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13 June 2016 @ 12:30 pm
Hi everyone,

I went through my sales post and lowered prices on quite a few items. Please have a look! I really need these items out of my place, since I don't have much room, so any help would be appreciated.


In other news, the NYC meetup that was supposed to happen yesterday ended up being rescheduled due to last-minute cancellations and stuff. Reschedule date TBD. I won't mention anything more meet-ups for now since this is now my fourth straight post in which I mentioned it, which even I myself feel is too much.

Also, question: I'm looking for some shirts of my favorite Pokemon. If you have shirts for sale, could you please link me? :D Thanks so much!
13 June 2016 @ 04:50 pm
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13 June 2016 @ 04:57 pm
Hey there everybody! :D

So, today I have had an absolutely AMAZING day! :D

First off, I won a rare shiny kid this morning (not saying which one), for the starting bid, and it was super surprised I won it!
Then I went to work (I work at a Humane society) and was able to adopt a pair of Society Finches, so that was fun ^-^

Then the mail arrived, and a package I was waiting for finally arrived! :D
Pictures below the cut :3

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Thank you for reading everyone! I hope you all have amazing days! ^-^
Once again, my sales are always open on my journal, and I am always after shiny kids! :D

Happy Collecting Everybody! :D

~ Ebon
13 June 2016 @ 06:33 pm
Hi all! I went to my local Jmart and they had the eeveelutions pitapoke, all except vaporeon. I only picked up espeon and umbreon for now, but the res shall be mine soon enough! Is $10 a good price for the vees?

Pics under the cut =)Collapse )
And also still selling 20th anni Celebi for 35 shipped in the US. Link to sales: http://leyluna.livejournal.com/1013.html

Thanks all!
13 June 2016 @ 07:21 pm
EDIT:  Im not sure why the pics either broke or didnt add.  I readded them and hopefully solved that problem otherwise there is one pic in the comments.

Hey guys.  I got a plush at a swap meet about a month ago and I know he's from the I heart pikachu collection but I dont really know like what else to call him by.  is he a pass case?  a pouch?  Idk hes got a zipper on the back of him with a small compartment.
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Master Pete Diddy

Hello everyone! It's been a very long time since I've posted here. So if we haven't met... I'm MPD! ♥ I've just been lurking for a long time, but I'm here to-day to let you know about a collection that I'm selling, since I think some of you might be interested.

The dolls up for auction are from the Walky Starters campaign, and were only sold in Japanese Pokémon Centers in 2010. They're based on the Pokémon that would follow you around in-game, and are all in wonderful condition. It was a really hard decision to let these go, but I hope that maybe they can find a new loving home. You can read more details about the lot on the auction page:Edit: Sold! Thank you everyone. I'm sorry in a way that the gang is being split up, but happy that they're all going to go to people who want them. Take good care of them!