May 22nd, 2016

i got the pokedoll bite...

And I am now looking for JP tagged gen5 pokedolls. I won't be able to afford anything until next month but if you are selling them, hit me with your sales post so I know where to go when I get my money!

I'm just getting started with the pokedoll craze, so chances are very high I don't have what you are offering. On high priority are the final Unova starters, especially this guy :

I'm also looking for MIP pokedoll stickers!
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Looking for Bath Bombs!

Greetings, all!

I've fallen in love with the Pokemon Bath Salt Bombs!

I have been on the hunt for this set.  I have gotten a few individual packs, but those are few and very far between...

Would anyone happen to know where I can get these?  I know I'm waay off, release-time wise.  Perhaps some members have one laying around??

I ended up with a Chesnaught.  I would love to get Diance, Yveltal, Delphox and Greninja.


Hello everyone!

I am excited about my collection so far!

I am in search of a few things for my collection if anyone has them.

Pokemon Time Rayquaza strap
Pokemon Time Zangoose strap

I need
3 jolteon ex - generations

Thank you all for your time!
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mysterious sender ?

Hi to all

this may look strange post . but i was asking about Hoenn starters SP from Tomy before a week maybe
and iv been told i can get it from the Mega Pack (4 figure + stone) ..

and because of that i searched for it ..and i found it on ebay only and made it in watch list (i did not purchase it)

but i do not rememeber purchasing it from the community (on my paypal account it is not shown also)

today while am working on my office .. i received it !

did any one from the community send it ? if yes could you contact me ..

and is there away to know who send it ?
on the carton  just stamps from Taiwan so it is from Taiwan and my address written on it
. with china Postage also and a tracking number that i do not have it in my purchase list ..

i feel like i look stupid posting this .. but i really want to know ..
I also think that maybe a seller from ebay mixed things up and am wondring which one .. lol

Thanks :)

quick collection update!

Hello i have finally finally unpacked alot of stuff at my new house and updated my collection shelves!

here is a pic of my main collections on my bookshelves (click for a larger image):

As you can see my main collections are latios, snivy, sylveon, snorlax/ munchlax, and samurai blue pikachu! my samurai blue collection s the one that is the most complete right now haha. I will be posting a more detailed collection update later... but in the mean time lmk what you think of my set up here? ^_^ also does anyone else happen to have a samurai blue pikachu collection? i would lov to compare~

also, i have a kid figure sale going on in my store!
click the image or here to be transported!


thank you all for reading! :D

I need some help, guys!

Ok, so the other day, I was looking through somebody's sales post and I was interested in a little Poliwhirl Coin Bank like this: (Image not mine, it was the best one I could find on Google.) But now I can't remember who I was talking to and I need your guys' help!

I'd prefer to discuss/buy the item from the person I was originally talking to since I found them first, so if you or anyone you know is selling one, please comment or PM me! Thanks!

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Also side note: Does anyone know what kind of Poliwhirl plush this is? (once again, picture not mine.)

TCG Wants

Hey all, glad to see this place is still kicking!

I recently organized all my old cards and couldn't believe how many I had! I filled up an entire 2" binder (9x25 sleeves) just with Generation 1! So while I wait for another binder to get here I'd like to fill out what I'm missing from the first three sets, since those are what I seem to have the most of.

Here is all I'm missing from Base, Jungle, and Fossil but if you have a sales post or something with lots of cards for sale I'd love to see them!

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And just so this isn't a giant wants post here's a quick pic of my Zukan collection! (Click for full size.)

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Stay cool! Thanks for looking!
Pokemon - birds of a feather...
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May 2016 Customs Post - Shuffle & Sun/Moon Starter Patches!

I finished all of my outstanding commissions so I'm ready to take on some more! :D

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Sales permission was grandfathered in at the beginning of the community.

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As always, I have many more Pokemon customs for sale on my Etsy store!

And for a quickie NOT sales related...

I made myself a little Rowlet the week the Sun/Moon starters were revealed! Although I may not be able to collect any new Pokemon (no more collection space ;A;), I was so stoked that I had to make a super adorable grass starter birdie to hang out with my flock!

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sales + wants

Hi everyone! I just got out of school and found some spare time for the first time in several months, so I thought I'd take this chance to clear out some stock. Kids, Tomys, keychains, bath salt figures, Pokedoll charms, ChikuChiku sewing promo, and more!

Click on the banner to be taken to the sales

I would also love it if people could look at my wants list! I'd really love to knock some items off it. I'm also looking for any and all RETSUDEN STAMPS, especially AG era ones. Let me know if you have any for sale!

Also - this auction ended this morning. I originally in it to win it, but the ending price was...insane. I was wondering if anyone could take a look at the tag/description (in Japanese) and possibly tell me why it went so high? I assume it's a lottery prize of some sort, but Google Translate is about the extent of my Japanese.

Thank you! :)

sales bump! + some new additions

Hello!~ Just added a few more things to my sales. Most of them being regional Pokemon Center exclusives! Also added a few stuff from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki kun and Noragami if anyone's interested in them!

Click the pictures below to head to the sales page. \(^o^)/

Always open to trade for my wants! Let me know if you have any of the pins listed here for sale!! :))

Which starter will you pick?

I can't choose!!
Hoppip - ♥ c:

Hoppip wants!

Hello! I'm hoping someone can help me out! I'm looking for a couple items that appear to have been thrown out when I moved... I've been able to replace a couple, but I just realized a couple more that must have gotten thrown out! :(

I'm looking for the battle museum figures of Hoppip, Skiploom, Attack!Skiploom and Jumpluff, tiny playset Hoppip figure and Hoppip Retsuden stamp.

I'm also looking for any information on the Hoppip plush also pictured. If anyone can tell me anything about it! Or if you're willing to sell one, let me know!


And here's an update for one of my charm collection! I'll still waiting on over 100 charms to add to the board. Or second board I'll probably have to get. :) I'll have over 400 once everything gets in.

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Thanks guys!