May 18th, 2016

Weeding sales + Wants + Gets

Hi! I am happy to announce that I now only need two more plated Arceus tomy figures before my set is complete! I need ghost and flame plates. PM or comment if you have them + willing to sell!
I've decided to weed out a good chunk of my collection. I'm currently totally revamping my collection site (which explains the tons and tons of blank images) and saw that my side collections got no love. I'm putting up my entire Shaymin collection, my entire Darkrai collection (with the exception of three items), and other various things that have been sitting in a box. I also added more Giratina items.

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Unexpected Get!

Hey everyone!

A couple weeks ago I found out the Pokemon Centers were introducing merchandise from the past for a brief period, and I was extremely lucky to have been able to get an Umbreon pocket watch! I couldn't of have got it without Sunyshore following up with me that they have been restocked (I tried to order one before but sold out initially).

So I wanted to share my get with everyone! I hope everyone is having a good morning/afternoon/evening :D

Long time no see!

Hey everyone, I've been lurking for the last year or so, but I haven't posted much of anything, so I wanted to reintroduce myself. I am Dii! I mostly collect Goomy and Raichu, but lately I have started collecting Diglett, Ditto, and sleeping Kuttari plushes. I mostly enjoy collecting plushes, but I have some figures here and there. I'm also planning on collecting Rowlet, too, and I am so excited to see what else comes out in gen 7!

I'm mostly here because I absolutely adore seeing people's collections; nothing makes me happier than shelves (or rooms, or houses) full of Pokemon merchandise. That's probably why I lurk more than I post.

That being said, here's my collections!

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Thanks for looking, I love you all!

recent gets - and still searching!

hello everyone~ I just thought I'd share a couple of gets from the past week or so.
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also, I am still frantically looking for this plush:

this is the last sylvie I need before my plush collection is complete ;o; it's the 2013 "trick pose" plush. if you or someone you know is selling one (preferably MWT), PLEASE let me know!~

thanks for looking~*~*~

Updates Sales + Late B-day Get!

Hi everyone!
This post is actually a little late since my Birthday was actually a couple of weeks ago. Different situations kept popping up know how that is. :V Without further ado, with Twiggy's help for introduction:
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Something has come up, so I'm drudging up my sales/weeding post earlier than expected. Price drops and a few new plush included;

Here's the link:

Back to this Community after sick bay + reintroduction!

Hi there! How I have missed taking part of this community, it was been half of a year!
But it's for the best if I reintroduce myself: my name's Ana Ilda, I'm an illustrator and crafter from Portugal, joined in pkmncollectors three years ago. During all the time, I couldn't ever collect any sort of merchandising due to finantial issues which today still persist, make me even unable to get a 3DS, something long-time desired. Sun & Moon and Yo-kai Watch 2 aren't making it any easier :3

All I could to contribute to this great place was granting crafting commissions, particularly, handmade keychains. Ever since I've joined, I've crafted around 150 keychains by now, a bit across the globe, all unique and diversed according the liking of every buyer. That's a work I'm proud to have elaborate for many people but also it was the responsible for serious wrist damage which forced me to call quits after delivering the last bundle of commissions until full recovery for 6 months.

Which is now! I'm fully healed and already back to business! I expect to make a return to the custom keychain commissions next week with several improvements and brand new free offers related to Gen VII among them!

I hope everyone is doing alright! I've recognized several members in these last submitted posts and glad to see your passion on your collections keep strong as always!

Team Litten over here though is prone to change (cuz evolution is the last judgement lol)

See you around!


I got some exciting stuff in the mail today! I didn't expect them to get here to quickly, though.

First, I got this adorable 8" Play by Play Poliwhirl from the ever-so-wonderful shadoweon. It's so cute, I'm so happy! (ft. Tiny Poli)

Then I got this super soft and brand new 12" Cherubi off of eBay. Probably a bootleg of some sort, but its too cute for me to actually care whether or not it is.

That's 12 inches of pure happiness right there. He feels like a fuzzy watermelon. What a happy melon.
why is this happening

espurr wanted!: ... very badly

One of my biggest wants right now is the Espurr Wanted!! PokePuff plush -- and I've seen the little devil pass through the community twice over the past few days, with me just missing it both times! D: It just calls my name... or has hypnotized me, you know, one or the other.

If anyone has one for sale, I am very interested. The only ones I can find for sale on Amazon or Ebay are super expensive, so I'd preferably like to pay less than $60. As long as it's in decent condition, I don't care if it's MWT or TTO. I also live in Canada, if that matters to some!

I have a lil bit of feedback here!:

Thanks so much!

A little help?

Ok so being a Poliwhirl fanatic, I'm constantly stalking eBay and any other buying/selling website I can get my hands on (any suggestions would be lovely) and I've seen this guy pop up a few times, and supposedly its "rare" and "vintage", though he kinda looks like a bootleg to me. Does anyone know what brand/company this little guy came from? Thanks in advance. :D

Selling Litten and Espeon sock Plushies~


And, selling minky custom shiny Ninetales for $65 shipped~


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I was awestruck by how much people enjoyed the Litten sock plush tutorial! :0 I am super happy I could help so many people. :) Thank you so much for all the feedback, I was quite overwhelmed... n.n" Thank you <3

After the next video, I will not be posting any more of my Pokemon plushie tutorials and other DIY tutorials here, because this community is for collecting and selling customs, not crafts and DIY's. :) My YouTube channel, Twitter and Instagram are for said things.

Both Litten and Espeon are $5 each (+shipping and PP fees) OR you can make them easily at home~ :3

Okay, so here are the tutorials;


Extra straps and 1 Squirtle figure

Hey guys.
I have some extra straps. I am selling them for $8 each +shipping. Except the secret Pikachu is $10

I have 1 Subsitute, 1 Ditto, 2 Squirtle, 1 Pikachu, 1 secret pikachu, 2 Minun/plusle, and 1 cyndaquil.
I also have 1 Squirtle figure for $6+shipping.


These can be combined with my other sales here. Buy the plush plush... *v*

On a side note, shipping may be a little slow this month. >_< My credit card information was stolen soooo my mom sent me the new card, but it hasn't arrived. Because of this I had to use my Japanese cash for the recent Substitute pickups. Post offices in Japan only allow cash.... Now I am waiting for the paypal money to transfer to my bank so I can withdraw it and so I will have yen again to ship everyone's things! Sorry for the delays...!>_<

sales permission granted by areica96
feedback :
(community rules apply)

Prices are in USD. I accept paypal.
Please let me know if you want insurance added.
I will ship within 3-5 days of payment. I will have to ship on the weekend because of my work hours.
If you say you want the item please pay within 24 hours. I will not hold items.
Prices stated don't include fees, or shipping. Please ask for a total quote
Shipping is from JAPAN. I will ship international!
I do not accept trades.