. Please note that I'm in the Netherlands and shipping of non-flats from the US tends to be very expensive, so I'd prefer to find the items from europese or japanese sellers.

Magikarp Tomy Figure. There's a few on Ebay but the shipping costs are staggering and honestly, I have no idea what would be a reasonable price for this figure. If you have this for sale, let me know what you're asking! ^^

Slowpoke Kuttari, I have no preference for eyes open/shut, I don't mind if it's in loved condition and I don't care about it having tags either.

I'm also interested in pokemon cards from my favorite Pokemon: Feebas, Swablu, Altaria, Hoothoot, Noctowl Stunfisk, Whiscash.. well there's too many pokemon I like to list them all haha. If you have pokemon card sales feel free to link and I'll gladly take a look. ^^

My own collection website

Hello community! Today is a big day for me. Lots of members on here have such wonderful collection websites. At some point, I wanted to create my own one. And I've been spending the last months working on it. Phew, so much to do! XD

Today, I added the last pictures. So now I'm happy to announce you that it's temporarily finished (until new items arrive in the future ^^). I hope you enjoy the site :D

Click the banner or the link to go. ^^

If you spot any mistakes or unclear text passages, please let me know.
Also, if you have any suggestions, I'll be glad to hear them :)

Also, does anybody want to affiliate with me? :3