May 20th, 2016

ISO some more TCG and Tomy Ditto

Title says all!

Thank you everyone for helping me finish out my last list of TCG that I needed.

Always looking for a Ditto tomy. If you have connections hook me up!

I have a new list for you today!

(3) jolteon ex - generations
(3) glaceon ex - fates collide
(3) fighting fury belt

May add more to the list later.

Pokemon of the Week - Charmander Line!

Over the next few weeks we'll be revisiting the starter pokemon! With the hype coming from Pokemon Sun and Moon and the reveals we decided to go back and feature all the others that lead up to Sun and Moon.

The rules are simple, you can post pictures, discuss how awesome this pokemon is, look for merchandise or even tell us stories! Please remember to keep it on topic.

(These posts are meant to be all about these pokemon, so your post doesn't have to include merchandise! Have one in game? Saw a cute picture online? Post it!)

Vulpix PD

Quick Sales, PitaPoké book pages, Grab Bags!

Hi again! How's everyone's collecting going? Is everyone excited for Sun and Moon? =D

I have some quick sales, flats, and grab bags!
Rules can be found by clicking here to go to my sale page. Some rules to be advised of:
-Commitment takes priority
-Smoke free, pet friendly home
-No fees just item price plus flat shipping prices listed on my sales post
-No refunds or compensation, ask any questions before purchase and get insurance if you are concerned
-Haggling accepted on quick sale items if you are buying multiple

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Eeveelutions Tumblers, made in the USA x2: $20

Selling individual PitaPoké pages from these childrens' learning books. Click the picture or here to go to the post.

-can combine shipping with other items/grab bags

Still have grab bags and add-ons on my sales post.<3 Click the image or HERE to go to my sales page. I sell internationally, but keep in mind that non-USA shipments are very expensive at this time. No PayPal or Handling fees, straight cost plus shipping!

_DSC4154 copy.jpg

Thanks, guys!

Just wanted to thank all you guys for the help I've been getting since recently joining! You guys sure do know your Pokemon, and the quick replies for any of my questions have been greatly appreciated!

Toys R Us Pokemon Anniversary Manaphy Plush Back In-stock at Toys R US

In case people missed it last Saturday like I did Toys R Us restocked. So if you collect the 20th anniversary merch I would get it ASAP. The figure is also available if you want to buy both for free shipping. Each have a limit of 3.

Manaphy Plush:

Manaphy Figure:


Looking for MPC Plush!

Hey guys! :3 I'm looking for some of the My Pokemon Collection plush and hope that you can help! I'm in the UK!

Anyway! I'm looking for the following:
Sawsbuck (Autumn or Spring)

I probably won't be able to buy all of them at once but let me know if you have them for sale! Alternatively, I will trade for any MPC or mascot sized plush in my store (click below) :3

- Sales permission was given to me by dakajojo on 03/02/11
- My pkmncollectors feedback can be found here:

In other news, I've added an affiliates page to my store too! So if you'd like to exchange links to your site, I'd be happy to swap! I'd really appreciate the exposure. ^^ I will be making some buttons today if you'd like to use a graphic.

By the way, does anyone in the UK/EU still want any of the 20th Anniversary plush? I should be able to get Celebi and Jirachi now and the others will be arriving later in the year, but I just wanted to check for interest before I decided how many to buy for my shop. O:

Until next time, thanks! :D


Hi guys!

Just a quick question: is this one a bootleg? I'd say yes, what with the front, right leg not touching the ground, but I'm not too sure.
I need your expert eye!


Possible New Poliwhirl Plush???

Hi guys! So as some of you might know, I freakin' love Poliwhirl. Like that guy is just precious. So of course, I follow the tags "Poliwhirl" and "Poliwhirl plush" on eBay and this thing came into my notifications for an email I got an supposedly its a pre-order item from the Japan Pokecenter but I was wondering if anyone had any other information on it? Thanks a ton.

I found the Poliwhirl here.

Auctions and an overdue collection update!

Hello everyone! It's been a while since my last post, but I've been around buying things still :D

I've finally finished these guys so they're up for auction, you can find out more under the cut :)

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Next up is a collection update, so many zukans!! Quite a few pics under the cut.
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I hope you enjoyed looking at these pictures and happy bidding to those that do! Just gimme a minute to put the threads up :)

Let's Have A Debate! + Artists' Opinions + My SSS + Sales

Hi everyone, it's been quite a long time since I last post anything. I have been MIA for almost 2 months due to having been sick for over a month and have been super busy at work. I decided to make this long post to interact with everyone :)!!!


Today's topic: "Is Suicune's ribbons a TAIL?? or it is just flowing around its' body?"

First of all, I don't collect Suicune items nor have I pay much attention to this legendary beast before. However, when I was watching some Youtube videos on the Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, I saw this:

Evidence #1:
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After a while later, my friend found this Suicune custom plush on etsy made by SimpleChicGeek:

Evidence #2:
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And my reaction was OMG...Suicune's ribbons does come out from its butt!!! I actually wanted to buy this plush cus it is quite cute (especially the ribbons) XD My friend decided to ask the seller to confirm why she/he decided to design the plush this way and to further confirm that the ribbons is in fact Suicune's tail:

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After some time have passed, my friend showed me the final evidence that sealed the deal:

Evidence #3:
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So, now I might ask you guys, what do you think (especially those that collect Suicune)? I would love to see your comments on this. I hope I am not the only one that find this amusing ~.~
Poll #2045303 Suicune's Ribbons?

