June 12th, 2016

Sort of a Multipurpose Post~

Hello again! ^^ I'm going to try and get better at posting here, so here's a bit of a
multipurpose post!

First off, for my recent commissioners, I have ordered fabric and it should be here in about a week or so! I'll keep you updated
as to when it arrives~

Secondly, I recently aquired a new media/crafting room, so I was able to move my collection and unpack quite a few things! ^^
It's really helping my motivation to be surrounded by all my favorite pokes while I sew and make things~
Here are a few pics of my new setup! It's just one bookcase, but I was able to fit all of my collections onto it.
(still need to set up my pokedolls though >>, they will be in a net above my desk)

Here's a little preview!

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That's all for my collection! I need to set up my Pokedoll net so I can get pictures of that too! :D

Lastly! The next bit is about new Sun and Moon things so I will put it under a spoiler cut!

Please don't click if you don't want to be spoiled![Spoiler (click to open)]
I have been all over the new Sun and Moon releases/leaks and I have to say I can't be more hyped!! I'm loving
every pokemon they have released so far, and that is rare @-@

With the new release the other day I couldn't contain my excitement and just had to plush little Iwanko!!

!!! I just cant wait to have this little pup on my team with Litten it's gonna be so great :D
And pokedolls are kind of my favorite thing to plush so I made him pokedoll style!
For those of you reading this let me know what you think! I'm really happy with how he came out~

He is up on ebay here so feel free to check it out for more info/pictures!


Sales permission granted by Skdarkdragon on July 8th, 2015.
Feedback here:

Thanks so much for reading~ ! :D 
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Discounted + NEW Book pages SALES - only $.50 - $1.5 per page! + free shipping offer!

Hello everyone!

Finally I had some time to take pics of all my book pages for sale! :D
There's also about 50 NEW pages so take a look (A and B pages are new!).
Prices for all my old pages starts at $.50 per page! ($.50 - $1 - $1.5)

FREE SHIPPING for orders over $10 (small pages)
-50% SHIPPING for orders over $10 (big pages A, B, E, F pics)
FREE SHIPPING for orders over $15 (all pages)
(if I'm holding other items for you and you' d like to add some pages to your order you'll get discount instead of free shipping)

For small pages shipping is $1.7 worldwide no matter how many pages you buy ^o^ (with cardboard protection)
For big pages (sections A, B, E, F) you have 3 shipping options:
1 - $1.7 - shipping in A5 envelope with cardboard protection (pages bend in half)
2 - $1.7 - shipping in A4 envelope with no protection
3 - $3.5 - shipping in A4 evelope with cardboard protection

For the best communication please try to include a link to the pic of the page you want and specify which Pokemon is featured on the page you want. For example: "A01 - Gardevoir", A02 - Shiny Gengar", etc

Also you can combine everything from here with items from my regular sales
(you'll get free shipping as well if you'll buy $10/$15 worth of pages)

Also tagging coiffwaff for new Magearna pages ^-^ (B01, B02, B05)
and fishy_poo for new page with M Glalie (B02)
stalkingsuicune - there's one page with Suicune :D (B03)
manectric - not sure if you're after Ash's Greninja pages but feel free to take a look :D (A and B pics)

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That's it guys! :D If you have any questions etc feel free to ask in the comment below ^o^
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I bought a PokeBlock mystery box :3

I have never really been into the subscription boxes. Mainly because most are based in the US and would cost double the price to get in the UK and also because I have little enough room for the rubbish I want in my collection let alone the rubbish I don't need! Also an issue with a lot giving away bootlegs :(.

But I saw this PokeBlock one which was a reasonable price shipped to the UK and it's well Pokemon, so why not have a go?

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Sales reminder

Hello community ~

I have nothing new but still a lot of stuff I want to get rid off! Maybe you want to browse through my Sales Post - I have Megabloks, Zukan, TFG figures and various and a lot of different flats in my sales post below.


June Art Commissions

Hi guys, some users asked me about bookmarks commissions so I'd like to see if someone else is interested on them to make worthy to print a batch this month! As usual I offer traditional art and digital art on pieces like bookmarks!
If you want only digital art, avatars or stuff like that, send me a PM since we can't do it over here, please :)
I'm also open for trades/partial trades for anything of my want post ^^
You can follow me other drawings and styles on my DeviantART , FurAffinity , BEHANCE , Tumblr and Facebook
And buy my art on Etsy, RedBubble and Society6 !! With a bunch of designs, not only Pokemon
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Thank you guys :)

Btw, the Gashapon GA arrived to my house. I paid spanish customs so I'll need to add those on the third payment but I'm waiting for the reply of the mods since a few items are missing and there are double version of others (as different bell keychains). I'll let you know when I do the third payment!

Weeding Sales

Hello community! I'm super excited for sun and moon, I won't talk about spoilers, but for those who are avoiding it - it's going to be liiiiiiiit. Fingers crossed for more cute doggo pokemon. I'm really excited for an entire new generation and hope that we get a cute dragon eeveelution too.

My favorite animal is the red panda, and personally I'd love it if they made one after a red panda.
Let me know if they haven't made a pokemon after your favorite animal yet either haha! Or any other cute pokemon ideas if you want. :]

Either way, small talk, sales!

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Going to buy 3ds tomorrow

Hi . So basically I am going to buy new nintendo 3ds xl tomorrow
Just for playing pokemon
And am thinking to start with pokemon x then ruby .
Do you recommend anything ?
Or having advices . Notes?
I would appreciate it  as I know nothing about 3ds .. and am purchasing it only for pokemon playing and collecting