May 11th, 2016


WTB + Gets+ New PC items

I was finally able to get a Natu thanks to a member here. Thanks again, I love it! I hope you guys are enjoying all the buzz around the new games. I can't wait for all the new starter merch, I love all three.

I have a small want. I'm looking for a minky Torchic pokedoll in good condition, if anyone has one for sale please let me know. Found one. Thanks.

Some new items were added to the US  I noticed that the Swablu keychain plush is listed as 3.7 inches tall and the Japanese version is 4.5 inches tall. Judging by this information it looks like they decided to make the keychain plush even smaller because the US SB-pokedolls were made smaller too?

Does anyone have the Japanese Swablu keychain and/or the US Swablu secret base doll, I'd love to know their sizes in hand.

Question for Xerneas fans

Hey community! It's been a while since I've posted anything but I haven't been buying much. With this post though I'm hoping someone will be able to answer a couple questions I have.

Does anyone have the large Xerneas plush from the Pokemon Center?

My question is this: I've seen bootlegs where the neck completely falls over and makes the plush look like it has a broken neck. Does anyone have the official plush, and if so, can you tell me how sturdy it is as far as keeping it's shape and not going floppy?

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New Sales + Wants

Hello. I have a couple new items for sale under the cut. Most of them are new arrivals but a few are items I'm weeding from my collections. Here's a preview:

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Also here's a wants plug. My main want at the moment is the gunmetal Riolu figure. I don't know why this particular vairant is proving so annoying to track down but it's the last one I need. I have other Riolu metals that I can trade, I can pay for it, or I can do a mix of both. Please let me know if you see it anywhere. Outside of that I'm also looking for a European Bandai Monferno figure, a Noibat chupa figure, a mwt Panpour pokedoll, mwt Pansage pokedoll, and a Pansage retsuden. For the Pansage retsuden I only need one, doesn't matter which it is. I'm aware Pokevault has one but I'd prefer to only buy from there as a last resort.
side wants

1:1 bulbasaur

does anyone have the new lifesize bulbasaur plush for sale that was released earlier this year? i want to get one from sunnyshore or pokevault but shipping is almost as much as the plush itself -.-
Fletchling - ...

mysterious playsets?

Hello everybody, today I come to you with what I can only call a desperate plea for information. Many years ago I came across some Pokémon playsets (at least that's what I would call them) that I have never seen again. My own research has turned up nothing on the subject, and at this point, I just want confirmation of their existence so that I know I'm not imagining the whole thing!

While I'm not 100% certain, I believe that the playsets were produced by Matchbox. How many not-car things did they make? I found them in a store that I can't recall (Marc's or Ames, maybe?) I think this would've been about 1999/2000-ish. They weren't like the folding-style Pokémon House sets, and they included a couple of small figures, including a "secret" one which wasn't visible in the blister packaging. The specific Pokémon in my memory are Doduo, Koffing, and either Vulpix or Eevee. I think the sets came with three, including the secret one. I remember my mom and I purchasing a set for a friend's birthday, but I (unfortunately) didn't get one for myself.

So does any of this ring a bell to anyone here? I'm so sure that these were real, but I can never find anything about them. I'm usually pretty good at digging up info for myself, but this has been driving me nuts for years! Am I misremembering some key piece of information? Are they even real? Am I just really bad at researching this particular subject??

I'd be extremely grateful for any kind of input!

EDIT: Some kind members have confirmed that I was thinking of the Pokémon Micro Machines playsets! Thank you!! I am still curious about them if you have any more information, though!


Have some grails that I'm hoping to find. I am willing to pay quite a bit for any of these. I'm mainly looking for DX Mew & mew/bulbasaur walky plush.
Dont mind any condition/with our without tag. Haha i just want them in my collection :))

(Pictures arent mine, i just googled)
Please help me find some of my high priority grails >_<""

Last sales before I put all on ebay! Added new stuff!

Hey everyone! Just a short sales post cause I´m in need of money! ;_;
I added some new things, also rare stuff! But I´m still open for trades!!

Shipping worldwide up to 4$ no matter how much you buy!
I accept Haggling & Trades for things on my wantslist!

Please take a look under the cut! Thank you! :3

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Not one, but two gift packages? *O* A second SSS???

So, I got TWO absolutely amazing gift packages this week!
And you wonder what gifts these might be?? Well, as some of you might or have noticed, a while ago my friend latias_latios_7 organized a small private personal gift exchange with a few other members on the community! And I ended up doing a gift exchange with her and one of my other friends here on the comm, starrypurrloin :)

Let me just tell you in advance that these gifts were absolutely AMAZING and felt like Christmas, Birthday, and a second SSS altogether! ;O;
So it's definitely worth checking out :)

Let's begin with the gift by latios_latias_7 (Rachel)! :>
Natu, of course, will be my assistant just with the sss :D

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Second, but not in the LEAST bit less important, Nat's (starrypurrloin's) gift! Stay tuned guys, the second gift is just as amazing as the first one!

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So this was it :)
Once again, I cannot even express how thankful and overwhelmed I am, thank you latias_latios_7 and starrypurrloin! Both of you went all out for my gifts and I can't believe how much love and thought went into them. You two are my BEST friends on this community, and you have brought me so much joy not only with these gifts but also throughout so many nice and lovable gestures throughout the time I was lucky to spent with you here on the community <3
Participating in this private gift exchange was one of the BEST things ever and honestly cheered me up soooo much (I have a lot to do atm and generally am a bit on the depressive side unfortunately...) But these gifts brought huuuuge smiles to my face, and I can't express my gratefulness to you guys.
I will definitely participate in an exchange like that should there be another one next year or so :) My gift will still take a bit since you know I am focusing mainly on customs, but having received these awesome packages from you I will now make sure to return the joy right back to you :)

Thanks everyone for reading and looking :)

Substitutes Pre-Orders Reminder and Updated sales

Hey, guys.

I wanted to remind you that I am taking pre-orders for the Substitute series. More information can be found here. :)

I can combine orders with other Pokemon Center items (list and prices are here) or items from my personal sales.

Also I added items to my personal sales! Added some plush, pins, and charms. Hope these guys will find new homes soon~
Sales are here:

sales permission granted by areica96
Prices are in USD. I accept paypal.
Please pay in 24 hours.
Please let me know if you want tracking added. Insurance cannot be added to airmail. You have to pay for EMS express shipping to get tracking and insurance.
I will ship within 4-7 days of payment. I will have to ship on the weekend because of my work hours.
Prices stated do not include shipping. Please ask for a shipping quote.
Shipping is from Japan. I will ship international!

Please let me know when you have received the item and leave me feedback here:
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quick question!

A while ago I scanned my Pokemon Time 2014 planner and just now remembered that I had super high-res copies of a lot of the pages (it suddenly came to mind bc I just sold it xP) Would it be allowed for me to make merchandise using the official images to sell within the community? (prints, vinyl stickers, fabric, etc.) Please let me know if I should remove this post if this kind of thing is prohibited!