June 27th, 2016

pan sticker, Mightyena

Who's that plush? Two months long gets post!

I've delayed this post so long it should almost be an update post, not a gets post! xD

Edit: I hope people can see this!

Anyway, I managed to find lots of new flats and a few unusual figures! All photos can be clicked to see the full size photo and were uploaded to LiveJournal. Haven't "cut" my fingers yet, and introducing Printer Paper Studios! We have a small problem with shadows. Oh, and I found the edit button on post to the community that I make so please let me know if anything needs to be changed. I think that's about it. :)

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Poochyena Tower! A modest height so far.

The Pokemon Acrobats: Poochyena zukan upside down on the Poochyena suction cup, precariously balanced on top of the Poochyena footprint and European candy figure. All supported by Hasbro Poochyena standing on unofficial Poochyena 12 inch plush's head. Poochyena attack kids looking up waiting for someone to fall. Poochyena sitting kid somewhere else.

Thanks for looking!

Mega Pokémon Center VIDEO TOUR - June 2016

Hey everyone! :D So as promised, here is the footage I took while visiting the Mega Pokémon Center in Tokyo at the beginning of the month! I worked really hard to edit this video so that it would be a fun, engaging experience! I know that not everyone is fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit Japan (it was like walking in a dream for 2 weeks) so I hope this helps fellow community friends feel like they were there shopping along side of me! :)

If you have a Youtube account, be sure to subscribe! I'll be posting another video of the Kyoto Pokémon Center, one of the newest locations to be built, which is probably less familiar to travelers and collectors alike! It was smaller but definitely had different merchandise still in stock that you wouldn't find at the Mega Pokémon Center.

Thanks for watching! <3

Few things, something funny, and poll

Few questions I've got.

Just out of curiosity, how many of you live in or near the Michiana area? The area right between Michigan and Indiana? Like where South Bend is? I don't have the knowhow to set meetups, but I'd at least love to know how many are around here. I know of only one person, like an hour from where I am, and when I asked about meeting, they declined.

Also, I have a poll.
Years ago when I posted on this site, someone called me a she. I'm a guy. There was a comment about how males on this site are like shiny Pokemon, pretty rare. I realized this is probably true. So I'm really curious to know in this poll, just like Oak asks, "Are you a boy? Or a girl?" (Am I doing this right? I never posted a poll before and I'm following a guide)

What kind of Pokemon are you?

(Nidoran) Male
(Nidoran) Female

Lastly, something funny I found, you Pinsir collectors might like this.
For those who don't know, it's legal to buy fireworks where I am, and being typically made in China, much of the art and names of the fireworks can be taken from some other copyrighted source and nothing seems to happen. Well I found a bootleg Pokemon based firework, obviously taken from Pinsir. If anyone for some reason wanted it, well sorry, because I actually couldn't mail it, because fireworks aren't allowed in the mail. Already used fireworks, maybe, I guess... but nonetheless I thought this is funny so I'd show you.

Achievement unlocked: Grail GET!

My brain cannot handle this! I am just SO HAPPY!!

So, a few weeks ago, I saw a holly grail of mine here on the Community. I thought I would NEVER find him, never less one him! My mind FLIPPED at the opportunity! Could he REALLY be mine? Could I finally get this adorable guy?
Well the answer...is yes!

So...what is it? What is making me loss it?

Well, Max Max the Jolteon is wondering the same thing!!

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Well, I guess that is it? Finally was able to hold my exitment down long enough to type this. XD Thank-you all so much for reading, and I hope you all have a WONDERFUL week. :D
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Collection Update + Wants!

Hi everyone! <3 I recently moved, but was so busy with school and such that I never got to post about it! Now that I'm stuck at home for a few days, I have a chance to show my new setup so far!~
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If you have any leads on where I can find these items, or happen to have them for sale, please let me know! <3
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If you have ANY misc. Pokedoll goods for sale, please let me know! <3

Thanks for reading~

New to the Community!

Hi! I'm PrimalRaikou!

I'm so excited to be a member of the community. I've been a long time lurker, but now, with my new and improved collection, I thought "Why not join?" So here I am! I've been collecting pokemon since I was... six? But until recently my collection has been relatively small. I collect mostly plush, as you'll see below the cut. (Because I love to be able to hug my collection!) I converted a small closet to hold my pokemon collection, but it does still hold some clothing, so please excuse the random jacket or scarf you may see :)

But anyway, on to the plush!

I'm still learning about LiveJournal, so hopefully this cut works properly.

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Also, I got an adorable 2009 flareon pokedoll- but I'll post some pictures of it some other time.

Thanks for viewing my collection and I hope to see you all around!
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Grail get!

