May 24th, 2016

Plush collecter PSA

I'm gonna make this short and sweet: latley in my area of southern Mississippi, there's been these little termite guys that look like this:

The thing about these little jerks are that they leave this brown residue that looks like... Well I won't get into that, but point is, you DO NOT want this junk on your precious plush! :(( luckily I've been okay so far, but am in the process of getting my babies in ziploc bags like this:

And if you live in a hot and humid area like me and have heard reports of these bugs hanging in swarms, do not hesitate to think ahead, no matter how clean your house is some of them find a way in! :(( I've seen some in my living room, but one in my room ew 😰 As far as where to go about getting rid of these termite, I recommend vacuuming them up!

Plush identification help?

Hello all :)

I recently purchased this Pikachu mini plush, thanks to a tip from nefhithiel. They have the same plush (or what I thought was the same one) but they described the plush as having blue text on the tush tag, and having come out around the time X&Y were released. However, I got this one in the mail and it actually is a newer plush (maybe a re-release?) I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about this plush. Here's some pictures:

Collapse )

Any help would be much appreciated ^_^ thanks for reading!

ColossalCon Anyone? :D

Hi everybody! :D

So, I finally managed to get a day off of work on Sunday, June 5th!
So, I'm headed down to ColossalCon in Sandusky, Ohio!
I was just curious if anyone on here is going to be there that day, and would be interested in meeting up and waddling around the dealer's room (I'm not going to be there for a super long time, it's mainly a merch run for me)? :D

Just figured I'd ask around, I know it's a pretty big Con :3

Also, as a side note, I'm still after black and white kyurem, and natu pokedolls, as well as any shiny kids figures :)

Thanks everybody! :D

Happy collecting! :D

~ Ebon

two quick sales and a tcg dilemma.

Hello, my dears~

I have two items I'd like to part with- one was an impulse buy, and the other hasn't been used due to Personal Health Reasons. Stock photos are being provided atm, until I can get home and link my own. <3

I was granted sales permission on 1/18/14 by entirelycliched as 'soulsalight', and my current feedback is below~

The first item is a Ditto Transform! Gengar Plush. It went straight from the bag onto a shelf, and I think someone else would be happier with it. Shipping will be free for this, as I only send out in the US. I'm asking $20 for him.  sold!

and then...

The second item is from the Chiku Chiku Sewing promo, the travel sized sewing kit. This sucker is small, it fits in the palm of my hand, and comes with a tiny pair of scissors and a few notions. However, my hands shake too much lately for me to sew, and I've yet to use the kit. If anyone is really curious as to the size, I can provide a picture next to a pokemon kid figure later. Again, shipping is free- I only ship in the US- and I'm asking $25 for this.

Now as for my tcg dilemma...

...I have a smoosh over 600 never played, but possibly gently used, cards (nieces and nephews can't be trusted too well...). I've taken the time to list out how many of each base type I have, then by rarity. Over at my personal journal, I'm taking offers until Sunday for the content of this box of potential win- most groups of cards start at 4 due to the amounts there of, and this could be good for deck building? IDK WORDS. 
Brooke and Jed

Pokemon Battrio Coin and Plastic Marble Auction - Very Low Start Bids - 50 Cents or Less!

Help me clean house on these battrio coins. I have way too many and need them gone. All the coins start out at 25 cent start bids. All the marbles start out at 50 cent start bids. They are both really cool items and I have a ton of variety of pokemon. If your interested come by and check them out.

Here is the link to my auction:

Here are some sales examples:

I was granted sales permission on February 28th, 2016 by areica96.
You can find my feedback here:​ee​d​back/view/Iamconfused1/

Big Footprint Figure GA reminder!

Hi guys! Just a quick reminder that our GA is ending in less than 24 hours!
There are still lots of figures without bids and everything is MIP so feel free to have a look! And if you're already the highest bidder on something you really want to win, please keep in mind that you can increase your own bid to give us a better chance of winning! If we win for less than the amount raised you will get a discount anyway, so this is a good way to make sure you're not disappointed if we don't win! :)
Click on the link below to go to the GA! Come on guys we have to win this time! XD

Choco Wafer Sticker Question!

Heyo everyone :D I've been on vacation for the past few weeks and now I'm sick and I bought some yummy Pokemon choco wafer things from an international food store~ they came with other goodies x3

I pulled some cute stickers and then I noticed the puzzles on the back...


I was hoping someone would have a full list of the stickers availabe and pictures of all the possible puzzles? ;;w;; I'd love to complete those two <3

Thanks for the help >w<
  • herar

quick sales

Hey guys! I have some quick sales for you~

* Sales permission granted by dakajojo 7/20/2011
* I Ship from MI, USA.
* Feedback:
* I accept trades.
* I DO NOT accept haggling.
* I accept paypal.
* I do holds for 24 hrs.

additional pic:
First up is my Pikachu 3DS XL - $145 shipped.
it DOES NOT COME WITH BOX, however it comes with a clear cover (which was replaced before i stopped using it so it's brand new), screen protectors (will include the 3 extra covers i have), charger, and 16gb SD card.

UFO nebukuro charizard: SOLD
Ichiban kuji eevees, charizard: $40 shipped each
'Last One' Gengarchu prize: SOLD

That's all for today! My 5 year collecting anniversary is in a few weeks so hope to do big update then *^*