May 7th, 2016

Umbreon, Espeon

To those with play asia troubles

Hey everyone! So, as many of you know or are experiencing, play asia is not sending out pre-orders for the eeveelution kororin plushes when they promised to and have no date as to when they will actually ship. I searched around for an alternative, and contacted former(or on hiatus) moderator allinia via her website Alluna Japan. For those looking for another source, she currently has the majority of the eeveelution kororin plushes up for 18.00, and will be putting up Leafeon/Glaceon soon. She may put up the DX eevee, but she has not told me yet if she can find any. Wanted to share this information with others affected by Play Asia, as its already hard to find the plush without inflated prices. T_T

Side notes: My Eevee Twinkle Dream Kuji auction is still going and will end just before midnight on the 10th. Check it out here.

Also, if your looking for new additions to your pokemon family, dont forget to check out Blues Adoption House for your next family member. =)

Trade for my darkrai!

Hello poke fans ! I have an extra darkrai plush up for trade.

My interests are the following pokemon:
Chikorita line
Shinx line
Espurr line

Feel free to make some offers :) I have a pretty extensive collection so if I have it I will probably decline, but do not hesitate offer

wants: togetic

It's been awhile, but I've really miss the community. I really miss collecting my little ball of happiness. I'm slowly trying to get back to collecting Togetic and being a bit more active here. Hopefully it'll goes as planned as my two year anniversary here will coming up shortly in June and I have a few things planned out. While I don't have my sales post updated or a collection update to give (yet) I'm in search of anything Togetic!
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Updated Sales & wants

Hello community! I have updated my sales with a ton of things; all of my Giratina, Dialga, Palkia, and Shaymin doubles! As well as more TFG figures. Took me a while, but I finally managed to push myself to sell my doubles. There are so many Giratina

I did get  quite a few wants this past week, but I will show those next time I post :>
Would it be possible for someone to help me translate something for this one lot I'm interested in? I tried google, but google totally cuts it up and it doesn't make sense. Please PM me if you can!
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Now for the wants! I found the two Giratina I wanted, but I was told they were sold out after I ordered them :< So back on they go kjfgkjgh
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Question and Quick Sales/Trades

Hi guys!

I got these figures in the mail today, and I have a question. I want to attach them like in the picture, but they didn't come with any keychain that I can use to do that. Is this a mistake, or do they seriously not include it? It seems a bit like false advertising if they don't...

Also, I have two quick sales/trades. I got a double of a Gardevoir EX from the Darkrai generation pack and I'm wondering if anyone would like to trade for it? I'll trade for any EX I don't have- the Pokemon doesn't matter and it doesn't have to be mint. Otherwise it's up for sale for 4 shipped.

And the Eevee cosplay is 20 shipped OBO! Any of these can combined with regular or perler sales. Keep in mind that I do have a very limited buy one get one free offer for perler sprites right now:

Regular sales:
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Darkrai Boxes at Target!

Not sure if anyone has posted this information yet or not (I scrolled back a bit through posts to double check first!) - I -just- left my local Target and they were unloading/unpacking the Darkrai boxes and putting them out. I actually saw the box they were unpacking, looks like MAYBE 10 total?! Wanted to let you all know ASAP! Much love community! <3