So I finally got my hands on 1:1 Mew plush. They have been so pricey, but I found this babe cheap since his viocebox was broken, which doesnt bother me at all. Since it was removed I sewed his back shut. Very huggable <3
I also filled out his feet cuz they very droopy. Other than that he's in the best condition of those I've seen. He is perfect in my eyes omg<3
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Tachibana, Makoto, Free!, Swimming


Hey everyone! I figured I'd post my wants list one more time just to see if anyone has some of the items on my list, as I'm going on vacation soon and might not be able to respond for a little while. Thanks for checking it out, and happy collecting!
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FromJapan problem! Please help :(

Hey all,

I recently won an auction on FromJapan.
I won it on June 13, and it still hasn't arrived to the middleman yet. :( It's been two weeks now.

I messaged the customer service on FromJapan and informed them about my problem.
However, I don't know if I got a reply yet, I can't for the life of me find my messages. Where can one see if one got an answer to the message?

I am starting to get worried.. The item was not that expensive, it was the new Banpresto lying Raichu.

What can I do? :(
Has anyone of you had similar experiences before?

I would appreciate any help! Thanks <3

Flareon custom plush

Hi there ! I wanted to share with you all my last pokémon plush commission, a Flareon ! The commissioner requested that he was standing like if he was ready to charge !

Also I have a pokémon custom plush give-away on http://www.facebook.com/lasciva.peluchiere ! To enter you just have to left a comment on the give-away post. Come try to win the pokémon of your choice made into a plush by me ! Yes, even super-complex pokémon !

Here is the Flareon !

More pics under the cut ! :D
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New here!

Hello everyone!

I've been a Pokemon fan since Pokemon Yellow (my first Pokemon game!) came out and accumulated Pokemon merchandise through the years, but I have only recently really gotten into collecting.
I mainly collect Pokedolls & other plushies though I do collect other merch if it catches my eye!

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I have figurines, and some other merchandise as well, though as you can see I need to get shelves first so I can properly display them. So whenever I do, I'll be sure to share all of that as well!
Anyways I'm really excited to now be a part of this community and would love to meet new friends that share my interest as well as see your amazing collections! :)
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Mudkip line wants list

Hey all!

Now that you've all finally seen my Mudkip shrine collection, I figured it time to leave you all with a wants list so you can help me improve it even more!

I'll keep it short, everything you see (besides the first photo under the cut) is something I would love to have!

If you have something that isn't in my collection or in my (known) wants list, let me know! There's a good chance I still want it ^^

*~Collection Website Here~*

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Mudkip Mystery Dungeon
Marshtomp V Trainer
Marshtomp & Swampert Water Squirters
Marshtomp Megablok
Clear Kids

Marshtomp TFG Figure
Mudkip Pokedoll Figure
Retsuden Stampers
Tomy Figure

Tomy Figure
Mudkip Kuttari & Christmas Charms


+ Marshtomp & Swampert Metal Figures

Thank you for your consideration, and have a good day/night!

gotochi pin madness

Hello everyone!!! I come with exciting news!! Well at least for me it's exciting hahahah.

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This is probably only exciting news for me and like 2 other collectors here hahaha but hey!!! Some people here may be interested in the pins featuring other Pokemon so I figured I could share the info. :)

Regarding my previous post on the Pokemon Cafe, I haven't fixed a date to revisit it yet so I'll let the relevant people know if I do!

Lapras Pin vs Vulpix Pin!

Why not both?

Some gets, updated sales, and...NYC meet-up: Take 2?

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to share some gets I had ever since I moved home. At the moment I can't afford to display any figures and stuff like that, so my gets have been limited to small figures, notebooks, pencil cases, small keychains, and shirts. Despite that, however, I was able to cross two things off my wishlist, which I am very happy about.

I am well aware that an overwhelming majority of folks on here collect plushies, unlike me, so this post may bore some of you...sorry! lol

Here goes:

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I also updated my sales post. I actually added a new item as well as lower a few more prices, so please check it out! My next shipping day is tomorrow, so do check it out! Haggling is welcome and encouraged - the more stuff you can help me clear out, the better.


Finally, I realized that between now and the day I leave to go on my vacation on 8/16, I won't have as many free weekends as I imagined. I will only have 4 weekends free before then (definitely not free on weekends of 7/23 and 8/13). If more people are free this time around, I'd like to try to coordinate another meetup. Just let me know when you're free :)

Also, as for my vacation, I will be in the Bay Area in California from 8/16 to 8/19 and in LA from 8/20 to 8/23. I'll also be in Japan from 8/24 until 9/2. If anyone will be in the area on any of those dates...would you like to meet up as well? :O

And for those of you who have been to Japan, any advice would be appreciated! I've been meticulously planning out my itinerary but tips are always welcome.

Thanks for reading!