May 9th, 2016


PokemonTrader:// CP4 - Premium Champion Pack Sales

Hello PkmnCollectors!

Today I bring forth a really cool addition to the Japanese Card Emporium! CP4 - Premium Champion Pack.

This set is different than most others in the recent Japanese releases. Inside each booster box was 10 packs (instead of the usual 20) with 10 cards in each instead of the usual 5. Another cool thing is that the majority of these cards are re-releases, BUT all the cards are reverse holo (including the EXes!). There are no rarities on any of the cards, but essentially the pull rates are that of normal packs!

I'm trying to be fair with my pricing, but as always I'm available to haggle.
I'm also going to try something new, for purchases over $10, I am now offering free shipping.

Thanks everyone!

Funny Yato

Spring *Price reduced* Plush sale Reminder :)

Hello! Happy Monday everyone :'D
Just a tiny reminder that I still have some plushies left for sale and that my reduced prices are still on :)

PS: I am now accepting trades!! ^^
You can find my want list here:
(I am not looking to buy anything at the moment, just trades)
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Regular sale here:

Thanks for looking! :)


So after almost 2 weeks of purchasing it, the rare collectible I've been searching for, for about 6-7 years has finally arrived. So what is this rare collectible you may ask? Well I asked you guys in the comments on what you thought it might be. As I expected, most of you said the same thing but the question is were you correct?

As promised I will tag you here if you tried to guess so you can see if you were right.
deadbomb nefhithiel starrypurrloin pokewomon docgerbilsworld

Let's find out! :D

[Click here to begin the reveal]

So what does this package hold, considering it's size?

The box has been opened so what is inside?

Here is a quick tease of the inside. Do you know what it is now?

One last thing before revealing. As you recall, here is a rundown of the hints:

-Last time I checked, it was up for sale on eBay in 2013.
-The plush was made by Banpresto
-Very few of these exist in the world
-It has only had one official authentic plush ever made so far.
-If you noticed on eBay often, about 10 people were watching it before making the purchase.

So enough fooling around, it is now time to officially reveal what I got.


YEP!!!! As most of you guessed, it's the extremely rare 2001 Lottery Prize Banpresto Croconaw Plush!!!! I'm so excited I got this guy; sure it was a little pricey but this is rarely seen up for sale so I'm glad I got it when I did. I know how rare this plush is and being that there has never been a re-release of this plush or any official authentic plush, it makes it worth it even more. I can't explain how psyched I am to have this in my collection. It's truly now the holy grail of my collection. [so far] :D :D <3 <3 <3

Here are some more pics of him with different angles.

One side of the tag.

Other side with the Banpresto logo.

Now that he is out of the bag, I can the different angles. :)
He is just soooo cute and soft. The details are so well done and he is a really good size; almost 1ft tall. Definitely can see why it's so hard to find after all these years.

Well that's it for the post for this extremely rare plush. Thanks for reading and looking at the pictures and shoutout to all the people who tried to guess which one and almost all getting it correct. Have an amazing day everyone and I'm looking forward to seeing your comments. :) <3 <3

Also here is the DeviantArt link to it. :)

some new gets, sales update!

Time for a little gets post! I haven't been buying a whole lot for my collection due to lack of funds, but there were a couple of things I just couldn't pass up! So let's take a look. :D

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I've been really tempted by the Ditto Transform plush of late. XD How are you guys liking them?

To finish this post off, my sales have been updated with some new items and prices have been lowered a little. If you're in the UK or Europe go check it out! :D If you're outside of Europe, and want something, send me a message and I'll see if I can work something out.

I'm having an opening promo too, so use the code COLLECT05 if you want 10% off your order! Use as many times as you like until 31st May!

Until next time. :3

Unova PC Plushies/Y!J Middleman Questions!

Hi comm family!
So I got two Unova PC plushies in today (Lillipup and Axew, from my favorite generation) and I ADORE them. I'd like to get all the Standard Size Unova Era PC plushies that aren't starters/legendaries, but I don't know which ones exist. Does anybody here?

(Might even want all the Unova pokedolls too. I love my Gen 5. <3)

Also, I found some things on Y!J that I want to purchase but I'm wondering the best middleman site to use, and how much shipping will be. I tried calculating it for a lot on From Japan and it said it'd cost like $137 to ship. Is that accurate? Because that's terrifying. xDD

That's it for now, but, as always, I'm looking for Snubbull/Granbull, Shroomish/Breloom, Zangoose, and Cobalion merch. Thanks guys! :)

Need some TCG storage and buying advice!

Hopefully it's okay if I ask for some advice on organizing my card collection here! If not, of course let me know :)

I decided to finally sort and properly store my cards, but I wanted to know how everyone else stores and sorts their collections first! I can't decide if I want to go by set, type, Pokemon #, etc... I don't plan on ever really selling any of them, but I want them to be nice and organized!
My plan was to put nearly completed or completed sets in binders, as well as any holo or promo cards, and keep the rest sleeved in a nice card box.
What do you guys think?

