June 2nd, 2016

Quick sales

Quick sales! Permission granted august 2010 via denkimouse, ships from South Carolina on saturdays (or ups/fedex during the week) paypal only

Mega venusaur plush (no handtag) $20 shipped OBO
Froakie pokedoll (no handtag) $18 shipped OBO

Store Update :)

Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 03/02/11
Feedback here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/agkelikos/

Hey guys! Just a short update today - I've weeded some more stuff from my collection and got some new stock in! Click the banner to go see!

I have a couple of the 20th Anniversary Celebi and Jirachi plush in so if you're still looking for them, get them while you can! Is anyone looking for/going to be looking for any of the others? I've also added Dex Charms from my collection and a few other keychains/figures.

My shop is now open fully internationally too, although shipping will naturally be higher. If you need to split payments, I am open to discussing this. ^^

Now I've seen them in person, I actually really like the Anniversary plush, they're a lot brighter and prettier than I expected! X3

Quick trade!

EDIT: If you guys do not mind I will be making one large post with all the surprise art once I receive them all. If you do not want your art shown on the community, please let me know ^^

Time for my random secret art trades!

So here is what I have up for trade,

These figures! Zygarde NOT included!

I have an entire set that have the clasp connector on them, only 2 of them were opened to see how they connected (Charmander and Eevee) all the others are still mint in package :D

The above image is just to show you the figures, dont worry, yours are not near the yucky dust xD I really should clean D:

Anyways, what I am seeking is your artwork! Random random artwork! I do not want to see it before you ship, I want a complete surprise art piece from you :3

Best part is, I dont care if you consider yourself an artist or not, I want it! :D

So, my favorite Pokemon is obviously Bulbasaur, so that is who I would like for you to draw! However you want to draw him o3o

One figure for one piece of art, I am going to limit one per person.

When you have completed the art, we will exchange addresses and then we will both ship. Easy peasy :P

So, thats all, lets trade!

Charmander - eboncharizard COMPLETE
Eevee - ninfiachan COMPLETE
Bulbasaur - nadoki65 SHIPPED WAITING FOR ART
Pikachu - michmell ?
Squirtle - sleepfighter43 ?

Biggest! Pikachu! Ever! I think? Prolly not.

This is my most recent get. The Pokemon Kids 15th Anniversary Pikachu figure. He's sooo big! Even bigger than I expected when I bought him. He's over 12 inches tall. He's definitely the biggest Pikachu figure I own. He might be the biggest out there. But it's impossible to know every Pokemon thing that exists so I'm not sure. Does anyone have or know of a Pikachu figure that's larger? If so I'd love to see it!

*Grumpy Pikachu for scale.

Updated Sales/ Figure Identification

Hello all, I have finished updating my store, which is now on ebay. If added many towels, Keychains, and Clearfiles. I am more than happy to sell through this site too so PM me if you are interested in any thing.

Here's a quick preview of thigs i have added to my store:

Click HERE to be transported to my store!

Also i need help identifying a keychain that i got. theres a picture of it under the cut. any information would be awesome
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Thanks for looking!

Shiny Wants! :D

Hi everybody! :D
I have four to five shiny kids due in the mail soon, but before I buy the possible fifth one, I'd like to ask around here one last time :)

Here are the shiny figures I'm after- all are kids unless otherwise noted.

-Bulbasaur(looking for the kid and the shiny mascot banpresto), Ivysaur
-Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard
-Squirtle, Wartortle, Blastoise
-Gyarados (looking for shiny tomy too)
- Shiny Scyther Hasbro
-Mouth closed Mudkip, Marshtomp
-Garchomp (tomy)

I have tons of figures on my sales post in my journal, as well as tcg if you'd like to trade, I'm willing to buy as well!

Thanks everybody! :)

~ Ebon
pokemon ♚ yes!

alola starter charms for sale!

