June 24th, 2016


Dex Charms: the collecting continues

I got 10 positive feedbacks, WOOO I can trade now! This is helpful, because I get a lot of dex charms from auction lots. I got doubles.
I live in Canada, but will ship anywhere.

Here's what I have for trade, mostly other charms but a few other smallish things as well:

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as always, I'm looking for this guy:

I'd pay/trade whatever you want for him.
Vulpix PD

Walk Plush GB Final Payment, and Sales!

UPDATE: Ok guys, just an update that I wasn't feeling too well today and slept most of it. So, I'm going to mail your adorable buddies tomorrow either on my way to work or on the way home. <3

All who paid had their plushes shipped!

Hello! You guys these plushes are so cute is it ok If i do a photoshoot before I ship them? xD So SO cute. This concerns the following, and here's the total due:
aarux - Turtwig - $3.03 - PAID
michmell - Charmander, Mew(small) - $3.03 - PAID
pacificpikachu - Cyndaquil, Piplup, Squirtle - $3.03 - PAID
yuwaku_kun - Eevee x2, Mudkip - $4.02 added Espeon BMF $11.22 - PAID
tifflesarcanine - Totodile - $3.03 added slowbro keychain $8.13 - PAID
absintheslady - Chikorita - $3.03 - PAID
spiritbomb92 - Treecko - $3.03
dezchu - Pikachu(Big) - $3.03 - PAID
miniterasu - Torchic, Chimchar - $14.34 - PAID

-Please send payments to desiree@47alpha.com with your username, and items claimed in the note. Please also be sure to choose the correct shipping address. If you have to type the address into the note please also send an email to the same address.
-I will ship on Mondays! if you get payment to me before this Monday it goes out then otherwise it may be until next Monday.
-You can combine this payment with items from my sales if you're interested:

Sales! One more try to get rid of things before I make 40+ lots to put up on eBay which I have been procrastinating about. xD But it will be good because I'm going to box all the lots and store them and then I won't have to have a giant sales box in my room and I can stop worrying about the sales until someone actually buys something. =D
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Happy Friday!
Brooke and Jed

New Updated Sales 06-24-2016 *Pracoro Dice* *Battle Dice* *Miscellaneous Keychains and Flats*

I have some new items added to my sales which can be found here: http://iamconfused1.livejournal.com/5037.html

There are miniature pracoro dice of Zapdos, Ditto, Blastoise, Bulbasaur, Growlithe, Arcanine, and much more. I also have battle dice available for sale for great prices! There are also Pikachu keychains and several different flats available for sale.

Come check everything out. Preview pictures below.

Thanks for looking. I was granted sales permission on February 28th, 2016 by areica96.

Small Sales! Charms, Stamps, Plush, etc

Hi everyone! I've recently gotten settled in my new house and have found a few old things that need to be sold off. Also, I'm getting some of the new kuttari charms, and am offering advance claims on the ones I don't want! (Because of course they want to pair up my favorites with Pokemon I don't collect, haha!) The charms should be in in about a week or two. Feel free to combine with any of my sales items!


(*) Permission granted 2009 by Lineaalba.
(*) Feedback can be found here.
(*) I ship from Kannapolis, NC. I can take up to 1-2 weeks to ship sometimes.
(*) I charge exact shipping as estimated on the USPS website, plus PP fees.

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  • herar

mascotchus for sale

I decided to sell off all my mascotchu plush that i already have a large size version of, so these are all for sale!

* Sales permission granted by dakajojo 7/20/2011
* I Ship from MI, USA.
* Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/herar/
* I accept trades.
* I DO NOT accept haggling.
* FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE - I don't take priority to commitments. It's first person who comments, first person to get it.
* I do holds for 24 hrs.


they're $15 shipped each in the US. If you buy more than 1, recieve a $2 discount for each one you buy (so 2 for $28, etc).
**I have the hangtags DETACHED for most of these (some still have tags on them). I will include the tags if i have them.**
growlithe leap

kuttari charms!

