July 3rd, 2016

20th Anniversary Collection (so far!)

After a lucky run to the nearest TRU we managed to snag 2 Shaymin plushies! The last 2 in fact...

A short run down the road and 10 minutes later we picked up the cutest Shaymin card I have ever seen! It will definitely be going into my grass deck when i get around to rearranging my card collection :3

The Celebi and Manaphy were great starts since not everyone was buying them to resell but now I'm going to be camping in front of Gamestop for the next event cause I am not missing out on an Arceus! Anyone else planning anything that crazy or just me?

Is anyone selling a Jirachi kid?

I am looking for a jirachi kid (the one with is eyes closed and its hands clasped it looks like it is praying) because mine got a red mark I can not get rid of with magic eraser and with the magic eraser it smuged the yellow paint on him so I am looking for a new one, does anyone have any tips or dos and don'ts with magic eraser?
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Wanted shaymin

Hi everyone!

Since the month of shaymin is here -and im having the worst morning ever- bring your fluffy grass backed flower rascal and scarf deer to spread joy of expanding my collection.

So lets move onto wants.

Id be interested in any min merch, plush, clearfiles and so.

Top priority would be:

Tru 20 anniversary min plush

Landmin pokedoll, preferably japanese (i still damn myself of selling my old one)

Laying skymin

So if you have any merch featuring skymin let me know.

Thank you :333

Looking for Shiny Kids!

Hiya everyone! ^-^

So, after being particularly disappointed by three lots I lost this morning, I'm on the lookout for shiny kids I don't have :)

I'm mainly after the Kanto, and Sinnoh Pokemon, but I still need a good amount of hoenns as well! ^-^

Just let me know if you have any for sale!

Thanks! ^-^

~ Ebon

Looking for these! ^-^

-Bulbasaur, Ivysaur
-Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard
-Squirtle, Wartortle, Blastoise
-Gyarados (looking for shiny tomy too)
-Mouth closed Mudkip, Marshtomp
-Garchomp (tomy)

My first sales post! Lets see what I have for sale :D

Got approved for sales so heres my first sales post!

Since its my first, I'm starting out with something easy, stickers, cards, and  vs cards!

May add some figures later this week though ^^ (Updated)

If you wish to check out my sales, click the banner above, or click this

If I messed something up, Im sorry! Please let me know , and Happy 4th of July for those who also celebrate it ;3

Collection Update + Figure ID help

So that lot had several Rayquaza figures and I am curious to know which figure is this? Whatever it is needs batteries it seems.

And now with the Rayquaza figures, I was having fun scattering them in different places throughout my room, haha. Pictures of the wayward dragon along with a collection update under the cut!

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Well that's all I got for now. To those in the US Happy 4th of July!
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Quick question

I have a question about this plush . Only information that I know is this Piplup plush is made by Tomy. I just want to know how to get it at first. Is it sell regularly or lottery? which year?

Here the picture of the plush

Thank you

A few new things, commission slots and wants!

Hey everyone! Hope you're all well :) I have gained a few cool things in my collection which I'd like to share :3

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And that brings me to my wants! If anyone has the 20th anniversary cards of Darkrai, Manaphy or Shaymin for sale, please let me know and I'll gladly buy them from you! I'd like them to be brand new, in mint condition though please.

And I'm glad to say that I have 3 slots open for charm / figure commissions! I have had to revise prices because of the drop in the value of the £ since we left the EU :/ Sorry about that! So the prices are £50 pounds for a small sized charm / figure (up to 2.5cm) and £60 for a large size (2.6 - 3.5cm). Please check how much £50 converts to in your currency before securing a commission! I can supply a silver plated 19 inch chain for an extra £8.
I require half of the cost of the piece up front and the final half + shipping to your country once I have finished your commission.

I use non precious metal alloy for silver coloured pieces and bronze for gold coloured pieces. I can use different metals if you are willing to pay the extra cost.
Please allow me 4 weeks from your order to finish your commission! Sometimes I can get it done sooner and will let you know if this is the case.
I ship from the United Kingdom.

Examples of pieces I have made:

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Thanks for reading, have a nice day!!

An elusive want! Mewtwo Zukan?

Has anyone seen this lil fellow? I've been on the hunt for him for almost a year now, but to no avail. I'm still unsure of how much it goes for, but I've seen prices from 30$ to 50$, who knows! Please let me know if you have one for sale (please no broken peg ones or bent arm ones! I cry everyday over zukans with broken pegs) , have seen one, or anything like that. It's one of my major wants ;o;