May 26th, 2016



Hello my loves!
I have a couple wants! Is anyone selling the Kororin Pikachu plush (the tsum tsum style plush),
the Jolteon/Flareon/Vaporeon pillow or cushion,
Eevee Keshimon metal figure,
Or one of the newest eeveelution card holders (the eevees look like powerpuff girls imo) I just want 1.

Everyones stuff has been shipped. Please leave me feedbaclk! :) I will do the same. Thank you!

I also have my sales here:

Quick Last Minute Sales and Collection Update

Hello Everyone~

I have finally completed my Chesspiece collection! Although it took awhile to complete for a series of only 25 officially released chesspieces, I am very satisfied to say that I have completed one part of my collection. They are very beautifully painted and Kaiyodo never fails to make some of the most detailed figures in Pokemon figures.
Here are some pictures:
Set I
FullSizeRender 3
Set II-A
Set II-B
FullSizeRender 2


I am going to be out of the country for most of the summer and I am trying to clean out boxes of figures I have so here is a quick last minute sales post :) You can always combine shipping with things in my main sales post, I have reduced prices on many things on my sales post

I was granted sales permission on 4/5/14 by allinia. and my feedback is

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FullSizeRender 16
Lapras Pokedex figure- $7
Gulpin Pokemon Time Figure strap with wrong strap- $6
Poochyena Megablok- $4
Whismurr- $3
Metagross Chocoball figure- $5
Flygon Chocoball figure- $7
Minun Chocoball figure- $3
Wynaut Chocoball figure- $3

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Thanks for reading!

LF: MWT Pokemon Center Rayquaza Plush


I'm looking for a MWT Pokemon Center Rayquaza plush as a birthday gift for a good friend, would anyone be willing to sell me one and shipped to the UK please? I'm actually buying it on behalf of another friend who's gifting it to this person so I'm not so sure exactly how much they're willing to pay but anything around $40 or less in total would be ideal I think.

Thank you ^^

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Hi everyone i got to clear my room of unwanted plush so here goes another sales this time i am willing to trade for : the lotad and cacnea banpresto plush and i'm also willing to do a partial trade for someone who creates customs to make a mock clefairy pokedoll for me ( i am really picky though

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Ed and Chaboikan

Sales Update

Hello, everyone! I'd like to clear out a lot of my sales to free some room, so I just went through and lowered the prices on a lot of stuff, as well as added some new things. I'm also running another special:

-Buy at least $5 worth of things, get 5% off!
-Buy at least $10 worth of things, get 10% off!
-Buy at least $20 worth of things, get 20% off!

(These do not include shipping)

Click my banners below to go to their respective posts! The offer counts for items from any of my sales posts (so non-Pokemon, too!)

Thanks for looking!

Big Footprint Figure GA - Payment 1!

Yay we won guys! :D Competition was extremely fierce, but we just about managed to outbid them all! This means everyone gets their figures, but sadly there's not really much of a discount! XD There are still lots of figures who are unclaimed though, all of which are available for $3. A list of them can be found below the cut.
Payment is due within 24 hours!
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GA participants will get priority with claiming extras for 12 hours, but please still comment if you'd like them and didn't participate. If no GA participant claims them then they're yours! :)

And once again a massive thanks to everyone who took part and helped to make this GA successful! :D 
Tachibana, Makoto, Free!, Swimming

Mew 20th Anniversary Plush

Hey, everyone! I'm back again looking for the Mew 20th anniversary plush. I came into the whole 20th anniversary thing a little late, so I missed out on the chance to get Mew, one of my favorite pokemon. If anyone is selling one or knows where to purchase one, please let me know! I would sell my soul for one of them! Thanks!