May 31st, 2016

Gets, Sales update, & show me your collection set up!!

I want to know what your collection set up looks like! I'm currently trying to look for shelving units to re-do my entire set up. My current shelf has been getting super wobbly and I'm afraid of it tipping over one day I won't be home. But my issue is, I don't know where to start! I wanna see some of your set ups to get some inspiration on how to re-do mine :> I'm especially excited because garage sale season has started. Super discount shelving.
Does anyone know a good way to display DS pens/pencils/regular pens? Mine keep falling over. I was thinking of getting museum putty to help them, but idk if that leaves a residue or not.

Onto the gets! Will be image heavy.
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Updated sales! Click the banner or the link to be transported to the goods and rules. CTR+F friendly! I've added zukan, tomys, TFGs, jakks, and more. I decided to get rid of all of my main collection doubles and purge on side collections.

Collection | Wants


Hello everyone! I finally got sales permission so Im posting up my first sales post! Its not very much, just the spare merch I don't need any more. After I clean my queue Ill do mostly custom item sales and figure/plushie refurb commissions! So if you want any pre-made Pokemon merch from me this is likely all Ill sell.

If not then keep an eye out for when I open for custom plushies and figures later on..


Sneak peek image below! Actual images with prices and rules under the cut!

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Big Footprint figures GA - payment 2! + 60 extras still available!

Hello guys!

Our figures arrived at the middleman's warehouse today and are ready to be shipped!

Also we still have over 60 extras so check them out! They're all $3/ each ^o^ They're available for EVERYONE :D
You'll find all details about them in the cut below :)

This post concerns:
clicky797, helaenaa, fromstarcave, mightyena_mad_7, hokeypokeyboop, munnaluv

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If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comment below ^o^

New Gets!

**I feel so bad because I know I bought these from somebody on here, but I can't remember for the life of me, so if it's you, please leave a comment so I can leave feedback and all that good jazz.

I got these little guys! The Poliwag is sooo cute, as well at the Deoxys. They both just kinda look like little blobs. I think I'm gonna make Deoxys a side collection one of these days.

That's all I've got for today! Thanks for lookin'!

Feeler 1:1 Plush Wants Post!

Hey guys!

I have a feeler wants post today. I'm graduating high school next month and would like to treat myself to a 1:1 plush. I have a few in mind, and I was hoping someone could help me out. If you have an artist you recommend or are an artist yourself, please comment! However please understand that I am SUPER picky about my 1:1 plush and may not choose to commission anyone who comments.

Another thing- I need the main material of the plush to be either minky or the Tomy fuzzy stuff... this here:

I'm fine with minky for any plush other than Pikachu... I really want a 1:1 custom Pikachu in a specific position made from the fuzzy thing.

So here are some plush I'm potentially interested in:

Chikorita! Condition doesn't need be new, but it must be decent.

Espeon! Preferably in a laying pose similar to this one.

Mightyena! Preferably with the same fabric as this one, but in a different pose.

If you are the owner of any of the pics above and would like me to take them down, I can do that.
Please understand that I'm also picky with pricing- I paid less than 200 for a lifesize Houndoom that is one of the most high quality plush I have. I will of course consider any price that an artist quotes, but if it's very expensive I may move on to someone else.

What plush are these?! Not familiar, looks like bell plush but arent??

What plush are these?!

They looks like bell plush but arent??

Machop doesnt have tush.

I dont know if BP is Banpresto or Bandai Pokemon or something else?? Whenever I search arti plush I only see BK plush, the common banpresto bigger one, and the bell plush, which this is not.

Curious if anyone knows what these are! As I am just baffled at what it could be O.O

Asking for a friend.

Congratulations! Your custom Keychains evolved into....2.5D figurines!

Hi there! After a long health recovery and many many prototype tests, I finally came up with a brand new custom crafting commission to rival with my usual keychains, so far the very main and only feature I could ever provide for you here!
Have a small sneak of the test runs I made since last week:

Allow me to present you the 2.5D figurines! Click in the picture for full size!

Just like the keychains, those are made of sponge EVA except there's two major differences:
1) They are the double of the size of the keychains, allowing to include more details and less restriction regarding poses (15cm, A6 sized)
2) They aren't plain designed: each one contains 5-6 layers of sponge with distinct degree of thickness in different parts of the body (ex: charizard's head, tail and right wing and paws are upper layers). That's why I call those 2.5D! Not 2D for not being plain and not 3D for not being fully dimensional)

These figurines were particularly made to perfect the technique among some others tests. Soon I will finish all preparations, I will be able to craft figurines of this quality of ANY character you want! The price won't exceed $25 each and will include new free gifts!

Custom 2.5D figurine commissions will open in mid June, among the return of vastly improved keychain commissions as well!

Stay tuned and thank you ;)

2002 Hasbro Shiny Pokemon Combat toys: Shiny Scyther looking to purchase!

You've all been really helpful since I joined, so I thought I could ask another question: Does anyone know info or people that are selling Hasbro Pokemon Shiny variant figures? I've just recently found out about these and there is little information out there about them. If anyone knows someone that is willing to sell or knows somewhere I could purchase them, the help would once again be greatly appreciated. I'm specifically looking for Scyther's shiny variant figure, so if any specifics come up, I'd also love to hear it. Here's some pictures for reference: There are a couple more, but they're posts from ears ago on this website. Thanks again!