May 5th, 2016

Rampardos - goodies!

collection time / gets!

Hello, everyone! I hope you're doing okay tonight (well, it's past midnight here, anyway.) I finally had some free time to take pictures of my two main Pokémon collections, Rampardos and Skarmory. I've obtained a number of nice things from the community now that I've started actively searching, and I want to say thank you again to all of the members who've helped me so far! So, thank you!!

Without further ado, I present my current family of birdies and dinos! Lots of images!
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Thank you for your time, and best wishes for the rest of your week! See you next time!



Anyone have the Large Pikazard for sale or that'd they would trade or part with? I don't care what condition it is in. :)
this is a long shot but looking for a Wailord Time Plush!!!

Second last sales reminder for the time being!

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to give you all a heads-up that I will be (sort of) closing up shop effective 5/14/16, since I'll be moving back home from college for good (graduation, yay!). Things will be very busy for me while I readjust to life there and so I won't be able to take care of orders as quickly as I do now. My sales will still remain officially open but it is very likely that it will take a while for me to ship them out. I will make this clear in my sales post when the time comes. Having said that, if there's anything on there that you would like ASAP, you've got until Friday night of 5/13 to do so!

Here's a link if anyone is interested.

This does not mean I am done collecting whatsoever! It's mostly because there's no room for me to display my stuff until I have my own place to live in so everything will be in boxes for a while :( Of course I will do my best to make sure that my sales post stuff will be the most accessible.

Thanks for understanding and have a great day!
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Wanted: TCG Portfolios/Binders/Albums

It's been a while... time for a wants post!

The new TCG set got me pumped and now I want to find some more portfolios! I am trying to collect all of the 9-pocket expansion-exclusive ones. I have done a ton of research and can confirm 9-pocket porfolios for all sets from Crystal Guardians onward. I can also confirm 4-pocket versions for FireRed LeafGreen onward, minus Team Rocket Returns.

New portfolios are prefered, but used are okay if they're not falling apart.
I will also buy falling apart or poor condition ones to use as customs for sets that don't have 9-pocket versions.

I am looking for the following 9 pocket portfolios (click for larger image):

I am also interested in either owning, or getting high quality scans of the artwork (oh please oh please) from these 4-pocket portfolios:

EX13.jpg EX12.jpegEX11.JPGEX10.jpg
(Don't know if Manectric is a 9-pocket since Rayquaza is a 4-pocket Confirmed that both are 4-pocket!)

ANY information on older portfolios (3rd gen era) that I did not list would be AMAZING.

I would also be interested in rare/unique 3-ring binders from Generations 1-3 to house older sets in.

Show me what you've got!

Updated Wants!! And request to metal collectors

Hey all! I went through and majorly updated my wants list.. I also have a request to anyone that collects metal figures.. If you own any of the ones listed in my wants list that i dont have an image of i would really love a picture to add to my wants list

Ive recently discovered the new style bulbasaur metal figure and i really REEEALLY want it! Any color is fine
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Ive also started collecting Keshimon but im only actively searching for are the colored ones.. i already own a pink hoppip and a blue cyndaquil.. ive seen images of a lime sentret, blue marill, green chikorita, pink slowking, and blue heracross.. ive HEARD there is a red kadabra as well.. so these are very VERY high on my wants list

As for the rest of my metal wants they are listed by gen :) please let me know if you have any of the ones im looking for, or even a picture.. I have quite a few metals for sale that can be used for trade and some that are ONLY for trade-

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Trade post!

Hey everyone, I rearranged my collection again and I wanna sort out some stuff - but before I put it all on ebay which is hard enough to do xD, I would really prefer trade them!! I have a lot of wants and rare stuff for trade! Maybe you are interested in something? Please take a look! :)

I´m looking for figures, plush, tcg´s and maybe others!

My wantslist:

I mainly collect Raichu (partly old Pikachu, esp. surfing chu), Caterpie line, Heracross and Ledyba. But also partly bulbasaur and venusaur and pelipper. I love old stuff, prefer gen 1-2, also amadas, old holo bandai cards, old kids, battle museum figures, fcs, footprint figures, 151 pins, old plush (no hasbros please^^), stamp figures, keychains, the old pokemon time tins aso...

Feel free to offer ANYTHING if you are interested in my stuff! I might be interested! :)

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Thanks all for looking and have a great day!

Exciting gets :D

I was so happy to come home and have some packages arrive.
Recently i traded with jarshaarashi and got the adorable san ei pikachu :), jp flareon pokedoll, and jp leafeon pokedoll! I LOVE pikachus beanie body. Thank you!!!
Recently won jp glaceon pokedoll in an auction from wobbuwhit :) thank you
I also bought a espurr and sylveon pokedoll charms and a sylveon can button. Thank you skdarkdragon
Lastly i love the Kyoto themed pikachu coing purse haha

Storefront Up!!!

Good evening everyone,

I got my sales post up, and with that being said, I shall now be going on posting hiatus for a few weeks. I've been posting a LOT on here, and feel kinda bad about that ^^'
Sorry to anyone who was annoyed by that ^^'

BUUUUUTTTTT, I have a TON of figures for sale in my newly built store! :D
I also finally tracked down a small digital kitchen scale after escapades at three different stores, and some bubble mailers, so hopefully, I can begin shipping out my excess figures :D

Without further ado, I present to you the Black Charizard Marketplace!!! :D

Click the picture or link in case the picture doesn't work!!! :D

Store Sign.png

Until next time!!!
Happy collecting everybody!!! :D

~ Ebon
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Bayleef zukan

Hi community :)

Do anyone have Bayleef from zukan  (loose or extra) or willing to sell it . My  1st want list almost completed this is one from the missing
I kinda purchased Meganium and chikorita.  So I don't want to purchase the full line again .