Long time no see, everyone! I haven't been able to keep up with the community much due to having just returned from a convention and - gasp! - the fact that I'm moving in just 8 days! I'm really nervous, but also very excited, even if it means that collecting has to be put on hold for a while. :,^)

Anywho! After getting back from the convention I thought I would put some of my leftover stock up for sale! And they're REALLY cute, too...


There are custom printed acrylic charms featuring the Alola starter Pokemon! I drew the art myself, and had them printed and laser cut by Zap! Creatives. I sold them at Fanime this past weekend, and thought I would offer the leftover charms to you guys before selling them all on my Storenvy and other sites and such. Do keep in mind that since these are leftover stock I do have a limited amount of each charm!

They're all incredibly durable and about one and a fourth inch wide. You can choose to have them come with either a keyring or a charm strap!

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Please make sure to read all the rules before buying! Thanks so much for looking! :^D


Hi everyone! You can call me Blush or Blushy, I've been a longtime lurker here and I finally took the jump to join this community. I'm a avid baker and I'm currently enrolled in college.
I've loved pokemon since I was around five when I was introduced to pokemon yellow with my first game boy, after that it was history. Now I'm a semi-competitive player in pokemon and I love to battle people whenever I get the chance, its always a surprise what people bring! I really just collect anything that's catches my fancy, but I have a few favorites.My biggest collection is of TCG from base set to fates collide, I'm mainly interested in shining cards and full arts. My favorite collection is plushes, pokedolls won me over back with the original NY pokemon center website and I've been hunting for these cuties ever since.
Lets get to my collection!
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Sorry for no TCG pictures and potato quality photos. I hope I followed the image rules and the cut works, have a nice day everyone.
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Totals for Water Squirters, Rubber straps and Substitute figs! *o*

Heya guys!

Few items I pre-ordered for you finally arrived so it's time for totals!
These Substitute figures are SUPER TINY AND CUTE *-*

Each substitute figure comes with insert.
Each rubber strap comes with insert.
Each water squirter figure comes in box and with tiny candy.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to fulfill all substitute figures claims, I got only ONE CUBONE! ;-;
But I have enough number of other figures ;v;

Also guys these water squirters are BIG! XD and their boxes are huge too, look at this:
water squirter is on the left, regular kid figure is on the right!

You'll find totals and payment info in the cut below!

I'll be shipping these orders after the weekend, I will let you know once your package is shipped in the comment ^o^

Please use CTRL + F/G to find your total.
Some totals include special notes - please read them carefully :)
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That's it for today guys!
I'll be back after weekend with 3d Puzzle figures totals ^-^
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Hey guys! I'm Lavender and I've finally decided to join after lurking for quite some time! I've been a fan of Pokemon for pretty much my entire life, so it's super important to me. I have a lot of games, books, cards, etc. that I've gotten throughout the years but right now my main focus is collecting pokedolls! I remember as a kid looking at the old Pokemon Center website and wanting to buy pokedolls (but let's face it, there's no way my mom would have allowed it if I asked lol). Eventually the site closed and I forgot about it, but then late last year I randomly decided to see what I'd find if I went to the site. When I saw it was back up, I was so quick to get some pokedolls. Like lightning fast. And then I was like "A few more wouldn't hurt" and that happened several times. Now I have a good amount of them and realized I basically collect them now, so hey, why not join this community? I'm excited to be a part of this! :^)

EDIT: Added a picture of my little collection so far! Hope I did the cut thing right
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Totodile Wants!

Hey guys!

I hope you have been well! Thanks to you, my Totodile collection has grown incredibly fast! However, there's still a lot of stuff I'm missing (especially plush), so I've finally made my own (rather simple xD) wants list!

If you own anything on the list below and want to sell it at all, please message me. :)

- any Totodile plush (of course no bootlegs)
- any of these figures (use cut & prepare yourself for a lot of figure wants! :D)

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Oh, and I live in Germany btw!