April 29th, 2016

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ISO: Smeargle stuff

Looking to buy Smeargle stuff! I already have the clear kid and will get the metal swing keychain soon :)
Let me know if you have anything for sale!

(pic for attention)

I'm interested in following:
- all plush
- kid figures
- Zukan (gree, blue color)
- Tomy figure
- pan stickers
- misc items (metal charm, tretta, battrio etc.)
- other misc stuff
- other random flats
- other random figures

Already on the way: Tomy figure, pencil topper (green), Kid figures, In-Case figure, clear kid, metal swing keychain, some flats

Shipping goes to Germany. Thanks!

by fluna_daiyunel

Pika gets + Subby and Water Type displays

Hey! I made a post not so long ago, thus I have very few new items to show.
But those last days I was motivated to do some shelves with cardboard in order to free some plushies from their boxes, and I really wanted to share these new displays with you :)

So let's start with the gets which actually are Pika gets ^-^

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And now pictures of my collection invading more and more my room ^^

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Thank you for reading :)

Final Reminder: An Exciting Eevee Event!

Final reminder for the Exciting Eevee Event auction that ends tonight at 9 p.m. CST! There are still many Vees available at their starting bids or ones not far from it, and an Eevee kororin plush that has no bids at all! Some highlights include a Sylveon Poke Palre plush (currently at $7), a Glaceon canvas plush (currently at $7), a Glaceon Poke Doll (currently at $10), and a lot more. To view the auction, please click the banner or right here!

The next in my auction series will be a bunch of 20th anniversary goods, so I hope you'll stay tuned this weekend for those offerings!

Pokemon of the Week - Spiritomb

The rules are simple, you can post pictures, discuss how awesome this pokemon is, look for merchandise or even tell us stories! Please remember to keep it on topic.

(These posts are meant to be all about these pokemon, so your post doesn't have to include merchandise! Have one in game? Saw a cute picture online? Post it!)


Sales again! Added a few new things ^^

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You can click to make it bigger ^^

Squirtle Play by Play - $25
Pikachu Picnic Basket - $47
TOMY Sylveon, Tyrunt, Pancham - $13 each
Pichu Banpresto Keychain - $13
Crying Piplup - $20
Worn Celebi Pokedoll - $8

Haggle or trade with me! Really want this stuff gone to make room for all the new stuff coming out :D

Awesome Tins GA - Payment 3!

The tins have all arrived! :D So now it's time for the final payment - shipping from basketbears to you guys. Below the cut you will find pictures of your tins and also your shipping total. Remember: these tins are being shipped from UK and some are quite big.
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Please send payment to Basketbears(at)gmail(dot)com and remember to put your username and items in the memo section.
Once again, a massive thanks to everyone who took part in this GA! :) I hope you all enjoy your lovely new tins!
Umbreon, Espeon

Eevee Twinkle Dream Kuji Auction

Hey everyone! My boxes of the kuji items arrived yesterday and I spent a lot of time checking them over, taking pictures, and making listings for all the items. Whats neat is that one of the boxes I bought came with the tickets and promotional material to advertise it! I am flattening one of the two posters out currently, and I may add them to the auction later for purchase. For now though, every available prize is up for bids until about midnight on May 10th. You can visit my auction page by clicking the preview picture below or clicking here. Happy bidding and good luck to all who bid!

The Kuji is here.jpg

Some nice gets + a bunch of (pretty big) TOMY Pose Figures for sale/sales reminder

Hello everyone and happy Friday/Saturday!

These past few weeks, I discovered there were more figures for some of the Pokemon that I collect that I didn't even know existed! Needless to say I was excited when I realized my collection wasn't complete yet and of course, set out immediately to see if there were any for sale. And sure enough, there was.

It's times like these that keep you going as a collector. I'm sure I'm not the only one in saying this, right? :)

Without further ado, I present to you the two items I added and crossed off my wishlist almost immediately:

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Of course the stuff I got was part of a lot of Pokemon figures. This time, it was a bunch of DX TOMYs, 2004 TOMY Pose Figures, and 2003 AG TOMY Poseable Figures. These figures are pretty nice but hard to come across. Nevertheless, here are some of them for sale! As usual, everything is OBO, so haggling is acceptable (and encouraged!) since I really need to clear out as much stuff as I can. Please help!

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And as always, they can be combined with stuff I have for sale in my permanent sales post here. It's up to date! I added a Zekrom Jakks Deluxe figure, a super rare ~10" tall Mewtwo figure, and two Chupas MIP. Please have a look.

And...that's all, folks. Thanks so much for reading!

Paypal question.

If anyone recalls things about me here, it's that I never used Paypal. I never trusted it cause of things I've read about online, and I didn't have access to one either. I always used money orders, and although I'm good with them, I could rarely do anything here because everyone here uses Paypal; I had to resort to having friends here use Paypal for me as I paid them with a money order. A bit clever, but inconvinient. Because I never used a Paypal.

Well now I have one! ...sorta.

It's more of a household Paypal, it's not mine. But I use it just the same for online buying. I've gotten things on ebay and the Pokemon Center website using it. I would head to the bank and drop money off for that Paypal account, and get something.

But the thing is, I've only had Paypal used for ebay things. I know people here pay others for buying things with Paypal all the time, but I don't know how to do that cause I've only used the account for ebay. Can someone give me steps on what to do for paying individuals? There's a thing or two I want to buy from people here, but I need to know what to do with Paypal first.
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BIG Pokemon Kids sales (over 600 figs XD)


I have a big bunch of kids figures up for sale, there's over 600 figs up for takes :O There's over 15 Eeveelus, some clear kids, many legendaries and MORE!

Figs are grouped by type but make sure to check all pics because I'm sure I made some mistakes here XD
Also this post is CTRL + F/G friendly so you can search for kids this way ^o^

Most of kids is in very nice condition, some has marks on the back etc - ask for pics if you're concerned!
At the bottom you'll find CHEAP KID ($.50/each) section with kids in bad condition which you can use for repaints etc (I won't take additional pics of these as I'm selling them as damaged!)

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