June 6th, 2016

Auction, Updated Sales, and Trades

Hello everyone!! So i've recently updated my sales and trades and ive decided to auction off 2 of my rarer gen 1 metals.. Gunmetal Eevee (the original style) and Pink Zapdos!!

both auctions start at $15.. end at 6 pm(eastern time) on friday the 10th(of june)


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Here are all the new goodies added to my sales
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and here is my favorite goodie added to my trades ..bronze vaporeon! Blue is still the one I want the most but i'm willing to trade this lil beauty for gunmetal
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sales/trades/wants link- http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/20436261.html
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Big sales update!

I have lots and lots of stuff added to my regular sales post, more than what I can show in one preview so please take a look! I can consider haggling on some items within reason.



I also still have items in my flats sales post,such as a Chimchar Pokemon Time bookmark,so please take a look here as well if that is of interest to anyone:

Collection update + Gets + ISO...

Hey everyone! Just want to show my latest gets. They're primarily Eeveelution (<3 Glaceon) but there's also Absol too. And all comm gets. :) I been after the Glaceon tumbler cup for ages and happy to finally have one :D (eventually would love to have a Flareon one too). Same can be said for the Umbreon chou figure too! Actually have a couple other minor Leafeon and Vulpix gets arriving in the mail any day now... but anyway many thanks to absol, bishoujohenshin, and rypeltajaroll!

On another note...I am seeking out a Lapras DX Tomy vinyl figure. Anyone here who can help me out? hehe. I am actually willing to pay a pretty penny for one. :)

Now onto the pictures... (click image to see larger)

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Hope everyone is having a good day and thanks for reading!

Many Exciting Gets!!! :D

Hey there everybody! :D

So, I went to ColossalCon yesterday, and ended up with wuite a few new gets to share between the con, and the past three mail days :)

Pictures under the cut! ^-^
(Warning, I took a selfie with one of my gets below)

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That's everything for now! :D
I have a grail on the way, so I'll post about that when they arrive! :D
I'm always looking for shiny kids, as always, so hit me up if you have some to sell/trade! :)

Thanks for reading! ^-^


Rotom Auction and June Commissions Reminder ~

Hello again! Just a reminder that the Pokedex Rotom pokedoll auction ends in less than 48 hours! :D
Click the link for the ebay auction! There are more photos and info there ^^


Also! My June commissions are open and all 3 spots are still available!
Click the link to go to the original post~ :D


Thats all for now, thanks for reading~! :D

Hi there!

Hey all!

I've been apart of this group for quite a while, but have been inactive for quite some time due to personal things.

I recently sold a Venusaur Canvas plush on eBay, and one of your super awesome members encouraged me to come on here and introduce myself to the community. She was really nice, and she collected primarily Bublasaur merch!

I have a ton of stuff for sale at the moment as I am moving soon, but read over the rules for sales permission and I don't think I'd qualify yet as I haven't done any transactions on this group yet and haven't been very active in posting.

I have flawless eBay feedback, but nonetheless it's good to meet all of you!
I collect Gen 1 Kanto merch, and Digimon plushes as well!