July 2nd, 2016


Quick questions, wants, and poll

I have a question about shipping:
When I got things at the store for people here, I got them and I went to see how much they would cost to ship, putting them in the box and just finding out the answer at the post office. But it occurs to me that usually doesn't happen here. But with all the different locations to ship to and all the different sizes, I can never really know until I weigh it there. So my question is, how do you find out how much shipping is to somewhere before someone even buys something? If I get something for someone and I have to send it to some other country, I don't want to surprise them with a $20 shipping or something.

Now there's something I'm looking for...

Is anyone selling this Shaymin? The one with the fuzzy top. This is one that I've occassionally thought about getting, because I have the talking Skymin, and thought maybe I should get his other form too. With this being Shaymin month, I thought it would be good. But the only one on ebay (that didn't look suspicious) is $57. (with $25 shipping! @_@) There's one on Amazon though I have no idea if it would be a legit one or not... the fact that it says they're 15 avaiable makes me leery.
EDIT: OH, it's not 15 available, it's 15 different people selling it. Even so, is this legit? For that low price?
Also, here's something I'm wondering.
I collect plushes, but what do you do with yours? Are you obsessed with them being untouched? Or do you get real close to them and don't care about hugging and having them on your bed and the like? I very much like to get real close with who I have, cause I adore them; that's the reason i bought them. Though often they just hang out on my shelves. But if I feel like I want to adore say, my Snivy, I take him off the shelves and proceed to adore the crap out of him.
What about you?

How do you handle your plush Pokemon>

No light! No dust! No touch! No nothing!
They're usually for display only.
I don't mind hugging them and such!
I get really, really close! (but not like, anything dangerous)
linameerun, zigzagoon

Clear Jirachi kid, anyone? + auction reminder!

Hello guys!

I have a clear Jirachi kid for sale and I thought someone here was looking for it, but Im not sure if im right and who it was...

These pictures are not mine, but im pretty sure its the same as mine (if you want me to delete the pictures, just say so).

Also, here is an auction reminder, I still have lots left of cool stuff to bid on!

Have a nice weekend guys!



Buying: Ruby and Sapphire

So, I just recently re-bought copies of Pokemon XD and Pokemon Colosseum, since the old ones I had were likely stolen by an ex-"friend" around ten years ago. Unfortunately, what was also supposedly stolen from me was all of my Gameboy Advanced games, except one copy of Pokemon Emerald.

The unfortunate thing about Pokemon Emerald is that it can't connect to Pokemon Colosseum, so I'm looking to buy one copy of either Pokemon Ruby or Pokemon Sapphire, and one copy of either Firered or Leafgreen. I do eventually want the whole set, but right now I can only really afford one of each. I was thinking of buying them from where I got Colosseum and XD, but from what I remember, there are so many bootlegs of those games that I'd be much better off looking for legit versions here.

I'm hoping to buy Ruby or Sapphire for under $35 and Firered or Leafgreen for under $30. I'd preferably like a Ruby or Sapphire with a working battery. If that is too expensive, I'm willing to buy one with dry batteries and I'll try to fix the game myself (I still need to figure out where to get a tri head screwdriver).

Thanks for reading this, and I'm only looking to buy from people with sales permission here, as I don't want anyone to get in trouble.

Edit: I'm now looking for only Ruby and/or Sapphire version, I don't care too much if the battery is dry since I am intending on replacing batteries in my Emerald version as well.

Selling off some more stuff!

Hey everyone,

I had some of my items that had been sitting with my middleman for nearly two and a half months shipped to me and the package arrived today! I will do a gets post sometime next week, once I have the time to take pictures of what came. With every one of these packages that comes, however, come a few items that came that I end up selling off for one reason or another. This time isn't an exception, either. I managed to quickly snap pictures of what I'm putting up for sale out of the items that came in today. I'm putting up this post now, since Tuesdays are my shipping days.

First, the rules, as always:

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And now, the items:

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Items can be combined with anything in my current sales post here: http://dragonkid20.livejournal.com/1351.html

Thanks for looking, everyone!
rill pd

Pokedoll Collection up for Trade & Possible Offers

Hello community! It's been so long since I made a post. I'm sure many of you don't remember or know me, but I became active in 2010. I'm moving on to the next stage in my life including marriage and moving in to a newly remodeled home after my fiance and I are married, and I think it's time that I move on from some of my collections. My loss is your gain, so check out my massive Pokedoll collection I've accumulated over the years. I'm not selling absolutely everything, however, so don't be worried! I'm hanging onto my Marill, Cresselia, Darkrai, and Pokedoll charm collections. :)

I'm first putting up everything for trade for the few things that I'd still like to obtain. If I do not receive any trade offers, I will happily consider selling, so you may also make an offer in the comments below if you see something you are interested in, but I am first and foremost looking for trades.

Trade & Sales Information
--All pkmncollectors rules apply!
--Sales permission granted by denkimouse March 2011. My community feedback is located here.
--Please ask about item condition if you are concerned before committing to trade (or buy).
--I will ship within three business days of commiting to a trade or receiving cleared payment. Both traders must provide tracking!
--I ship from Pennsylvania, United States!


    204382_original mlNXEVQAt2HxasTmpAfbAlw
Pokemon Time 3DS / 3DS XL Case
Fairy Type Pokemon mini hand towel
Darkrai Pokemon Time mini hand towel

Pokedoll Charms (These are all very rare but they are the last ones I need to finish my collection. Also willing to purchase if you do not want to trade.)

Photos of the Collection! (Use CTRL +F to search for a particular Pokemon!)

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Shiny Magikarp Tomy figure want UPDATE

Hey guys! Me again. So far, everything's been going really well with my collection, but I had some questions regarding shiny tomy figures. I believe most were won as lottery prizes, but I'm most interested in the shiny magikarp figure. Does anyone know of info or any owners willing to sell this figure? All the posts also don't seem to know anything much about it. Any information is always appreciated! Thank you guys! http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/uosnim/63552471/18435/18435_600.jpg. EDIT: If anyone has or knows of owners of the shiny magikarp Tomy figure, I'm willing to pay $400 or more for it. Thanks for the help and spread the word that there is an eager buyer! :)

New poncho Pikachus coming on July 16th and PokeBox plushies!

Hey ya all! Again, I'm here to bring some fresh news to you :)

First this: there are some new poncho Pikas coming mid July to the PCs, including Mega Ampharos, Gallade & Gardevoir, Lopunny, Mawile, Diancie and Rayquaza!

Also coming on July 16th are some pass cases featuring Slowpoke (<3), the Substitute (<33), Gengar, Pikachu and Raichu & some more Pika items (kitzune already wrote about those upcoming releases, hope you have no problem with me linking to your page and using you as a source ;; )

The other thing is especially interesting for collectors of Typhlosion, Furret and Milotic. I wanted to give you a heads up for this because I saw no one else posting about this and I ordered a Typhlosion myself the other day. Pokebox has a collab with the incredibly talented plush maker d215lab in their storenvy shop. I'm not advertising them on purpose, it would be a shame though if someone who collects those Pokémon would miss out this chance.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend ^-^