June 30th, 2016

Updated Sales and Collection Picture! :D

Hi everybody! :D

Sorry to post again so soon, but I just wanted to share a picture of my newly reorganized collection! :D
I managed to save a shelf my parentals were going to throw away, and repurposed it for my plush that are otherwise buried ^-^
Here it is! ^-^

Also, I added a few odds and ends to my sales, including a Vulpix Tomy in very good condition, and also put an OBO price on my Jakks Haunter, so please feel free to pop over and check out my sales :)


Pokemon Sun & Moon - June 30th/July 1st Leaks and Reveals

Oh boy did we wake up to some exciting new stuff! We have 7 brand new pokemon from the Alola region underneath the cut. These were leaked early, the leak included videos which is rare, and now the official trailer has come out! As always please keep all Sun & Moon discussion to these threads. I'll work on getting tags for the new pokemon up asap. c:

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Japan Expo!

Hey Pokémon fans!

Japan Expo is coming and I'm excited! (I know many of you aren't French, so here's the little explanation: Japan Expo is the biggest Japan convention in Europe- and, of course, there will be Pokémon stuff :D )
Any of you guys coming? I know sadly there aren't a lot of French people here, but, well, no pain no gain.

Did you know we're going to get shiny Yveltal & Xerneas? That's so cool!

Anyway, if you're there, please meet me at booth Q666 in the amateurs' alley!

See you :D

Kuttari keychain split?

Hello there, friends! It's been quite a while. I moved house just earlier this week and have spent the past few days attempting to organise myself. I haven't unpacked any of my collections yet, but as soon as I have everything set up I will posting photos!

I am posting today to ask if anyone would be willing to split this keychain with me.

I only want the Glaceon, of course, so I am offering both Flareon and Espeon. Each charm would be $6.50 for the price of the keychain, shipping to me, and PayPal fees. I will be asking for an additional shipping charge once they arrive and I can weigh them. If you'd like, I can also put lobster clasps on them since I have a bunch that I need to get rid of.

Flareon: doryphish333
Espeon: psychicbedlam

That will be all for today. Thank you so much! Please enjoy the rest of your day.

Both have been claimed! Thank you!

Sales permission granted by lineaalba during the summer of 2009.
Re-granted by denkimouse 26 June 2012.
My feedback can be found here.

Pokemoncenter.com update: Shaymin (land + sky forme) Pokedoll + looking for Tomy Banette plush

Hey there! I'm back with a quick Pokemoncenter.com update! Shaymin (land + sky forme) Pokedolls have just been added to the site, the pictures are direct links!

Shaymin is the mythical Pokemon for July, in a yearlong celebration of Pokemon's 20th anniversary! Be sure to keep an eye out for the monthly Tomy "crushed velvet" plush, as this plush series always seems to be put on shelves a few days early. (I'm about to check my local stores, and will update with pics if I find one!)

Also, has anyone seen/heard anything about the new Tomy Banette plush? I thought it would've been released by now, but I haven't seen anyone post about it. =( Is it out yet, or maybe cancelled? I was really looking forward to a retail priced Banette plush!

Thanks for looking, and have a great day/night while enjoying the leaked Sun/Moon info!


Stamping Down On Stamplessness!! Taking Offers! ^_^

Hello guys! How are you all? ^_^

Wow, it seems ages since I last posted something that wasn't entirely sculpture related, haha! Today though, I'm breaking the cycle with some lovely offers on some rare opportunity stamps and a few FCS Figures too!

We've got Chibi Stampers, Pokemon-De-Pon! Stampers and of course, FCS Figures! Look below for a preview! =D

Look out below for all the important, fun stuff! ^_^

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New bromides up for sale! :O

What's up guys! :D

I have brand new bromides up for sale today, check them out in the cut!

For you guys I put aside bromides you wanted so you'll find your totals below the cut as well:
manectric, fishy_poo, clicky797

Shipping is $1.7 worldwide, if I'm holding other items for you / waiting for some to arrive then you can pay for bromides only now ^-^

Tagging kelsea16 for new Sylveon bromides ^-^
kidgengar for Gengar
raymence for Salamence ^-^
mixie94 for Magearna - not sure if you collect flats though
diamondphantom - only tiny Puni-Chans here :D

Here's little preview:


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Thanks for looking guys :D

Feel free to check my ongoing claims here ^-^
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Profesco Sales Post #3

Welcome back to my sales!
Many new items have been added, including plush, figures, and promotional items. Prices have been reduced, and there are still some snazzy special offers to take advantage of. I've also begun shipping outside the US, so please have a look!


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Thanks for looking! ^_^

Introduction and Ghost Huntin'

Hi everyone! :)

I’ve been visiting and lurkin’ for a while, so I think it’s time to jump in and introduce myself! My name is Niall (sounds like the river Nile) and I’m from Ireland.

I’ve not been collecting for very long, less than a year at this stage. I actually didn’t even know this was a hobby until my girlfriend and I visited Japan last year, and wandered into Akihabara. Oh man. I really wasn’t prepared for the wonderland of colour and figures on display there! It’s pretty safe to say I was smitten and I started researching and learning and collecting after I got home. It’s like crockery collecting for nerds haha, it’s so much fun and I love having a collection of colourful well made toys sitting on a glass shelf. I think that’s the biggest appeal - the little child inside me finally getting to own all the cool toys I would’ve loved when I was younger.

My collection so far is focused mostly on Pokémon (and some Ghost in the Shell). So my Red nendoroid is kind of the nucleus, and the Pokémon revolve around him. For me, I like collecting well made figures especially if they’re roughly in scale with each other. Having moveable joints is a nice touch too, it adds to the toy element, but it isn’t a deal breaker :) (see: Gengar)

I was roughly ten when Pokémon was released, so I remember being swept up in the Poké-mania that swarmed the world back then. Because of that, I have a soft spot for the characters of Gen 1 and 2. They certainly had a big influence on me and are one of the reasons I work as a video game artist now.

So yeah, that's me! Hello everyone :D Looking forward to getting to know you all in the future and I love seeing people posting their collections on a daily basis!

So below is a couple of photos of mine so far!


Along with posting an intro, I wanted to put up a want as well. For a good while now I’ve been on the look out for a Jakks Pacific Haunter! Hopefully one that’s in good condition, with both his hands attached. Doesn't have to have the original packing either. I already have Gengar and Gastly, and completing the trio with Haunter would be class, like :) So if anyone has one for sale, give me a shout!

linameerun, zigzagoon

Lots of spectaculair auctions!!! Don't miss this!

Hello guys!

Soooo, I have bought quite too many from Buyee, and now I have some stuff I reaaaally love (I'll do a collection update later) and lots stuff which are so cool! But I need to sell it and do some auctions. New sales will follow in the next days.

For now, here is the auction!

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You can bid now! :)

Happy bidding!! :)


Anyone else own one of these?

I literally forgot I own one of these...back in the late 90s/early 2000s we won this big guy at Kings Island: giant Play by Play Charmander!

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Anywho...slightly off topic, a very minor get arrived today for my little Mightyena side collection :)
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