June 28th, 2016


My collection site is up and running

Hey everyone! I wanted to let everyone know that I have finally taken the time to get a collection site together; if you guys are interested you can check it out here: http://mummyducks.weebly.com/

I have current photos of all of my Cofagrigus; Murkrow/Honchkrow and Sigilyph items. I'm working on taking photos of everything else so feel free to check back ever so often!

I'm also looking for something; the 'fates collide' Kabutops and 'Kalos Starter Set' Farfetch'd cards; anything on my wants list here http://mummyducks.weebly.com/wanted.html and ANY items that I don't have of Farfetch'd; Cofagrigus, Murkrow/Honchkrow, and Kabutops.

Have a great day everyone!

Wants list

Ok so I know I've made a wants post not too long ago, but here's the list of my major wants.
All wanted with tags.
Don't hesitate to contact me if you're selling any of these guys!

Also I've got a loooot of gets recently so I'll have to make a post of it :D
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Auction reminder! + Sales~

Reminder for this eBay lot of giant, beautiful figures and other nice things to help clear much needed space~ Auction ends in less than 3 days and is still on low bid!

Some other lots are listed up here!

Sales plug!
Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Preview of new items:

Splash's PokeSales post! )

Shiny Kids! :D

Hi everybody ^u^

I just want led to share these two little beauties I got in the mail today! :D

Torterra is a bit more scuffed than I'd like, but I got the pair for a great deal, so I can't complain too much :)

It a much needed surprise after some issues with my newly adopted finches this morning >_<

Thanks for reading everybody! :D

Until next time!

~ Ebon
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Big Footprint figure GA - payment 3!

Hello guys!

Our figures finally arrived, and they're great! Every fig is mint in package and each comes with insert. Check out the cut for pics!

This post concerns:
clicky797, diamondphantom, m14mouse, schenzi, leashedragon, glitterzookas, handmadehail, helaenaa, fromstarcave, mightyena_mad_7, hokeypokeyboop, flammablelizard, otterette, deranged_girl, earthmates, munnaluv, mandamaeh, ghostykins, magmanerd, manaspectrum, guccishiny, nefhithiel, lulupin, fishy_poo, pikabulbachu

Pics here:
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Total for payment 3 here:
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If you have any questions etc feel free to ask!
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An long and delayed intro!

Hi guys, I've decided after so many years after joining this comm to finally make an official introduction post along with images of my collection (that im now cutting on and going for pokedolls and certain lines now haha) along with a basic info.

My name's Kristal, and i've been collection pokemon ever since it came out as a kid. While I was more of a Digimon kid than a Pokemon kid in 1999-2003, I still collected Pokemon stuff from my friends who ditched the fandom as kids and moved on to other things that last a month or two on the playground (yu-gi-oh, duel masters....etc...) and other stuff i've collected through garage sales near my area and have amassed this giant pile of toys.
(pics under the cut!)

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Im currently selling off a ton of plushies to locals and other collectors in my area, since im now just going to buy certain pokemon merch (like Sawk/Dageki) and my country's postal services are going on strike and I know nothing about selling online, but does anybody have any information on the Play by Play Wartortle I have in a pic above (in the cut)? I've seen some images, but I havent seen any listings, prices or even stores selling it that I have no idea of its date of manufacturing or how much was produced since the butt-tags on mine got cut.

ID help please!

Hello everyone!

I have a few figures and a plush that I don't know anything about.

The figures (clefairy and charizard) are actually squeaky toys! And I've never seen anything like this gligar plush before. So- does anyone know what these guys are? Any answers are appreciated!

Pictures are below the cut :)

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I'm curious to hear what you guys have to say. Thank you!!

Wants + Possible Commission?

Hi guys! So recently I got the massive Tomy Regigigas Plush and he makes me very happy, so I've decided to start expanding my Regi collection. I've already got some stuff coming in the mail.

**None of these pictures are mine, so if they belong to you and you'd like me to remove them, lemme know c: **

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And a quick question! Does anyone know if the website toysferry.com is reliable? Thanks! :)