May 30th, 2016

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Shiny Gengar special edition Tomy figure pre-order - CLOSED

Hiya guys :D

So thanks to spunkybandy we already know what's the bonus that'll be included with upcoming Pokemon magazine.
It's SHINY GENGAR TOMY FIGURE! I hope it's ok for me to use this pic which spunkybandy shared with us :) Thanks mate :D

And once again I'll be able to get few of these for you!

Price for the figure alone is $20 + $1.7 shipping worldwide.
If you want to get the magazine (and other extras if any) as well it'd be $22 + (about) $3.5 / $4.5 shipping depending on where're you located.

Shiny Gengar comes out with September issue of magazine which will be released in July (mid July I guess).
So I will have them in hand within about 3-4 weeks from the release date.

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Grail Get!

Recently I got a grail of mine for a fantastic price! Maybe to some people, it would be an easy plush to find, but I have been scouring Y!Japan for months and only recently saw one of these for sale. Just two recently: one with a tag and one without. Of COURSE I had to try to get the one with a tag and I ended up winning the auction!

So what did I find?

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Desperately searching for these pins! Collection update!

I have been having problems finding pins to fill my TCG league sets and I figured I'd make one last plea.  These first five pins are Super Wants:

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As for the collection, I invested in some new Pokemon Center pins, and I'm waiting on two more (zubat and substitute).  Here's links to the new ones beings I haven't had time to take pictures yet:

Articuno Zapdos Moltres Pins

Magikarp and Gyarados Pins

Dratini Dragonair Dragonite Pins

Official amount:  291 (+2 pre-order pick-ups) SOOOO CLOSE!!  7 more and I will have 300 unique Pokemon pins!  YaY!!

Thanks for looking!
Vulpix PD

A few gets! and Sales - Updated

So some really awesome gets that I didn't post about when I received them!

Vulpix Pokemon Time style custom plush! Ah! I have been wanting to commission one of these, but this one was on eBay and one of our own told me about her. <3 I won her and she's a great addition to my collection. So happy. =D

Jigglypuff! Another amazing eBay find. I got so lucky to win her for a decent price considering what she's been going for lately. I was really happy because she is actually a gift. My mom actually really likes Jigglypuff but she had given me the one she bought from Nintendo World years back. I think she forgot because she had asked about where she may have put it. So I made it my mission to find one to give her so we'd both have one. =) I'm going to give it to her for her birthday in August.

You guys! So many Vupix plushes lately! I am seriously dying from happiness, but my wallet is also dying... xD I can't wait for the san-ei plushes and omg! The dreams of many of us came true and there is a Vulpix Kuttari coming out. Seriously. Dead Dezi....

Anyways, I hope you are having a good day or good holiday if you're in the states. Thanks for looking!

Sales plug:
no title
I have now put all add-on items for straight sale, and changed the grab bags and lowered their price. I am not accepting haggling, but I am also going to consider lower prices if you can show me 3 recent sold prices if the price I have is too high. Please come take a look ^_^
Kura Icon by Pichu90.

Oops! Goomy Plush Auction + Clear Figure Sales

I just posted yesterday but figured i'd try and put these guys up as well. I was going to put Goomy up for straight sale but I saw it had pretty high prices listed where I could find it for sale so I figured I should just auction it and see what I can get.

He is in like new condition with all tags still attached. Has been used for display only. Starting bid is $22.
This does not include shipping, in the US shipping will be around $3-$4 dollars. Internationally it will depend on what country you live in.

Please bid in increments of $1 or more.
Auction ends 5 days after initial bid.

These two are just up for straight sale:

Clear Bulbasaur Tomy Figure- $4 SOLD
Clear Polywhirl Kid (1996)- $3

You can see all my other sales items here:

My sales info can be viewed here:
Chef, Charmeleon

Reminder on sales, stuff mailed out, and wondering if my plush is a bootleg

Just letting those that have bought stuff from ->

Letting them know that stuff was mailed out on saturday, due to getting a flat tire last wednesday when going to the post office

Those being...

zenmekir - kabutops swing charm
thegengar0215- gengar swing charm
triltaison- Scyther swing charm

And if anyone else is looking for swing charms, just ask about what you're wanting on the link above (I have 250+ keychains in total with some doubles)


This is a Dialga Jakks plush I have from 2007, and just wanted to check if this is a bootleg or not, since I'm pretty bat with this (Unless it's really derpy)

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Weeding sales!

Hi all! I'm back and continuing to weed the bulk of my non-Wobbuffet collection. I have some plush and figures up for sale today including some Glaceon, Sylveon, and Eevee goodies. Here are some previews~ please click the cut for the rest!


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hey! long time no see

hi all
i haven't posted in like... forever lol
i have been busy! moved to utah just a month ago and didn't have proper internet for a long time before that but i am back will make a reintro post once i'm all moved in with my stuff set up

but anyway, i'm looking for typhlosion and quilava merch as always, anything i don't have
my collection site is here

thanks for looking
Plush, Latios, custom, pokemon

Pokemon T-shirts Alola + others

Hi everyone :) I'm an artist and recently opened up a shop on Teepublic to sell my Pokemon T-shirts.
All t-shirts in my store are $14 for the next 24 hours! They're regular $20. Click the picture to go straight to my store.

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• T-shirts ships from the USA via one of teepublic's locations (Florida or Iowa).

• T-Shirts are available in 30 colours and a viriety of styles.

• Solid colours are 100% cotton. Heather colours are a cotton poly blend.

• Shipping to the US starts at $7. International shipping starts at $6.

• TeePublic's Information:

Currently I have 13 designs in my store those being; (click to be transported to the purchase page)

I am also looking for suggestions for more designs to make so let me know what you think would make a good design! :)
Also new designs are automatically discounted to $14 for 24 hours upon uploading.
Thanks for looking!