May 10th, 2016

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Sceptile merch?

Show me some good Sceptile stuff! I wanna start collecting it alongside Lucario but I'm not sure where to start as I haven't seen much of Sceptile. So far I've just got the Pokemon Time promotion strap, clearfile and tin.

Pokemon - Rayquaza Flowers
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Auction plush lots + Sales~

Wedding planning is coming underway here, which will eventually lead to a house move (or I so very hope, god norcal housing market sucks so much), so I've started making bigger pushes to get plush lots out to new homes and make room!! Here are some eBay lots going on right now (click image to go):

Other items currently in my plush listings are subject to go into these lots next, so if there's something you're looking to get, secure them now before they're gone!

And Sales plug!!
Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )

What Metal Figures Should They Make?

Hey everyone! I've decided to send a letter to Nintendo asking for new metal figures from past gens.. So im here to get some info/proof on WHAT pokemon people want to see get made into metal figures! FEEL FREE TO VOTE FOR AS MANY AS YOU WANT but please dont just vote for all of them lol Try to stick to the ones you really want.. any listed here are one's that I dont believe have metal figures yet(some do have coins) any not listed are ones that i KNOW have metal figures already

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pokemon tomy & zukans for sale

sales post:
click photos to enlarge n_N

some zukans & kids -->

-Sales permission granted by: Rachel (entirelycliched) on Sept 19, 2014
- You can check my feedback: click
-All community rules apply.
-I ship from Miami, FL..
- Shipping prices start at $2.50 for US orders. For international prices start at $4.00.
- I am not responsible for any lost packages.
- Haggling is okay but be reasonable.
- Let me know who you are and what you bought when you send payment (under notes)

ready to challenge the elite four?!?! kanto gym badges have arrived!

Hello!! As the title states, the Kanto Gym Badges have arrived!

This post concerns: skdarkdragon ceruleanblues15 diamondphantom leafyoddish98 mixie94 kriscarmi classypersian pkmnexcavation

Please view your confirmed claim totals and send the payment within 48 hours. :)
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That's all from me!~ Have a nice day! ^^

Which is your favourite Kanto Gym Badge?

Boulder Badge
Cascade Badge
Thunder Badge
Rainbow Badge
Soul Badge
Marsh Badge
Volcano Badge
Earth Badge
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New figures up for pre-order + claims reminder \(・`(ェ)・)/

Hello there everyone! ^o^

Excuse me for posting so soon again but today's post will be really short ;v; (and I can't really delete previous post because it's a post with totals for users who pre-ordered stuff from me)

I added two more items to my last claims post:
WATER SQUIRTER FIGURES and TOMY FIGURES (these are probably pose figures, each comes in it's own box and with candy)

These squirter figures are coming out this month so grab them while you can!

Click on the pic or here to go to the claims post: CLICK ME PLEASE!

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I could use more claims for upcoming movie can badges, they're only $2.5/ each and there's for example Shiny Gardevoir, Shiny Gengar and others! TAKE THEM!~:D
Claims post:

All my other claims can be found here: CLICK ME!
Remember that you can always combine items from my pre-orders and get them shipped together ^-^

QUICK UPDATE ON CLEAR BLUE PUNI CHAN PRE-ORDERS ( for kinokokoneko, stalkingsuicune, doryphish333, spunkybandy, pheonixxfoxx, butterfreeboy, spiritbomb92, diamondphantom, lone_enigma, knighthunter01)
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Thank you for looking!
If you have any questions feel free to ask!
Umbreon, Espeon

Final hours for Eevee Twinkle Dream Kuji!

Hey everyone! Last reminder for my auction of all the items from the Eevee Twinkle Dream Kuji that ends later tonight! Very few items have bids, and those that do are at starting bid. If you haven't been able to get what you where looking for, here is your chance! Click the picture or link to go to the auction. =)

The Kuji is here.jpg

Twilight is starting to give way to the dawn...

Any items won here can also be combined with items from Blues Adoption House. If there is something you are looking for and do not see, dont be afraid to ask: I have a lot of inventory I have not added yet due to my medical issues, so I may have it in my pile, waiting to go home with you. =)


Hi everybody! :D

So, my first sales were highly successful, and unfortunately, the grail I had the funds for sold before I could get a bid in. It had literally been relisted like 9 times, and got a bid the one time I had enough to bid on it ;-;

So, to move on, I have a few big wants to try and hunt down, now that all my packages have been shipped out, and fundage exists once more!

I saw the new grass starter, and it gave me renewed smol birb fever, so I'm back to hunting for a natu pokedoll. I'll basically consider any natu.
I recently lost a shiny latias on y!j, so I'd like one of those, and the two kyurems have been a big want for a while. They don't need tags, but they'd definitely be preferred that way.
I'm also willing to trade for anything from my sales! :)

Plus a shameless sales plug:

Thanks everyone! :D

~ Ebon
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fuzzy wuzzy was a... bear?

Something exciting came in for me today from AmiAmi! I wonder what it is...

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And speaking of some more fuzzy wuzzies...

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Teehee! Just wanted to share some recent gets with everyone! I'm super stoked for Sun and Moon to come out! I'm preparing my wallet for all of the cute grass owl merchandise!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!
Tachibana, Free!, Swimming, Makoto

US Secret Base Pokedolls

Hi everyone! I hope collecting is going well! I'm just a little confused on a few of the US releases of the Secret Base Pokedolls. I've seen the Japanese Totodile and Cyndaquil, and they look larger than a normal pokedoll. On the Pokemon center website, those plushes are listed as being smaller than a normal pokedoll. So.. Are they larger or smaller than a pokedoll? '^_^ Thanks so much for reading!