June 29th, 2016

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GB Reminder and B&N 20th Anniversary Event

Hello Everyone :D

First, I just wanted to remind everyone about the Topper Matita GB. Some like Dragonite and Poliwhirl don't have claims, and we're only a few claims away from buying the lot. So, don't miss your chance at one of these guys! You can click here or photo to be transported to the GB.

Also, I haven't seen this posted or mentioned yet, but I received an email yesterday from Barnes and Noble regarding their summer Get Pop-Cultured events. If you've never heard of Get Pop-Cultured, every July B&N begins a month long event celebrating different types of pop-culture (i.e. Marvel, Harry Potter, Finding Dory) with different types of promotions throughtout the event and giveaways on certain days. This year, on Saturday, July 16, at 4:00 PM there will be a Pokemon event! According to B&N's website...

"Celebrate 20 years of Pokémon! Snap a photo with a Pikachu and Charizard standee and learn trading card game strategies to aid you on your quest to become a Pokémaster.
Enjoy a special offer, in stores only."

You can click here to find a location near you and the icon below for more information.
It sounds similar to the Target event, and they'll probably be giving away posters or cards like the others, too. Plus, it's nice to know another retailer is having an event for the 20th Anniversary (albeit a little late). I'll be sure to check it out ^v^ But, what do you think?
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Updated Sales

Hello community!

I just updated my sales post and hoping to give these guys a new home! I have included new items including plush, figures, and a few games for the DS and 3DS. Please take a look in the cut below for rules + link to my sales!

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Thank you for reading and have a good day!

Wanted plush list (Not all)

Hello people,
A couple of days ago, I posted a update on my collection. It was now that I decided to post what plushies I'm looking for. Ebay and Amazon aren't the best sources as the exact plush your looking for won't be easy to find. Anyway here is my list, for some reason what I'm looking for, I'm not looking to buy anything at the moment unless reasons. But anyway here it is:
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EDITS: Just fixing my mistakes, sorry I made those mistakes.
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Wants reminder

Hello everyone! How is your summer? I just wanted to post a brief wants reminder. Some of you already know that my main collection is the Sceptile line. Since the collection keeps growing, it's also getting more challenging to find new things :D I'm not going to retake any pictures, you'll find them from my previous posts :) Also, I'm too lazy to separate my wants, it would take at least two eternities. Feel free to tag me and inform me if you have anything! I prefer to buy inside Europe due to shipping but buying from elsewhere is not impossible either :)

Also, I have started to collect another extremely cool Pokémon. It gets the 3rd place (Sceptile being the 2nd) in my favorite Pokémon list. It's none other than Toxicroak! Yes, these two don't have too much synergy when it comes to their types :D Since I just started to collect this adorable frog dude, I don't have much yet. (A brief FYI: In video games, I always name my Toxicroak "Saturn". Why? Well, I leave this to you to find out :p )

Finally, a quick poll. Everyone likes those evil organisations in the video games. Which is you favorite?

If you had to choose, which evil organisation would you join? 7th gen does not exist

Team Rocket
Team Aqua
Team Magma
Team Galactic
Team Plasma
Team Flare

Update & Current Wants!

Hi everyone!
So the other day I ended up purchasing one of my first rare Pokedolls, in minty fresh condition!
I'm really excited to share it when it, as well as a few other plush I've bought, arrives!
Anyways, I figured I'd post my current wants list.
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Mainly looking for my current priority want so please let me know if you're selling it, but I'll consider others as well! :)
Thanks for reading!
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GA ending and wants :3

XY&Z Gacha ends in under 14 hours so get your bids in C:

I have some wants :3
The pins that are pasted big I don't want to pay more then 3 each because there is a lot I could buy that comes out to 2.00 a piece but it has a lot of pins I don't want so I figured it would be easier to buy them here C:.
Also looking for the older pins that came in the pokeball shaped cases C:

Looking for figures that come in a plastic/glass? cube It doesn't have to be like the ones In the picture I want to see them all C:

Also my birthday/anniversary buy 2 get 1 free and buy 1 get 1 free sales end tomorrow <3

Gets & Updated Sales

Got my bounty form gaarasyami and Sunyshore today~ (will be leaving feedback shortly

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I've begun to realze that I am quickly running out of space for my collection in this small room. My old room used ot be much bigger, but now it is very cluttered... I have these fantasies about the game/nerd rom whenevr I get my own place housing my whole collection, but until then, I will have to part with some things for the sake of space, and also, financial troubles ;-; So here is a link to my updated sales


I will most likely continue to update while I weed more, it's so hard to part with my collection, even the pieces I don't love as much as others T-T

Also, I based the prices on what I saw them going for online like on amazon and ebay, and then lowered them a little bit compared to those prices. I'm not sure if they are accurate though and woud appreciate if anyone has better information on their values. Thank you so much <3

New Kitty introduced to collection + another grail get

I just want to share nearly a couple months worth of gets, I purposely held off until this grail get got here and then my first custom made Pokemon plushie made its way here too. Who is this mysterious kitty?

Teaser is anxious to get into the box herself XD

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Oh and my collection website has had some recent updates if y'all are interested. :)

Well that's it! Hope you all are having a good week!
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Epic Grail obtained!

Hello peeps (: I'm back with another Grail get! It's the gorgeous DX Pokepark Celebi pokedoll!! It finally made it into my collection and I'm so happy to own such a beauty :3 Also, feel free to share any recent gets as I always enjoy seeing everyone's expanding collection! :D
Vulpix PD

Hello again! Jigglypuff Comparison and 10% OFF SALES!

I finally received the new Jigglypuff Plush! I decided to do a comparison with my Jiggly Pokedoll. Let the cute pink puffball battle begin!

When I first saw the new Pokemon Center plush I was in love. I did get the All-Star plush but this one just looks more well put together. After receiving it I will definitely be selling my All-Star Jiggly.

I think the PC plush is a really nice size. Not too much bigger than the pokedoll. I love the color in comparison; although the pokedoll's color is more in line with the series and games I think.

The eyes on the PC plush are looking to the side instead of straight as well. Two adorable plushes. I think though that the new plush is a great alternative for people who really can't drop $100s on the Pokedoll.

Your thoughts?

and of course SALES! Because I am still procrastinating about making lots for my remaining sales items. I have some payments I have to take care of tomorrow so I decided to do a sale so I won't spread myself so thin - 20% off everything! There is a $10 minimum though. Sale is on only until 12AM EST June 30th. 10% OFF until July 4th 12am EST Click the image to proceed:
Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 7.47.11 PM.png
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Gets! And Looking for more Lugia <3

Hey everyone!!

Here are some gets I got recently ~

(I'm at my grandma's house atm so I have to bring these guys home to my collection!)

I am also looking for more lugia goods!!
Such as:
Paki Paki Lugia Plush
Derpy Play by Play lugia
Lugia friends mini plush
Ufo Flying Lugia Plushies
Bootie Giant Lottery Lugia
SoulSilver lugia plush
Plamo Buildable Lugia Model Kit
Lottery Prize Lugia Zukan
Bendable Tomy Lugia Figure
Large Kid
Lugia Metal Collection Figure(s?)
DX Lugia Zukan
Lugia Pokedex Figure
Stadium figures

Feel free to offer what you have though ~ I may not have it!!