Also, is there a particular website any of you like to use to buy older booster packs (2005-2010ish timeframe)? I don't know how common bootleg/fake booster packs are so I'm not sure if I should trust Ebay and Amazon!

Thanks in advance!
Miranda + Andrea // lasamy

Looking to trade

Hi everyone! Hope Spring weather has finally reached whichever part of the world you are (unless it's not supposed to be Spring)! It's finally warming up here but we'll also get a random day or two where it's freezing cold.

I'm looking for the pair of It's Demo Pikachu Mascot Plush keychains and wanted to know if anyone would like to trade for them?

To the right of the slippers

Sales permission granted by areica96 on March 21st, 2015.
Feedback found here:
Here's a link to my sales post:

Thanks and have a great day!
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Mini Figures Sales and Auctions!

I'm throwing all these figures into an Ebay lot next week so I'm offering them up individually this week.

This sales post only contains Gen 1 Pokemon. (There's two Pumpkaboo figures for sale but that's it for non-gen 1) Every Pokemon is named so you can Ctrl+F.

Forgot the countdown for the auctions!
They end on Friday at 10pm EST.

I was granted sales permission on 6/11/14 by allinia.
My feedback is here:

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Please let me set up auction threads before you comment! You may comment now.

I also have some very highly wanted things that I dunno if people have but I'll put them here anyways!

Diamond and Pearl generation metal figures

I'm SO close to getting all of Darkrai's metal figures from the D/P generation. I've seen the copper twice in some very over priced lots that never sold but didn't get relisted. @_@ The copper one pictured is the 2015 one (I've never even seen the gunmetal one) and the main difference can be seen in the position of the arms. Please let me know if you see/are willing to sell the copper or gunmetal figures!

Gengar Eraser Models

I only need one more Derpy Gengar eraser! That is, until some new color pops up but these are all the ones I know of. I would give half my soul for the blue one, pls.

Not pictured is the light blue one because it's still in package and stuffed away in a box I was too lazy to look through.
Its&#39;Demo Squirtle

Question about a plush + gets

Hi everyone :) I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a question I have. Does anyone know if the female waitress Pikachu plush from Pokemon Cafe was ever made available to the public? I have never seen it before other than in this picture (which I found here). I am not sure if it was just made as a gift for Masuda, or if there were ever any available for purchase. Thanks in advance for any info :)

I also have some exciting female Pikachu gets to share with anyone who is interested :)

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I don't have sales permission yet, but I am working on my application (just need to finish up my draft of rules). So for now I am going to work on a trade post as I've decided to weed out some stuff from my collection. I will post the link to my trade post once it is ready :) Thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoy(ed) your day!
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HUGE sales--rare figure straps, stationary, etc (tons of Pokemon Time!!)

Hi everyone! ( ' w ' ) Finally getting around to some spring cleaning and selling things that have been cooped up in storage since I have lots of hard to find items up for grabs, so please take a look! I will include a free special gift on orders totaling $70 and above, shown at the end of the sales post~ I took the pictures in a hurry, so if you'd like to see additional photos of anything let me know!

Sales permission granted by areica96 on 12/17/15.
My feedback can be viewed here!

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Announcement Thread

Hello everyone!

This is a reminder thread to keep all Sun and Moon talk (outside of merchandise announcements) in the specific thread made by moderators only. We are getting an announcement tomorrow 5/10/2016, most likely via stream on the pokemon youtube channel.

Junichi Masuda has been hinting at this for several days now so everyone is crossing their fingers that it's a trailer! Below are the links to the two youtube channels, most likely the broadcast will be on both.

Times for everyone: JST, which is 13:00 BST, 12:00 UTC, 08:00 EDT & 05:00 PDT.

Pokemon Company Japanese Youtube and Official Pokemon Company International Youtube

*edit* Post has been updated with videos / images of the new starters and legendaries! Everything is under the cut.

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So do you have any theories? Wants and wishes as to what we might see?

Buizel Pokedoll Want

Welp, I've lost out on this little guy a few times because such is life and I'm being punished for selling mine haha! I'm looking to spend no more than $45 with shipping and fees included! Please let me know if you have one, as I regret nothing more than selling mine and would really love to have one again!

I also have a JP Lapras Secret Base doll to sell minty fresh with detached hang tag. Looking to get $25 plus shipping and fees.

Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015
My Feedback

Also, I have one or two other wants listed here

I hope you all have been doing well :) Question time! If Pokemon were real, who would be your mega evolving Pokemon, all things considered, and why? My favorite mega is probably Gallade or maybe Charizard Y, but if Pokemon were real my mega would have to be Lucario. I feel such a strong connection to Lucario as a Pokemon and I feel that would make him my mega evolving Pokemon :) And, while you're at it, list your dream team!

Scouting for an Artist

Hey guys! So MAX Factory recently revealed that they would be coming out with several blank figma forms for people to customize. I'm looking for someone who would be willing to create one or two characters for me (either official trainers or my trainer OC's). Would anyone be willing to take on this project? These figma's are released in October, so I'm thinking I'd preorder one and send it directly to the artist.


Perler Shop link: