May 25th, 2016

In Search of Sales post/Seller - Vending series cards

Who had the lot of vending series cards in their sales? I remember browsing a sale and seeing them, thinking I'll check back later, and Idk who it was. Who I thought it was it wasnt so....Im searching. It was like a lot of vending for 20-30 or something

tbh, even if they sold I just want to find the post for sanity's sake, or I might go crazy xD

Pic for attentions

Noivern time

Updated sales :)

Long time no see! I've been really busy lately with work and going back to get my Master's degree but I'm back(sorta). I decided to weed out a majority of my Charizard and the rest of my Sylveon collection so hopefully someone will want to give them a new home ^^ I have a bunch of other non-Charizard and Sylveon plush up as well :)

One of the items I have up is the 2013 Kuji Sylveon + eevee pokedoll plush if anyone is looking for it! Click the link below to go to my sales :)

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Hey there, I haven't been active since last summer really so here I am reintroducing myself. I'm Max, and I'm a Canadian collector.

My collections include:
Numel and Camerupt* main
Groudon* main
Team Magma* main
Zubat Golbat and Crobat
Houndour and Houndoom
Various Fire types
Small + Large tins*

If happen to have anything that fits in that realm hit me up with a comment or message, I'm happy to trade as well as buy!

I'll be posting sales soon as well
Ray, Beta, Bill

Arcanine zukan get

Hello again!
Man I've been after this one for too long,
finally got it thanks to white_chocobo:


I traded some of my favourite zukan figures to get him,
but on the plus side I now have an Arcanine family!

I'll post again soon with pics of my new Trainer Guides,
and my latest sculpture: Trainer Red and Pikachu!

New Pokemon TFG Showcased and Custom Figure Commission Time!!!

Hi everybody! I'm back and now I'm open for a commission. At the moment I prefer making Kaiyodo/TFG-inspired highly dynamic Pokemon miniatures. This is because they are small and light and shipping isn't much. I can make any size but unfortunately shipping would be expensive, so for now I prefer making miniatures unless you are willing to pay for expensive shipping. Read on for the commission details...

I was granted sales permission on July 8, 2015 by skdarkdragon.
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Specific Commission Rules Rules
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Sample Figures
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Thank you very much for looking. I hope to work with any of you soon!
Its'Demo pink hoodie Pika

First trade & a question about a plush

Hi everyone! I made my first trade here on the community. It was with fellow Pikachu lover, nefhithiel :) I made a mini photo story to share what I got.

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Now for a quick question. I haven't been able to find much information on this female Pikachu plush. The information I do know is that it's a prize from the 2015 Pikachu and Friends Music Party kuji (here). I unfortunately can't read Japanese, but it looks like it was obtained by doing something on Twitter? I'm assuming it's rare as I've never seen one for sale anywhere. I hope I can find one someday! If anyone has any info on it, please let me know. Thanks :)

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 11.50.27 AM.png

I hope you're all enjoying your day/evening/night! Thanks for reading <3
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First Sales Post!

Hey everyone! I finally pulled together what will be (an extremely long overdue) FIRST SALES POST!

It contains Pokedolls, Plush, figures, charms, and other various non-flats.
Check it out by clicking the (beautifully thrown together MS Paint-) image below!

Granted Sales Permission by entirelycliched on April 2nd 2012

✿ Trading Rare Plushies & Shirt Swap? ✿

grail.jpg Hello Everyone!! IMG_9103.JPG
Long time no see!! I've been very slow and inactive here, sorry about that! Sometimes just talking to people tires me out, not to mention i've felt a little discouraged about sharing my collection posts here anymore. ;n;
If you watch me on DA you probably know why, but i also deleted the post about it a while ago so don't bother trying to dig it up. ;/
Anyways, I have some exciting things to offer you all today!

First, i would realllyyyy love to swap this shirt out if possible!
This is the shirt i have:

It's an AG era boys small t-shirt MWT.
And this is the shirt i'm looking for:

I'd also consider trading the shirt for other things on my wish list here! Otherwise i'll just auction it off here i guess.

Next up i have some very tentative trades up on Deviantart! I'm possibly considering trading some of my rarer plush, so click on the this sentence to go check that out! Please only comment on that post if you have an offer, NOT this one! Thank you!

That's it for today! Hope you all are doing well! c:
~ Thank you all for looking! <3

New get and a strange dilemma!

Hey everyone!

Really excited for my latest addition look at this cutey!

