May 13th, 2016


Big Sylveon plush collection update! Hurray!

Last week was my birthday so I splurged on a bunch of Sylveon plushes as a gift to myself!

I ended up with 5 new plushes plus one given to me as a present.

Which pretty babies did I get~?

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That's right! Three were from Y!Japan, one was a gift, and two were bought from Kitzune and Wobbuwhit here in this community. (Thank you so much btw!!)

New plushes means a new family photo, too! So here's an updated picture of the Sylveon plush family.

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I'm getting so close to having all the Sylveon plushes released. I can taste it!

That's all for now though! Hopefully I get some more soon. c:

ISO Tomy want and TCG wants

I'm going to preface this by saying, I won't have any pictures at this time but I am looking for a couple items!

First off:

Ditto Tomy - I have been really looking for one so if someone has one the want to sell I want it!

Hoopa ex - Ancient Origins. (2)
Giratina ex - Ancient Origins. (3)
Seismitoad ex - Furious Fists (2)
Shaymin ex - Roaring Skies (2)
Trainer's Mail - (3)
Xerosic - 2
VS Seeker - 4
Sky field (4)
Reshiram 63/108- roaring skies (4)
Hydreigon ex 103/108 - roaring skies (2)
Double dragon energies

Thank you for your time!

☆ DIY Litten Sock Plush + Discounted Sales~☆

Hiya everybody! ^u^ I hope all of you are having a great time collecting. :D And feeling the hype for Sun and Moon! ☆

This is a very simple, little post because I have been super busy as always. I wanted to let you know I still have plenty of super cheap plushies for sale in my sales;

Also, I am now offering this 12" Minky Shiny Ninetales plush for $65 shipped to the US!


Bigger picture under the cut~

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Like I said earlier, I have been crazy busy! But as I have been told, I should continue doing things that I love, having some me-time, to avoid a meltdown. xD So, I made a tutorial on how to make a Litten Sock Plush and I really wanted to share it with all you collectors! ^u^ It will be a while before we'll get some official merch, so this might help all the Litten fans wait a bit. ;D Dedicated to all of you here in PKMNCOLECTORS. Let me know if you make one. n.n

Bye bye everyone! :3 Have funcollecting and gen 7 hyping! ♡


Hello Everyone!!

I am finally off for summer break and so I added a lot of new things (mostly figures) to my sales post!
Please check it out as this might be the last sales post update until end of Summer (hopefully not though!)
I also lowered prices on many things :)

I was granted sales permission on 4/5/14 by allinia. and my feedback is

Here's a little preview of the New Items added: you can click on any of the pictures to be transported to my sales post or you can click here!
Brooke and Jed

Updated Sales -New Items Added-

Since my massive auction a few weeks ago I have updated my sales with some new stock and lowered prices on almost everything. Almost everything is 1$ or less so come by and help me clean house on some of my overstock.

I was granted sales permission by areica96 on February 28th, 2016.

I've got plastic pokemon marbles, topps cards, pikachu keychains, mighty beans, and battrio coins.

This is the link to my sales:

Here are some examples of what is for sale:


Recent gets + small contest!

I've acquired some things for my small-but-growing collection lately, both from the community and outside that I'd like to share.
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As for the little contest... EDIT: the correct answer has been guessed (Xatu Pokemon Time Plush)
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I'm also still looking for a Magikarp Tomy figure. I'm in the Netherlands so I'd prefer to find a european/japanese seller to minimize shipping costs.

As long as it's in ~somewhat~ decent condition I'll be happy to buy it from you!
[Sparkly Sylveon]

♡ Eevee Twinkle Dream Sales & More !! ♡

I finally got my boxes of Twinkle Dream and NecoDulce gets !! I'll need to put aside some time to sort through all my personal gets and update my collection site but I did get loads of Twinkle Dream extras and a few other things which I thought I'd put up for sale first c:

You can click the picture or here to go to my sales post !

♡ I was granted sales permission on February 28th, 2016 by areica96

A pile of new Chus! And Pokekyun!

Today was a rough day to complete a rough week. @_@ I'm going to be glad when school is out and we stop getting field trips at work.

But I came home to THREE nice big boxes so that cheered me up nicely. :3

New #pikachu #plush 😍😍😍 #pokemon #pokemon20 #pokemoncenter #pkmncollectors

Here is a preview of the new Pika babies that joined my collection this week! :D
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Thanks for reading! :D

I also have a new website, which you can access by clicking my banner here! I'm on the hunt for other sites to link share with so please comment below if you'd like to link share!

I have most of my plushies posted, but need to finish up figures and flats.

Sales Updated! :)

An update on my sales posts to include some flats, clearfiles, and more!


Click me to my sales post!

I will continue to add new items available throughout the week! I will try my best to keep sales post updated as well!
*Will also add some perks when you make any purchases* Hope you find something you want!

Thank you all and enjoy the summer season! :D