Flowing Ribbons or Tail?

Flowing Ribbons
I don't care


I recently finished a commission for a friend. She requested me to make a pokeball shaped house for small pets. All was going well and she loved the final product. However, after I told her the shipping cost for the item, she flipped out and also said a lot of things that made me feel insulted as an artist and angry for this whole situation.

She said:
*"This isn't what I wanted and what I asked for." (Even though I showed her the sketches and told her my design many times before. I asked her many many times if she have any special requests for the design or changes she wants me to make. She told me many times, "I trust your decision.", "Up to you, I don't mind." Few days ago when I showed her the finished product, she approved of it by saying "I love it!")
*"I thought it was shipped. If I knew it was Y (item cost + shipping) then I won't have wanted it. I could buy 10 of these with the price." (I told her before that I have no idea what the shipping cost will be since the item isn't made yet. But it is international shipping. She was the one that ASKED me to make it and said she will pay whatever it cost to make it and the cost to ship it back.)
*"I feel it is unfair you charged me so much for this. The fabrics and materials doesn't even cost that much." (I quote the price to her and asked if she is ok with it. And she said she is fine with it. So I am not sure what happened.)

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I want to ask all artists out there: "How to you deal with a situation like this?" I would love to hear your opinions and your past experiences with customers.

Anyways, here's the item I made:

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The pet house is roughly 9" wide X 6" tall. The opening is 4" tall X 5" wide. It has a very sturdy structure and covered with very soft orange and white cuddly fleece. The details are made with felt and the black lining continues on the inside of the dome. The bottom is made with two kind of cardboard and covered over with orange cuddly fleece on the inside and outside. If anyone is interested in purchasing this pet house for their small pets, it will be $40 before shipping and pp fees. I am willing to make some adjustments and add-on(s) on it! Please let me know!


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FINALLY!!! Here's my Sales:

You can click on the banner to be transported to my Main Sales Post!

Thank you for those that stuck around and read my very long post XDDD Have a great day everyone!!!

Small Wants- Turtwig and Poochyena

Hi guys, guess who's back! I feel that I post at the most random times and they're always so small haha I want to make one big post with sales, many wants, and discussions, but, sadly, I don't have time for that.

I am here today because I have decided that I need a Turtwig plush in my life and the Tomy ones are no longer in the stores in my area! I've been debating on getting one for awhile, but gen 4 and I have a rocky relationship. I have a few big favorites from Sinnoh, like Lucario and Buizel, but for the most part I, personally, found a bulk of the designs to be poor. So I wasn't sure if I liked Turtwig enough to justify buying a plush for some time, but then I saved a baby snapping turtle and I love her so much that I have grown to love Turtwig. Show me you Turtwig plushes!

Also, I have always wanted a clear kid figure. The only kid figures I have are Zoroark, and to my knowledge she does not have a clear version, only a sparkly. I also don't like to buy kid figures of all my favorites, I would go broke very quickly, so I had to think long and hard about which Pokemon out of all the ones with clear kids is my favorite and I have decided that it is Poochyena :) I might try for Mightyena one day, but for now I'm looking to get a clear Poochy for around $6 shipped if possibly? Please let me know :)

I'll be back with a sales post full of my impulse buys as well as somethings from my recent culling because space is always an issue.

Also #defendersofpopplio
I'm not sure if I will pick Popplio myself as I pick my starter based on the final evolution, but I think Popplio is absolutely adorable! I love sea lions and if Totodile didn't exist then Oshawott would be my all time favorite starter because Samurott is the BEST, go sea lions! My little brother's favorite animal is an owl so he's starting with Rowlet no doubt, and my boyfriend is going to start with Litten, so as it stands I will probably start with Popplio :) If I don't like his evolutions, well, then, I just won't let him evolve! I have no idea why this adorable creature is receiving so much hate, but I feel that it is undeserved. I don't remember this happening to any other starter, do you guys? Please discuss your thoughts here, even disagreeing opinions are welcomed just please be civilized :)

EX Card Trade?

Hi everyone! I picked up the Blastoise generations box, and ended up with pretty crappy pulls xD I had 4 or 5 EX's from the Charizard pack, but I just got Gardevoir from Blastoise. Since I already have this card, I'm looking to trade it for any other EX I don't have. Condition doesn't have to be mint! If you're interested let me know what you have for trade :)


The condition is mint c:


Perler sales:

Other sales:

I also have a question- in the generation packs are some EX's more common than others?
This is the third Gardevoir I've gotten from these packs, and I've seen this one along with some others being sold for less than I'd expect. Just as an example, I saw this Gardevoir being sold for 4 while a Flareon from the pack was listed for 7. Are the prices because of the demand for the specific cards, or because some are easier to get than others? Thanks!