April 27th, 2016

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Tea-cup keychains Pre-order!

Teacup keychains! (release date is the end of the June so I'll have them in the middle of July)
Five different keychains available, each Pokemon has it's own teacup and I think that you can mix them up together :)
Each keychain is $5.5 except for Eevee which is $6.5
If you'd like to pick up a full set of 5 keychains then it'll be $26!


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Auction Reminder: An Exciting Eevee Event!

Hi all! Just a mid-week reminder for my Eeveelution auctions that are ending this Friday night. A couple of Vees still have no bids and several are at their starting bid or only have a few! These auctions include a PokePalre Sylveon, a JP Glaceon Poke Doll, a Glaceon canvas plush, many Eevee Time mascots, and more! To give these Vees a home, please click the banner or here!

Recent gets & updated wants

I have some recents gets to share with you! Here's a preview:

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And, I have an updated wants list. I've purchased the Eevee hand puppet and the clapping magnet plush from Y!J, both TTO, the prices exceeded my bugget a little bit but I'm still happy. Now I've added the Pokebox Flareon and Umbreon coins to my wants list. (Pictures from Google, if it's your picture and you don't want me to use it, please let me know.)

Please leave comments if you have these items for sale, thanks a lot!!!

Update 4/28/2016: I got the Flareon coin! Actually it WAS sent to me with my order, but the outer package was broken, and it rolled out. My husband found it in his car. Haha!
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PKMN Storage? Show me your solution!

Hey everyone! I am running into a bit of a problem with my budding pokemon collection.. I have nowhere to put it! Worse, I live in an apartment so I cannot hang up any shelves. I would love to see pictures of your collections for inspiration. :) Tips would be appreciated too ..!!

Some quickie auctions + lots of other sales!

Hello there guys!
My giant package full of sweets has finally arrived today, so I am going through everything and doing the calculations for everybody! However, before that, I have a bunch of extra sales that can be also combined with the ones you guys ordered, so it's simplier and easier! I have things like tofu snack, chocolate snacks, stickers, ramen and other things!

I for example have some lovely extra sweets that Zygarde 10% and Sylveon collectors will enjoy for sure...

Some of the extra candies I got had these two on them (and a bunch more)!

My middleman gave me also an extra choco-ball figure as gift, and I got an Espeon! Though you guys might want her, so I thought of just auctioning her off, because I am not sure how much she goes for. I also ate some wafers and was lucky to pull one Zygarde 10% that I am auctioning off as well!


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That's it for now, thank you guys! <3

More Weeding Sales!

Hi everyone! I hope you've all been doing well!

I've been working on weeding my collection out lately! I have so much merch, and not enough room for it so I hope they can find better homes! There's a bunch of figures, some plushies, and TCG! I recently bought the Jirachi box so the promo, and pin are in there too! Click on the banner or here to be transported to my sales! n w n

A cute get & small sales!

Hi everyone! :) I have some new sales since I´m short on money and did a littlebit collection weeding! Also I got a package from Sunyshore some days ago I have to share with you! :D

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Also, I made a new post for my art commissions on my Lj! Feel free to comment there if you are interested in a commission :3 Here is a link: http://pikabulbachu.livejournal.com/8233.html

Thanks all for looking and have a great day/night! :D

Looking to buy Tomy Heartland 13inch Munchlax Plush

I am I search of this guy below.

If you have him for sale let me know. I would need a hold, and I will have the money with 1-2 weeks at the latest (will most likely end up selling my 3ds elsewhere for quick cash since those will sell easy if its cheap, thats how bad I want this), will offer more for MWT . I know tomy heartlands go for a decent bit, so don't be afraid to post your asking price even if seems overpriced. I collect munchlax so I might be crazy enough to take it. (less crazy for TTO/tagless).


Custom made display box

1) A display box I put together (I have access to a cnc router)
2) poke gets
3) art I drew
4) small feedback request
5) I'm looking for the old Snorlax dex charm. Black backing card, doesn't come with munchlax

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