So when I ordered this little guy I actually wasn't aware he was mint in packaging. I really really want to cuddle this cutey, my neice comes around a lot and I let her play with all my plush I like to see them played with.

My dilemma is that I know someone out there would value the mint condition so much more than I can. Is there a market for a swap? I know it sounds crazy. Does anybody else here prefer to release their plush from the packets?

Anyway hope you all had a lovely day 💞
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Orphans for Sale and General Sales post

So this seems to happen more than I would hope.. :(  Please if you can't afford the items before I do the pick up please cancel. I use my own money to buy them.

So these guys are orphaned now and are up for grabs.. :(
-Dittosaur SOLD
-Lugia Pika $32+shipping
-Lugia and Ho-Oh Pikachu charms SOLD

I am gonna hold Bulbasaur Ditto until I get a response from raz2b about him since they asked me to pick up one before. If they pass, j_ule also had deeds on the last one of these guys that was almost orphaned. If neither of them want him then I will open him up for everyone...

Items can be combined with my personal sales or pick up items.

Also I have some new items on my sales page! I have some of the Nebukuro towels and straps and the Substitute straps for sale. :> Prices and information can be found here:

sales permission granted by areica96
feedback :
(community rules apply)

Prices are in USD. I accept paypal.
Please let me know if you want insurance added.
I will ship within 3-5 days of payment. I will have to ship on the weekend because of my work hours.
If you say you want the item please pay within 24 hours. I will not hold items.
Prices stated don't include fees, or shipping. Please ask for a total quote
Shipping is from JAPAN. I will ship international!
I do not accept trades.
Please let me know when you have received the item and leave me feedback here:

Thanks for looking!
Items in JAPAN:
Fast EMS mail starts at $12. If you want it sent slower airplane mail starts at $3 and $4 more to track (no insurance)

Pokemoncenter Group Buy!

Hello everyone :D I saw the adorable new pins and I couldn't help but want some of them!
So I'll be doing a group buy for any items from the Pokemon center :3 Below I'll have a list of some purchases that contain multiple items so that people can claim individual items like pins ^w^
Shipping will be free (I'm already buying enough for that lol) so there will only be two payments~
1) Payment 1 will be for your items only
2) Payment 2 will be for shipping from me to you

Note: I will require payment for your items (Payment 1) before I place the whole order!

I am willing to order items outside the list below, just please let me know ^w^
I am also okay with ordering multiple sets of something ouob
Keep in mind I will probably be unable to give shipping quotes, sorry :(

If there are not enough claims on certain sets before I place the order they will not be included :<
I will ask for payment 24 hours before I order!

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I will probably want to place the order sometime next week (Wednesday is likely) so please get your orders in asap ^w^ I'll send out a final reminder 48 hours before I place the order to ask for payments and etc, thanks! <3

Presentation and Mega-Audino plush !

Hi ! My name is Camille, and I go by Lasciva, peluchière ! I'm a french plushie-maker.
I began to make plushie about more than a year ago. It was almost Christmas, and I was looking online to buy myself some pokémon plushies. I found a huge Lapras plush that I never saw before. After reading the decription I understood that the girl holding it MADE it. At that moment I realised that we can MAKE plushies (don't ask me what I was thinking before, I got no ideas.) I read lots of tutorials on internet, and finally decided to go buy some fabrics and give it a go. And since then I never stopped ! I'm learning and improving with each plushie I make and I love to challenge myself with huge complex projects.
I recently finished a big cuddly Mega-Audino and I wanted to share it with you !
So here a small picture of her and under the cut more pics !

Also, this is my first post, I hope I am not breaking any rules.

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Top Insight plush for sale

Hi, I just got today a package with a full Top Insight strap plushies set and I have a few of them for sale. I'm not sure about the price so they are OBO!!
Cyndaquil and Totodile are not for sale!
25$ OBO Mew Top Insight without keychain
15$ OBO each Chikorita with keychain/Pikachu without keychain
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And to make the post less boring... I brought Charmander Heartland to my other house only to have these guys together! Heartland Charmander and 1:1 Charmander with their cute hats!

Hat-brothers #pokemon #charmander #collectionSelfie
Plush, Latios, custom, pokemon

Lost(Latios) and Found: Giant Latios plush - A Grail Tale + Gets

I finally have a moment to make this post. Not too long ago I received something amazing in the mail!! Behold...
The Pokemon Center Giant Latios!!! Complete with Soul Dew! My untimate Holy Grail, I can die a happy man.

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Here's the whole lot together

I have more images of these guys on my website as well as images of the rest of my collection :)