May 3rd, 2016

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It is increasing :)

just wanted to share this

as i started my collecting 2 months before or less only  .. and all start with this little 3 Kanto starters

now i cant beleive that i have these figures and waiting for 7 shippments !  (i know it is small collection but i love to see the progress)

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am glad that i joind this community :) contacting some memebers made me learn alot about some figures and really helping

collecting is an experiance or advinture that full of fun and exciting specially when you are about to recieve the shippment or open the boxes :) and yes it include madness when you receive something else or your shippment lost :P

now am studying the Kids pokemon figures .. as it seems that i may use some of them as the sizes are relevant for large pokemon comparing to Tomy

by the way now am working to remake Charizard sclupture (and i will make it shiny with base) hope it will work :)

also as always would appreceate your help in this small want list

a question , where do you keep your collection ?
for me because i collect figures i can show it in the living room .. some people think that this is for kids or i should keep it in kids rooms.. but i would like to keep it there as it descripe side from my personalty and i love keep looking at them ..  and i still did not prepare the base decoration for them .. now am just collecting so still lack of design :P

thanks for reading and have great day
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Postcard binder/file

Hey hey!

I am looking for a file/binder to put my postcards in. I have seen one already, but dont know where to search for it, and cant find it anywhere:

Does anyone sell this, or knows where i can buy?

Or maybe do you have another file where postcards fits in to perfectly?

Would love to buy!
Thanks for looking! :)


Love me some Arcanine :)

Arcanine was among my favorites when the show aired way back in the 90s :P So I am pretty happy this has showed up in my collection now. I like his zukan pose better than the plain Tomy figure in all honesty.

Thank you to splash for this Arcanine and Entei!

Also a couple other items have been added too, and their identies are under the cut
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Not including the latest gets, my collection site got a minor update for those interested in seeing

Hope you all are having a great day! I'm off to Vegas in a couple days.
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Dragonite Pokédoll Sale

Just popping my head in quick to say hi and highlight my last remaining sales on eBay, including a Dragonite Pokédoll! Amongst a couple of other awesome things ofc :P

Would prefer to sell through here rather than eBay to avoid their evil fees, and can also pass on savings to you that way!

You can find various Pokédolls and Canvas plush here!

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Best Weekend!

Hello everyone, hope you`re all having a great week so far. I recently went to the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo on the weekend which was filled with fun and much money spending, everything was worth every penny though. I also recently got several packages in the mail and had a friend come visit aswell along with school and many other fun I've been saving everything up to make a nice gets post. But if i keep doing that i'll never get around to it as I have even more on the way, mostly from the new Twinkle Dream Kuji and the new pillows. So much Eevee this year it's hard to even try and keep up.

On a side note, I am looking for some extra bases for a few of my pencil toppers and such, any colors are good but i would like a couple to be blue if possible. Thank you!

Very Eevee heavy

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