Just ordered a couple sets of these!

So here are some claims. Each charm will be $3.50 and $$$ is not due until items arrive to me, which should be in a couple weeks!

[CLAIMED] - ABSOL (vulpeslagopus)
[CLAIMED] - JIRACHI (emeraz)
[CLAIMED] - ESPEON (silverinfinity)
[CLAIMED] - GLACEON (pokecats)
[CLAIMED] - MEW (twitter user)
[CLAIMED] - MUDKIP (emeraz)
[CLAIMED] - SLOWPOKE (cupcakebullets)
[CLAIMED] - LUCARIO (0fabliau)

Charms marked in red are claimed for me! This has also been tweeted, so certain charms could be claimed without LJ comments.


Sales permission given in 2010 through denkimouse
Seller feedback can be found >>> HERE <<<
★ I am a fast shipper in the United States and I will ship international!
★ Please do not back out of claims. You will then be banned from future sales and claims.
★ Charms will be shipped with bubble wrap and in manilla envelopes --- I would feel uncomfortable otherwise!

Thanks so much in advance, all! Please comment to claim :) ALL CLAIMED!!!

Looking for Togepi


I'm starting to collect Togepi! It's so adorable.

I already bought a few things from sales in here. ^w^
But I'm looking If anyone is selling their Togepi merch.
Edit: Sorry I forgot to say that I don't collect flats ^w^

Also I'm looking for Togepi Model kit:

Anyone know where can I find it for a good price? >w<`

EDIT: Already found it!

Thank you~


Collection Update! And Trades?

Hi everybody!
It's been a long long time since I have posted anything about my actual collection, and since I have some free time, and a brand new display piece I thought it would be fun to share it!

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Also as a side note this is my wants post and I am always looking to expand my collection
I was hoping to trade with people, I have a few items in a sales post on my livejournal but the main thing I have to offer is custom plush!
some recent examples of my work

More Examples here

Thanks everyone! have a great weekend!

Smeargle Collection Update!

Hi y'all!
Sorry I disappeared for so long - we just made a massive relocation from Florida to Rhode Island and I haven't had time to do collect-y things for a while.

However, now that we've finally moved I got to set up my Smeargle Collection! I've gotten a lot of new items recently from friends as going away gifts so I finally have a shelf presence :')

(Poor quality cell phone) pictures under the cut!!

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Thanks a lot for looking! Click the banner below to go to my (not quite up-to-date) collection website, and remember to let me know if you have any items from my wants list up for sale c:
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Vulpix charm? Vulpix badge?!

Hi there everyone! Hope everyone's summer is going well!

Very VERY excited to see all the new Vulpix merch lately! Just checked in with the community to find the pleasant surprise of Kuttari keychains! But before I jump on it, I need to check in with you lovely people - Would anyone happen to have an extra Vulpix charm they'd sell to me?

I'd really prefer to buy only the charm instead of the entire set... I just don't collect Absol or Jirachi.

Please let me know! I'll be happy to discuss price with you! If you'll be doing pickups, please let me know if you'd be able to help me out OR maybe I'll just end up getting the entire keyring. Open to discussion. :)

ALSO spotted this exciting little preview:

Since these will be blind package items, does anyone use a seller/service for handpicked items? I just can't afford to buy handfuls of these just for a Vulpix...

Have a wonderful day!

Super Unexpected Awesome Grailiest of Grail Gets!!!!!

Hello everyone! :D

I'm here with an amazing get, a grail that I honestly never thought I'd get in this condition, at least not this soon!

Photostory under the cut! ^-^
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That's all for now :)
I have some shiny kids on the way, and some big collection changes which I'll share later on, but those weren't as major as this guy :)

Thanks for reading! :D
Have a nice night everybody! ^-^

~ Ebon
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Auctions reminder!

Hi all! This is a quick reminder that my auctions are ending in a three hours!
Lots of items still don't have any bids!

Click the image to be transported:

(Also my sales post is still open and you are always welcome here:)